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    First of all, addictingly fun game. Very simple and creative.

    To give you a quick idea of how “far” I made it:

    I had made everything, built a few buildings (wood houses, nestled rock houses, gardens, motes), gathered about half a dozen of each golden items, I could kill anything with ease, swim across the map, I tried burning down the forest ( desperate for charcoal), tried building a road but eventually got bored and stopped, traveled between dozens of new areas, and sailed home a few times.

    I like everyone’s suggestions so far (really like the roads and wheelbarrow idea).
    So, my suggestions:

    At first it seems like there is a lot of items that you can craft, but you eventually craft them all. I would like to see a lot more of everything. More materials, more plants, more monsters.

    A general suggestion would be to add more uses for getting higher skills. Example: Higher tactics allows for fighting skills, like stun, critical hits, etc.
    Higher mining allows for mining of copper, gold, platinum, etc.
    Higher swimming allows for diving (underwater caves?)

    A new skill/ability I would like to add would be canning. So get lemons from lemon trees. Combine lemon, water,glass jar,fruit,heat source to create canned fruit. Be nice to have longer preserved food for running about the map.

    Side note, I never used Glassblowing (I had so many glass bottles from Krakens).

    Game Direction

    I like the idea of sailing home being the finale, but it’s way to easy to craft a sail boat. That needs to be a lot harder, maybe something that includes all of your craftmanship as well (100x logs,100x rope, 10x containers, 20x preserved food (new item), 20x fruit, 3x sails, 1x rutter(new item from blacksmithing), etc.) Maybe also need a launch ramp too? I don’t think I could carry a sail boat in my backpack.

    I think there should be some other ways to “win” the game as well. Like set up 20 milestones and have a finale be “colonize” an island, where you need a good dwelling, sustained food, roads, etc.

    Need a lot more enemies, harder ones too. Dragons? Elemental beasts? Maybe a mega boss on each island, like have an island with lots of rhinos, and they all protect a mega rhino, which drops rare and unique items. Would be fun.

    General Suggestions
    In no particular order:

    1) Lava?
    2) Higher levels of carography should allow me to make maps of the area so I can see the entire zone.
    3) Roads!
    4) Other castaways?
    5) Angry natives, with camps, prisoners? cannibals, etc.
    6) Pets
    7) I think the traps need the ability to add bait to them
    8) Something more advanced than a sundial, I never know what time it is.
    9) A better torch, I hate not being able to see when it’s dark.
    10) Irrigation set up for farming / fresh water ponds
    11) When I put on cool armor it’d be nice if my little character would look more bad ass
    12) Weather? Hurricanes? Could damage your house if it’s built out of wood, or is vulnerable.
    Floods? Man this could open up a lot of possibilities.
    13) I found the “monuments”, but nothing came from it. Needs to have more interactions with that.
    14) Dig holes to bury things, like bury rotten meats, bones, etc.
    15) I could never burn items that I didn’t want any more, like bark armor. I took all of my “trash” to the edge of the ocean and threw it to the depths below. Seems like there should be something else instead of this.

    Anyways, I hope you find my suggestions useful. You’ve done a really good job so far. I am really excited to see what 2.0 comes out with.

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    Another suggestion.

    Limestone + Kiln (Must be Raging Fire) = Dry Cement (Fact: Cement is made by heating limestone in kilns at 1450 degrees celsius.)

    (3) Gravel + (2) Sand + (1) Dry Cement = Dry Concrete Mix

    (4) Dry Concrete Mix + (1) Purified Water = Concrete

    Logs + Axe = Boards

    (4) Boards + Glue = Large Board

    (4) Large Board + Conrete = Concrete Wall

    (4) Large Board + Concrete + Log = Concrete Channel

    Possibilities are Limitless…..


    Nice game, thank you.

    For newbies like me an Inventory -> Crafting highlight (same as already implemented in the other direction) would help a bit. So when I point to some items the recipes containing that ingredient could be highlighted. Not an issue initially but after a few hours of playing.


    “You hit a Living Rock for 8 damage with a Feather! It appears to be effective”

    I am somehow a ninja.


    @staypuff That is possibly the best and funniest thing i’ve ever heard. Ever. If Wayward had memes, that would be one.


    “You repair a tattered map with an iron hammer.”

    Bob Vila ain’t got shit on me.


    I do like very much a lot of the ideas I’ve seen in this thread and I’m looking forward to seeing which ones you implement and how they affect the game. but on a more immediate basis and particularly before you start adding additional items, I’d personally like to see some UI updates. As it stands right now all the items are just jumbled together in the crafting window with just 2 ways to sort them. And especially for a new player it’s hard to see which things I’ve recently unlocked and which things do what. It’d be really great for some quick sort buttons to have things grouped together. for example:
    Survival – shows camping, cooking, and water gathering skills and items that use those skills like bedroll and houses/walls/campfires
    Herbalism – shows botany skills and medicinal items and seeds/plants and fertilizer
    combat – shows tactics and all weapons and armor
    Tools – shows tinkering, shovels, pickaxes, grindstones, repair and reinforce items etc…

    Another thing that would be great is a ‘no use’ option. I’ve had several times where an item like animal fat I was saving for a torch got used up instead of a log in order to start a fire. This happens most often trying to use tainted meat instead of a fish steak for pemmican. i often have to just drop items on the ground until the ones I want to use are the only ones in my inventory. It would be nice to simply check somewhere to not use certain items in crafting.
    Being able to use items directly from things like backpacks and pouches would also be a major plus


    @Ravenscr0ft Regarding your last point. You can choose which items are used in a craft by manually sorting them in front of each other (just by dragging them around in your inventory). This is mentioned in the crafting help, but I can see how if you don’t read it, it wouldn’t be apparent. I will look into the usability there.

    Crafting categories are indeed planned.


    There are two cases where a “don’t craft” flag (or container?) becomes useful:
    1) sorting the items with different criteria -> preference is lost
    2) putting the item at the end of the list, then collecting more from the same type (e.g. branches) but they are not “exceptional”. If I want to keep the exceptional one I have to regularly move it to the end of the inventory or put away in a chest. (I was using this second option after playing enough to be able to build one.)


    Thanks for making this game, it’s pretty great.

    Reload: New action for containers or possibly for ammunition items, basically it works just like the “drop all in open container” command except the container does not need to be open. If you made it a container action then each container would probably just have a specific ammo that it reloads with, bags for bullets, and quivers for arrows. If it were an ammunition action then it would just take all of that type of ammo that you’re holding and place it in a container. The purpose of this would be to streamline things just a bit for anyone that’s using ammunition since you don’t have to go and open your container just to put all your stuff back in.

    Alternatively there could be an option where any ammo you pick up off the ground is just automatically put into containers, I haven’t been playing the game too long, but from what I can tell, there usually isn’t much reason to have ammo in your inventory, so this would just help to streamline the player’s interactions with ammo overall. This would probably be a lot cleaner than the reload action idea, although maybe there could be an action to designate an appropriate container as the destination for your ammo unless ammo will only go into certain bag types anyway. Also, I imagine that the bag might need to be equipped for this to work, mainly because, outside of roleplaying purposes, it looks like there isn’t any reason to equip a container at the moment, or is there?


    Might have been noted before, but player sprite change upon changing chest and/or helmet accessories?

    I like the fireflies idea 🙂

    NPCs with their own homes to buy or trade with might be fun? Friendly monkeys or island natives?

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    Back to try your updates.

    Regular game is still stale, needs version 2.0.

    Decided to try the daily challenge.

    Attempt 1_ Two steps. Dead

    Attempt 2_20 steps. Eaten by a shark, if it wasn’t the shark, it was his 30 friends, 5 krakens, 2 bears, 3 ghosts, and a big rat.

    Many attempts later_ Finally have survived multiple nights, but not easy. Way too much need to run around. No reason to build a house, ghosts and those little jumpy things can come kill you in there, and definitely not strong enough in early game to kill either.

    So, that being said. Way to hard, in fact, impossible. And if that’s what you were going for, congrats, you got it.

    So, regular game is way to easy, daily challenge is impossible, can we get something in the middle?? Maybe somehow set the difficulty on a daily challenge, get more points for starting harder?


    Only ONCE tried the daily… saw a Fireelemental right in front of me at the beach. Didn´t last long, not ONLY because I was a noob then ^^

    I guess it is made jsut to see how LONG can you survive. It´s not meant to you really surviving.

    In that case it does what it is meant to. But FOR ME it is not that funny. I guess there are players for the highscore-part of this challenge.
    They´ll have their fun.



    13) I found the “monuments”, but nothing came from it. Needs to have more interactions with that.

    Monuments °_°??



    It would be good to have a display on how full the chest is, especially if there will be bigger chests in the future 🙂
    Also I would like to know ROUGHLY for how many days I have been on that island or for how long in total I have been lost.
    Of course that can only be very roughly estimated. Else you would know which time it is just buy checking the date. So I would like to have it that way that the date changes a bit on a randomly manner.
    Like between 4 am and 11 am.
    In the end you just know… ok, I am about 162 days on this island 🙂 And I am doing pretty well 🙂
    And also you can see if this is the 2nd or the 3rd night. That can be helpful… because when you started to play and then didn´t play for some days (real-life) you might have forgotten.

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