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    Hi guys

    I have a bit of experience with coding and I’m currently working on a new mod for the free version (because I’m poor, and I still have to save up to buy the game because priorities and budget’s tight bruh).

    Unfortunately for some reason my console won’t display some of the js files, namely items.js, monsters.js, tiles.js, and environmentals.js.

    I’m not sure if I have to do something specifically, did something wrong, or if this is intentional (I’m bad at this), but could anyone help me with this? I have the 1.9.2 downloaded to test the (partial) mod, and so far I’ve made do with dismantling the other submitted mods to figure some of the stuff out, like item IDs.

    I could also you the partial mod. I have several plans lined up, but without the 4 js files, I can’t move.


    You can simply navigate to those files online, like so:



    Ah, there they are. Witt this, most of my questions have been answered, and new ideas have sprung up.

    Thanks for answering! The mod will be posted in a few days!


    So I finished the mod (somewhat). I made a few custom items, unlocked some plants for gardening (from Potion and Seeds), etc. Then there’re the spells, the highlights (I think), shown as buttons in the options window. They range from spawning resource tiles/environmentals, to turning entities into stone (from Gumangi), to augmenting stats. HOWEVER, you have to cast them in exchange for stamina. Once you run out of stamina, they consume both hunger and thirst at the same time, half the cost for each. Finally you have to use your HP once you run low on these. Some of the spells need a certain talent level to be properly cast: most of them costs DOUBLE when below their talent level requirement, while others you can’t cast altogether unless certain requirements are met.

    The SHOW MAP modification was turned into a low-cost spell (1 stamina, 0 talent), but I wouldn’t recommend running around with it open. Seeing with the eyes of a god makes your mortal eyes bleed. I’ve also copy-pasted the Save/Load function from EZEdit(I don’t have the guts to tinker with something I don’t fully understand). Explanations for the spells are on the code itself, as comments.

    Next on the list: Less cluttered Options window (preferably by hiding and showing the spell buttons as needed), and the Lux Deus mode (in contrast to the Nox Deus mode, which is already in the mod).

    So now comes the problems.

    First: The icons for the new items all look like amber. An exception would be the “stick” custom item, which is a virtual copy of wooden pole, as it turns into lit pole torch when ignited.

    Second: I have no idea how to post the code here. It’s 1800 lines long, and I’m a derp. XD


    I can take a look at the amber issue for you. You can use a service like: to share your mod.


    Thanks! Here you go!


    Very cool! I’ll try it out later!

    Could you give me a couple sentences (or more) on what you want to say about the mod? I’ll post it on the free mod section.


    Oh, wow, well I wouldn’t know what to say about it actually. XD Maybe you could put this instead:

    “Due to your uncontrollable magic, you were sent to a distant school for young mages. Unfortunately, on the way there, one of your Chaos style spells went haywire, and now you’re in this godforsaken place. You realize, however, that this just might be a new opportunity for you: this isolated group of islands is the perfect training grounds!”

    It’s the intro hint from the mod itself.


    Great work on this! I’ll send you a present when we release the upcoming update on the Steam version 🙂

    Elemental Arts


    Thank you s much! 😀


    Sounds damn fu cking great 🙂 Really interesting.

    Greetings and thx for this

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