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    Quantum Leap

    Same algorithm, much smaller landmass (another user-selectable option?):



    @Quantum-Leap Thanks for the work and feedback! Temperature and more distinct biomes are coming as well 🙂

    Quantum Leap

    Some more ideas to reduce player frustration, implemented as quick prototype to test before suggesting:


    Major items:

    – Click on player to see context menu with most demanded options: REST UNTIL [X], EAT <something>, DRINK <something>.

    – “Rest until <morning>” makes resting meaniningful. Current rest is a russian roulette, which stops when *it* wants, not when player wants it to stop.

    – Eating/drinking directly from player menu will *greatly* reduce frustration, since I won’t have to scroll through endless inventory just to find that “special” pineapple or meat chunk or water bottle..

    – Compactify four stat bars into two lines. There is no need to cover that much screen space with existing bars. I would personally add day/night indicator, because sun is always seen by player unless wandering underground.

    – green “running man” on the left is an attempt to combine health indicator with weight (aka “you are overburdened”) indicator. When player suffers damage, green figure will eventually turn half-red (50% red, 50% green – proportionally to damage), than fully red. If player has too much items in the backpack, than running figure will turn into “man with a heavy bag” figure.

    – [M], [O], [I] = buttons to show map, options, inventory dialogs.

    – there MUST be an option to drink directly from freshwater puddles without a need for a special tool. Most humans are equipped with built-in helping instruments, which allow them to drink bare-handed. Yesterday, my character died from dehydration sitting in the middle of self-digged pool of freshwater just because I used (by mistake!) all my containers to make water stills.


    Quantum Leap

    Click on a puddle, get interface menu to drink directly and/or gather water into container:

    Click on player, get “eat <X>” menu (scans inventory to build list) :


    Great stuff as usual @Quantum-Leap

    Resting time is currently based on the following factors:

    • Time of day (or night) – you wake up more during the day.
    • Camping skill.
    • Whether you are facing a fire or not.
    • If an enemy is near or you take damage, your rest will be interrupted.

    These factors allow you to control the times a bit. Simulation/realism wise, you won’t be able to dictate sleep pace yourself because of the environmental factors at play. I think going forward though, to allow even further control, there should be a difference between “Sleep” and “Rest” as resting is something you would be able to control directly.

    There’s a couple considerations before changing UI and control schemes as we have to cater for both touch displays, keyboard only interfaces, mouse only interfaces and a combination. Not to mention the multitude of resolutions. Breaking up the bars on larger resolutions could work though.

    New context-specific menus are a good idea for sure, especially for tile interaction. This is noted on the todo list.

    Quantum Leap

    Wayward is getting better and better, thank you!

    More ideas:

    1. new enemy: aggressive plant:
    ranged attack: throws thorns/spikes, melee: bites

    (they inhabit river banks in my prototype, so fresh water supply is not that easy to own)

    2. For mouse / touchpad users: pathfinding with path trail and marker:

    Foot image, to be rotated programmatically according to path trail direction:
    (free clipart)

    For the pathfinding I have used the following library:
    (It has A*, and is pretty fast. Also, it is published under MIT license, so use as you like)

    PS: I am missing horseshoe crabs – Wayward shores are a little bit empty. I can imagine many survivalist-approved recipes for a plate-sized crab 🙂

    Quantum Leap

    In addition to horseshoe crabs, it would be great to populate underground caves with scorpions, forests with ants, or even ant swarms (deadly swarms, may also eat leaves from tree tiles):

    Some possible variants:
    ( grabbed it from somewhere on internet and rescaled for a prototype )


    Thanks for the suggestions as per usual @Quantum-Leap

    Mouse/tap movement/pathfinding is definitely planned and on the todo, as is A* (usable for monster pathing as well).

    Quantum Leap

    Just tried it: yep, adding pathfinding to aggressive units definitely makes game more interesting.

    For a simple experiment, I added ranged attacks (fire and acid) to pathfinding-enabled bears and wolves, and it is so funny when they come directly to the house and aim me through the door which I left non-blocking for ranged attacks, but impassable for enemy movement. Now it makes sense to prepare minefields (sorry, trapfields), or install wooden doors on those popular forest trails 🙂


    Did you actually implement it into Wayward through the source? I’m asking because I’m definitely interested in adding it, but A* was a bit over my head last I tried. Would love to see any code examples that you may have of it being put into Wayward.

    Also, ya, I could imagine it being slightly unbalanced at first… definitely will need some balancing.

    Not sure if you checked out some of the Weekly progress but several bits and pieces of your ideas have found their way into the game. More soon!

    Quantum Leap

    Well.. Originally, I thought that Wayward’s code is too big to do Fallout-like customizations, and I started prototyping things on my own. It grew bigger and bigger until I realized that it comes close to the original codes in size (ouch). I will send you private link to its full source via email. Meanwhile, here is my ugly chunk of pathfinding code, which could be easily modified to work within Wayward:

    GAME.GUI.SCREEN.GetPossiblePathXY = function( world, x1, y1, x2, y2, movement ) { // world map coordinates
        var tiles = GAME.MAP.mTileMap[world];
        var minx = x2 < x1 ? x2 : x1, maxx = x2 > x1 ? x2 : x1;
        var miny = y2 < y1 ? y2 : y1, maxy = y2 > y1 ? y2 : y1;
        var gridx = (maxx - minx) + 10, gridy = (maxy - miny) + 10;
        var grid = new PF.Grid(gridx, gridy);
        for ( var i = (minx - 5), lenx = ( maxx + 5 ); i < lenx; i++ ) {
            for ( var j = (miny - 5), leny = ( maxy + 5 ); j < leny; j++ ) {
                if ( GAME.UNITS.Get(world, i, j) != false ) {
                    grid.setWalkableAt( i - (minx - 5), j - (miny - 5), false);
                if ( movement.inArray( tiles[i][j].move ) == false ) {
                    grid.setWalkableAt( i - (minx - 5), j - (miny - 5), false);
        var finder = new PF.AStarFinder({allowDiagonal: false});
        var path = finder.findPath( x1 - (minx - 5),  y1 - (miny - 5), x2 - (minx - 5), y2 - (miny - 5), grid );
        if ( path.length > 0 ) {
            for ( var i = 0; i < path.length; i++ ) {
                path[i] = [ path[i][0] + (minx - 5), path[i][1] + (miny - 5) ];
        return path; // world coordinates, includes start/stop points

    Again, as everything else in my protoWard, it was hacked in mere minutes just to get results fast. Don’t kick me too hard..

    PS: Yep, I noticed a lot of changes in Wayward, thank you!

    Quantum Leap

    Also, I have tried indexDB for game saves. It turned out that it allows to save ~60MB per saved item(!) in Google Chrome (desktop version), and over 100MB in FF (tried 100MB – works, did not check if it allows more).

    Here is the jquery plugin link:

    Working example is in my prototype (see link I’ve sent to you). I blindly save every game object serialized to JSON manually (plugin does it very slowly, for some reason).

    So, it allows to have as many save slots as needed (very convenient!), as there seems to be no global limit on total size.


    Very cool stuff!

    We will be going forward with localForage soon for our storage options: https://github.com/mozilla/localForage

    Basically an implementation of IndexedDB/WebSQL/localStorage (whatever the browser supports).

    Quantum Leap

    Interface test for “large” items idea:
    (always wanted to know if those rampaging bears can stand up a minigun burst!)

    imho, looks okay, especially when pre-sorted to avoid gaps. Also, it seems to be a good idea to craft stackable arrows and bullets. If it will be allowed to craft them in packs of 10 instead of one, than they don’t need durability attribute – just subtract/”spend” one arrow per shot from the stack, no need to look inside stack at all.

    PS: yep, Fallout theme is slowly taking over WayWard in my prototype. Now if can implement barter (er..with zombies! and ghost pirates!) and text dialogs.. 🙂


    Small suggestion for fire elementals: pouring water on them should deal damage! Not enough to kill them, since the amount of water in a bottle or flask is only a fraction of an entire flaming body, but a significant amount, like 7-9 hp. I encountered one my last game and tried to pour salt water on it…it did not work, haha 🙁

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