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    Hey there, just responding to this thread to make sure everybody knows that I routinely check here and add stuff to the todo list from what is suggested, even if I don’t respond directly.

    A zoom option has been added to the todo. Good idea! The sandstone issue will be addressed coming up in some world changes. Monsters scaling have been smoothed out a bit in 1.6.

    This is probably very far off. To make a believable boat structure, we will definitely need some z-depth. However, the whole biome situation will be much less of an issue going forward with world changes occurring in the future.


    Would it be possible to add a feature where every time you win the game, it would take you back to a pre-selected save file of your choice? Basically taking people back to their individual favorite chain of islands they’d like to call home?


    I skipped most of the early posts, so I might be repeating some.

    I’ll resist fancy stuff and stick to some basics.

    First, I’ll add another vote for a larger capacity still.
    To limit variables, it might have be completely filled to work, and completely finished before any can be taken. On a side note, it would be useful to know any still’s status more precisely by examination (right click) rather than experiment.

    Cave entrance hatch. Walkable, accessed by standing (skipping a turn) on top, both ways.
    It would be relatively resource+stamina heavy, but can be installed from either side.
    A hatch could also brace against caveins of adjacent tiles, while unsupported holes remain vulnerable.

    Cave bracing with a wide area of effect, perhaps 5×5. Only effective when installed inside caves.

    Title Screen:
    Option to clear data without starting a dummy game first.

    Game start:
    Inventory open.


    First up… Thank you for the mention, it’s gratifying to see a response from a skilled game maker. You ARE real! 😀

    one word suggestion.

    And now validation/vision so use or ignore ideas as pleases you.

    It would follow 1 tile behind and be solid unless empty (so you would have to unload it if you get pinned behind it in a passage instead of stuck); unable to pick up, only destroy for wood so you would have to have one per cave and one or more above ground. Carries the same as you can, so scales with your strength to pull it maybe? Option to drag or stop dragging obviously.

    Probably late tier, might need anvil’d iron rod for the axle?
    It would have to slow movement while dragging (allow monsters 2 moves instead of 1?) or possibly only usable with 2 free hands to tow it (to make it less viable as a super backpack and more for building/hauling)

    It’s just the kind of wish I have when building stone walls on a beach when the nearest cave is a while away but I can only carry 2 or 3 walls per trip.


    Loving the new 1.6 version.

    One thing I would love implemented is a better inventory management system. I have a suggestion, so here goes:

    Stack identical items together. You have two rocks that weigh the same and have the same durability? Merge them into a stack. When one of those items loses durability, cut it from the stack. But instead of sending it to the bottom of your inventory screen, merge it in next to the already existing stack of rocks, to the right of those, and it just pushes the next item further down your page. This works well for remarkable items too. Maybe move remarkable items to the left of an existing stack of that item?


    @Feckless Something like this is definitely in the works, but I’m first going to try combining ALL same items together in the inventory view, then on hover/click, you will see all the individual varieties. I’m not exactly 100% on the specifics, but something like this should be appearing relatively soon.


    Nice! Do you reckon it will make it into 1.7? 🙂


    I’ll just say, “possibly” 🙂


    Suggestion: It should check whether or not Shift/Alt key is pressed upon releasing the mouse button (dropping an item) instead of when I grab them. Makes it easier to figure out


    Could you add a stone variant of the current fence and also a cotton base tile that appears as a white square.Congratulations on getting greenlit on steam Vaughn. You deserve the recognition for creating such a great game!!!

    Do not release the Kraken!


    Speaking of Kraken, I expected a bigger challenge of the monster, it was surprisingly easy and I killed tens of it already


    I read in one of the previous beta updates that a “smart grouping system” was in the works for the inventory, however, I have a suggestion that may improve some of the clutter, even if only as an interim solution. Things like stones, tree bark, cotton, etc. (always consumed/non-tool items) could have a destruction-chance rating, as opposed to durability so they can all be kept in one stack since each item won’t have varying durability values. The destruction chance could be roughly based upon the item’s current min/max durability value to maintain the in-game balance with as little tweaking possible. Something like a 1-in-3 (or done as “33%”) chance of destruction per use for a stone, for example. This would either mean doing away with remarkable, exceptional and legendary descriptors for these types of items (perhaps shifting the impact it had on crafting back towards the tool’s quality), or starting a new stack for each quality level, and the quality bonuses count towards a lower destruction chance.

    The whole suggestion is sort moot if an improved inventory system is already close to completion, especially if this idea would take as much time to develop as it would to implement the new system. I’m just putting it out there, hoping it may be of any help at all.

    Quantum Leap

    Hello All,

    First of all, thanks for the great game! Good three days spent on playing, and many ideas on how to make things better for the end-user.

    Some basic ideas to contribute:

    1. Conifer forest – must have for any survival game 🙂 Serves as source of sap (aka simple glue), does not produce leaves:

    2. Animal lairs as spawnpoint markers. Allow player to destroy them (N animals pop out if attacked), may have some treasure (rat’s nest – for sure):

    3. Perlin noise for the terrain generation – please! Currently, I have to restart game 5 times (on average) to get decent island with enough room for a luxury survival. Something like this will be much appreciated:

    4. Allow player to see global map, but hide parts of it based on mapmaking/outdoorsman skill. 100% skill means all map visible.. Here is a sample of ~30% outdoorsman skill in action:




    Very cool stuff! Have you considered making a mod?

    First two ideas are great and have added them to the “to do”.

    I feel like a larger land mass would be far too easy in terms of survival. I think most people would prefer the island survival setting, but again, I have no problem with a mod if some people prefer this as well. As for Perlin Noise itself, I’ve found it very slow in JavaScript. The Midpoint displacement algorithm I am using has always been leaps and bound faster than any Perlin Noise i’ve tried – but maybe I can revisit that if that isn’t the case anymore.

    Quantum Leap

    I am lacking JS skills for a serious mod-making.. Also, I know myself pretty well – I will immediately start rewriting Wayward into fallout-like post nuclear setting, powered by adnd/d20-based combats and other deviations. No good 🙂

    IMHO, perlin noise is ok performance-wise, especially when Google Chrome is used. Here is a test sample (using noisejs lib):


    On my 4 yr old laptop it takes literally no time to generate map within Chrome, and ~1 sec with FF (firebug off).

    I understand your point about hard life of the survivalist, but there are casual “play game X for an hour after work to relax” players out there (like me) too.. It is frustrating to start new game 3-5 times just to see a tiny lonely mountain barely having useful minerals and no iron ore on the whole map. Hmm.. Is there a chance to get a tiny configuration option, which will allow larger island generation?

    Another idea, biome related: is it possible to take player to “winter” island after completion of the first game? An island covered with snow instead of grass, trees have either red/yellow leaves (rare) or no leaves at all (most). Of course, an extra “warmth” bar to compliment “thirst” and “hunger” would be perfect! Winter offers quite different survival experience, one has to keep an eye on campfire 🙂

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