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    I’m thinking a larger variety of doors, like a sandstone or stone door. Also, if you spawn in a desert, Palm trees don’t give you branches, and if you can’t find seaweed, then you can’t make a raft to leave the island.

    My main suggestion is that we should have barrels of materials (variety) that store water, filtered or not. Also, a container that would take longer to purify, but you can drink out of it two times (It’d be able to hold maybe…2 drinks, so you would have to gather two ‘drinks’ before stilling it).

    Also, some way to make raft ‘floors’, so you could build on sea, maybe gather oil for fuel.


    What a cool game! Thanks for knowing how to program AND having good taste! This game is exactly what I was looking for, and I can’t wait to see how it progresses!

    My wish list:

    I’m sure it’ll come with time, but more middle game, please! Goes too fast from scared of bears and thirst right into wandering around looking for talc and treasure while invincible.

    UI – Clicking/right-clicking a stack manipulates the stack. Ctrl+click manipulates one unit.
    – Attack button. Allows attacking without moving, especially nice for ranged attacks and
    encumbered mining when an accidental step costs health.

    General – Equipped items weigh 50%. (Same concept as something strapped to your back weighing
    – Hotkeyed tools count for crafting if one isn’t in main inventory. (Took me about an
    hour to figure out how to make my first Wrought Iron because my hammer was on a hotkey.)
    – A tiered armor and weapon system would greatly increase the game’s longevity, equipment
    diversity and give you more room for middle-strength monsters. I’ve included an
    excessive example.
    – Mentioned by others: Navigation. Cartography is a skill, but I can’t make a map or
    sense my way home. I don’t have a suggestion for the map making, but finding your home
    could be an easy fix: Build a smoke signal or flagpole that could be spotted
    with a spyglass. “Your home appears to be South East of here.”
    – A wheelbarrow was mentioned, I’d like to see that in some form. A low-tech option could
    be a drag mat. (3 Logs+3 Ropes+2 Poles) Kills vegetation that you drag it over.
    – I’m sure it’s last on the list, if at all, but armor/weapon graphics on the character
    would be AMAZING!! Really takes immersion to a-whole-nother level. Even if it was just
    a helm and a stick with option to turn off helm for people that like our hero’s cute
    bed head.

    Onto some crafting suggestions. Your crafting system is so good that it makes my imagination explode with the possibilities!

    Recycling – Leather Armor+Sharpened=Leather Strips, Iron Armor+Furnace=Iron Ingot, etc

    Armor – Needle and/or hammer is implied for many of these and quantities are left
    – Maybe Rat=Gorget, Belt; Wolf=Helm, Gloves, Boots; Bear=Leggings, Chest?
    – Padded Armor (Fabric+Cotton+String)
    – Bark Armor (Tree Bark+Pole-like+String)
    – Leather Armor (Tanned Leather+String)
    – Wooden Armor (Log+Rope+Glue)
    – Boiled Leather (Leather Armor+Log+Rope+Animal Fat+Still) (Log serves as mold and is
    not consumed)
    – Studded Leather (Wrought Iron->Rivets+Leather Armor)
    – Brigandine/Splint Mail Armor (Wrought Iron->Wrought Iron Plates+Padded Armor+Leather
    – Chain Mail Armor (Iron Ingot->Iron Sheet+Stamp->Iron Rings+Padded Armor+Leather
    Strips) (Stamp made from Wrought Iron or Iron Ingot)
    – Scale Armor (Iron Ingot->Iron Scales+Iron Rings+Padded Armor+Leather
    – Plate Armor (Iron Sheet+Chain Mail Armor+Rivets)

    Ingredient reuse and overlap forces the players hand while later rewarding previous investment in crafting. Increasing core ingredient (Tanned Leather, Iron Ingot, etc) requirements while keeping auxiliary (String, Leather Strips, etc) requirements low, but destroying them (the aux components) on failure, might slow the road to total badassery and provide more of a sense of accomplishment. Skill requirements were mentioned, but I prefer your method of rewarding work with better items rather than requiring a grind to make them at all.

    I have more suggestions, but feel like I’ve already made more than enough. Thanks for your time.

    EDIT – Just realized you’ve already addressed the UI suggestions in the coming update, yay!


    maybe add crafting categories/tabs?
    like furnace and firestarters in one category, in-between processing of raw materials in another, tools in another etc..


    I love the game just the way it is! My friends and I play this a lot, most of the time we talk through Skype while playing!

    The only thing That I REALLY want to see in this game is multiplayer. I would love to play with my friends. Maybe it is just my opinion but I think this game would be amazing with multiplayer!

    I have absolutely no programming experience so I don’t know how hard this would be or if it is even possible, but I just thought that it would be a good feature to have in Wayward.

    Looking forward to seeing many more updates,



    A hammock, has very long life, and you can sleep in it. The catch? Must have blocks on the sides. H = hammock| W = Wall, or tree, etc.| ‘-‘ = rope (visual, don’t have to craft it)|


    All together, you’d have four “tiles” taken up by the combination, 2 being the hammock, 2 being a wall on either side.


    Water tank

    Can hold up to 10 ‘drinks’ of water, distilled or not, and the whole thing can be distilled together, but that takes a long time. You can fill up a smaller, inventory-held container with the water in the tank like you would from the ground, until it runs out.



    Also, salt.

    You can get it by grinding up certain rocks.

    It greatly delays decay of decaying items (including food).


    First off, great game! This is the hard survival game I’ve been wanting.

    Just wanted to pitch in $0.02

    Might be a fun way to surprise people on an early playthrough when their house gets washed away.
    Low tide might reveal some goodies (shellfish?)
    High tide might bring in some floating stuff.

    Just a thought.


    Oh, I found bows a bit UP.

    2-4 range of blocks plus a chance to miss really doesn’t do much for me, even when I use an offal for a regular bow.

    Also, how about we add our own songs to the songs in Wayward, as a personal factor. Only available in downloaded version. Idk…since I could just play music in another tab…



    The image explains it all, took a screenshot and cannot figure out if i just suck and have to low of a lockpick skill or if this is a actual legitimate error that always causes me to fail lockpicking. This is on wayward version 1.6


    @supernet2 1.6 issues are to be reported on the spreadsheet itself; however, as the warning also states, the pre-release versions are very buggy and perhaps even non-functional in some cases. Play at your own risk!


    Oh my bad didn’t realize I could directly edit the spread sheet. As for my issue that bites as I migrated all of my game data to 1.6. Any way I can reverse my 1.6save to a 1.5? Or even my progress? Made like 9 other mini bases in my 1.6 version and unlocked 19+ more items.


    So, I guess this is as much a question as it is a suggestion, but would it be possible for characters to build their own boat (kind of like building one’s home) and use this boat to travel between worlds? I know there is the Bull Boat, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to create your own ship that you can walk around on, maybe have a few chests on, and travel between different worlds. It need not be a large boat (maybe 9×5 tiles), but I think it would be quite fun to have a boat that travels between worlds and can “crash” each time you land somewhere new. Whenever you get to a new world and your boat crashes, it could lose chunks, catch on fire, your crew mates could turn into zombies, you’d lose random chests, your character starts at half health, sharks would start circling, etc. Your job then would be both to gather enough treasure to leave and repair your ship so that you can travel to the next area. I think this could work in tandem with the Bull Boat, in that the Bull Boat would travel within a biome and the treasure ship could transport you between different biomes. Though everyone would start in a biome that has all the resources they need in plentiful quantities, each new biome (tundra, desert, jungle?) would present significant threats to survival in terms of lack of resources, monster strength, temperature, and so on. The supplies you brought with on your ship would certainly help, but not solve your problems. Would any of this be possible even?

    Well, that was a bit longer than I intended… Thanks for the great game. It’s quite a pleasure to play, and I’m looking forward to see where you take it!


    I’ll keep this suggestion short but to the point.
    CTRL+ mousewheel changes the zoom level in a browser and lets you see further, providing a better scope of the area. Unfortunately for this to be a comfortable size around 20 to 25 tiles in each direction (I have a 17″ monitor on a slightly lower resolution) the inventory windows and text information in general is unreadable. Could you please add an option to resize the text and windows themselves to counteract this? (small – medium – large – extra large)
    As it is I zoom in when at my main camp, then zoom out as I forage/mine and watch out for my stamina dropping and the red line (would be text) in the top left to tell me I’m overweight.

    Still really enjoying this after playing it many months ago, updates are slow and steady which is nice, liking the possible smooth motion and graphical update video I saw also.

    General Comments:
    There seems to be a big lack of sandstone in most of the playthroughs I’ve done, and when it is present there are rare caves for stone.
    The jump from starting out to being scared for your life is quite sudden, 1st and 2nd day seem safe then suddenly on the 2nd night an imp comes to the doorway and sits there killing you. (stand in doorway, hit for 2 to 4 hp, lose 40hp and then back up and bedroll, repeat 10 times as that imp never leaves, pray water/food/durability on armour/weapon lasts)
    5th day you get some wrought iron and life is easy from that point on. I like the difficulty itself, but not the predictability of the switch from easy to hard and back. Maybe you could make more difficult monsters unlock each day for spawning (exceptions being caves?) so you don’t face something overpowering on the 2nd night in, find yourself locked in your home. It’s not annoying in itself, but the regularity of it is. Or maybe a weighted spawn table that makes the first few night less likely to throw something huge at you but not impossible?


    A “window” with several materials crafting it. It can be wooden, stone, sandstone, etc. It doesn’t block your line of sight, and keeps monsters out. Doesn’t require glass.


    “Exeptional” item crafting. If you used an “exceptional” item in a crafting recipe (for tools), the item has an increased chance of being “exceptional”.

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