Development Branch Update

It’s happening! We are “ready-ish” to begin testing the in-development build of Wayward. Many of you have probably already noticed your game updating if you were subscribed to the development branch on Steam. We are still working on a lot of stuff and all the features are not yet finalized, but we do have a name at least! The votes are in, this major release will be called “Wheels & Wetlands”.

You can find a little of what to expect here from the latest newsletter:

But if you really want to see all of what’s going on so far, you can check the in-game changelog or view our Trello for a more technical breakdown:

Here Be Dragons Drakes

As always, we would encourage you to back up your saves before trying this development branch of the game. By default, you can find your backups and save folders in the main Wayward directory. You can also export saves and global save data in-game if needed.

More information on how to change branches here:

Report any issues you spot. Godspeed!

Wayward Newsletter #11

Hey all,

We are well underway with the next major release of Wayward, codenamed “Next”. More on that naming a bit further down. As always, these newsletters are for keeping players up to date with what we are working on and while a few of these previews have been shared on social media, there are a few new reveals as well below.


Travel in style (and speed) with minecarts. They work to increase your carrying capacity and traveling speed on land. The carts themself also work as a mobile form of storage (which now also apply to boats by the way).

Action Bar Improvements

Previously known as “quickslots”, the action bar has got a complete overhaul, building on top of the action quickslotting concept we did in the last major release. Some of the changes include:

  • You can now change the number of action slots per your needs, up to 50 slots.
  • Configuration of action slots is now contained within a single, searchable, filterable drawer of actions with extra options about how the slot is used and restocked.
  • Each action now has a unique icon when set to an action slot.

Action Bar

We’ll have more information and previews on this coming soon!


Explore this brand-new island type filled with unique land formations, creatures, items, plants, and more.



Action Improvements

Building on top of all the work done with the action bar, the action/item menus have been completely redone to feature a new look and new functionality. Each action now has a unique bind and can be customized. No longer will action binds jump all over the place based on the context or item type. This is a huge usability win and will further our progress towards a new unified UI.

Item Menu

Volcanic Upgrade

The volcanic islands are getting a big upgrade in the form of a new resource type: basalt. This hardened igneous rock is an upgrade over normal rock (now named granite) and sandstone.



Crafting Success/Efficacy Tooltips

Minmaxers will rejoice at these new inclusions to the crafting tooltips.

  • Crafting success and quality chances are now presented in the crafting tooltip after having at least 30% and 60% skill, respectively.
  • Crafting efficacy is now shown in the crafting item tooltip when over 60% in the recipe’s skill.

Crafting Tooltips

New Custom Game Options

We are adding three of the most commonly requested custom game options: always spawning creatures and item durability/decay multipliers, allowing much finer control over the difficulty in the game.

Always Spawn

Item Multipliers

Storage Improvements

Going along with the minecarts, and previously hinted at, storage, in general, has got a big reduction in the tedium factor, especially for those that like to keep organized. As mentioned, boats now act as a container and can store items. Not only that, but can be picked up into your inventory along with all containers in the game (like chests) even with items in it. They act exactly like bags or backpacks and can be interacted with and organized in the same way.

  • Boats can now be used as storage containers.
  • Boats can now be placed or built on top of water.
  • Boats now have varying levels of speed that allow you to move faster.
  • Boats will now have a defense bonus when inside them but can be damaged in combat.

  • Chests can now be opened and used while in your inventory.
  • Unlocked chests can now be picked up while they have items in them.
  • Added an option to drop automatically into containers instead of the ground.

Featured Mods

Check out these awesome recent mods from the community:

Colors Everywhere

Colors Everywhere

Colors Everywhere give you the ability to paint and dye structures (like walls/fences/gates), chests, and armor. Some of the pigments and dye creations use existing items while others are provided as new flowers added by the mod.

Learn More

Trick Arrows

Trick Arrows

Trick Arrows adds an interesting variety of arrows to your ranged arsenal. Some are a bit on the whimsical side, while others focus on the use of some rare (and rather unuseful) items. Included are:

  • Shark Tooth Arrow
  • Incendiary Arrow
  • Dragonsbreath Arrow
  • Ice Arrow
  • Spectral Arrow
  • Boxing Glove Arrow
  • Stinger Arrow

Learn More



Sashimi does just as the name suggests; adds a more fancy way of consuming your raw fish. But wait, that’s not all. You’ll also find a few other goodies in here including salt, popcorn, apple pie, and more!

Learn More

Naming Poll

We have begun to codename our next major releases as “Next” before we settle on a name. And speaking of settling; we can’t quite do that for this one. So, we are asking for your help in choosing the final name now knowing what you can expect in the next release.

  1. Wheels & Wetlands
  2. Stockpiled
  3. Motions in the Marsh
  4. Operator
  5. Actions & Estuaries
  6. Locomotion

Vote Here

Steam Survival Fest

Wayward will be part of the survival-themed Steam sale taking place from August 1st at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) to August 8 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7). Wayward will be -30% off during this sale event. It’s a great time to grab a cheap copy for yourself or a friend.

Steam Survival Fest

Wayward on Steam

These upcoming features are just a small preview of what’s to come in the next release. Stay tuned for more news on the re-opening of the development branch (to take a deeper look into everything and provide feedback/testing) as well as the next multiplayer meetup (which has been on hiatus for a bit as we worked on this release).

Oh, while you are at it, make sure to vote on some of the new frequently requested additions to the game on our feature voting page.

Beta 2.11.6 Released

Here’s just a small late-night update for you all while we continue working on the next major release. You’ll find a healthy helping of bug fixes in this release with more on the way! Stay tuned!

Bonus Promo: Join us on Discord and gain some insight from the resident experts on Wayward who have all poured tons of hours into the game.

Bonus Tip: Not sure where to start? Starting the game in “Casual Mode” may be recommended for new players to help get their bearings as it allows respawning and disables aggression from creatures. Check out the “Starter Quest” that explains some of the mechanics of the game. Just click the pinned “Welcome!” message that shows up in the bottom left corner to get started!


  • When exporting saves, the file type (.wayward) is now enforced.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Starter Quest “Welcome” quest not being pinned when starting a new game.
  • Fixed tooltips flashing in simulated turns mode when more than one player was connected.
  • Fixed fog of war issues after traveling/reconnecting. (Thanks Whaffles!)
  • Fixed a multiplayer desync related to equipment.
  • Fixed a crash when advancing island time. (Thanks Grub!)
  • Fixed cases where weight and crafting recipes were not being updated in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed certain items not having any weight variance when dismantled. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed cooked fish kebabs not requiring fire. (Thanks Lonely Shikari!)
  • Fixed dedicated displaying a blank screen after a while.
  • Fixed the pacifier milestone not counting certain creatures properly. (Thanks warriorsforever482!)
  • Fixed interrupts staying open when leaving multiplayer games.
  • Fixed wisps vanishing in a couple of instances after pouring.
  • Fixed container breaking not adhering to normal tile rules. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed dropping items not resetting their quickslot position. (Thanks BeautifulNova!)
  • Fixed field of view-related desyncs.
  • Fixed aberrant mudskippers not being dismantlable.
  • Fixed a brief flash of white during screen transitions.
  • Fixed instances of equipment rendering over top of trees. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed disabled UI Effects/UI Opacity not working on islands intro/game details animation.
  • Fixed the changelog not getting the proper order of mod changes.


  • Fixed issues when a mod was installed locally and via the workshop at the same time.


  • Improved crafting dialog performance.
  • Upgraded to Electron 16.2.1.


Debug Tools

  • NPCs can now be spawned over blocked tiles and tile events/doodads.


  • Fixed item protection options interfering with equipment selection.
  • Fixed harvester mode sometimes leaving food on the ground.
  • Fixed getting stuck moving back and forth from caves and the surface.
  • Added an “Allow Equipping Protected Items” option.
  • Added a “Lock Equipment” option to prevent TARS from changing your equipment.
  • Increased max height for the dialog.
  • Fixed an instance of getting stuck with a tamed creature when butchering.


  • Stat maximums now have their lower ends capped so stats cannot go past reasonable levels on reincarnation.
  • Skill values are now only randomized if the player had any skill in each, to begin with when reincarnating.
  • Strength is now randomized along with health and calculated together when reincarnating.
  • Stats now have randomized starting values (and are not set to their maximums on reincarnation).

Beta 2.11.5 Released

While we are already working away on the next major release, please enjoy this smaller update to improve the game and fix up some of the remaining bugs on our radar. Stay tuned for more minor/major updates!

Bonus Tip: For merchants to travel to your island, you need to increase your “civilization” score, which can be found while hovering over the reputation icon. Civilization score can be increased by building walls, flooring, and other interactions. They will appear on player-made flooring; so the more you pave over nature (which can have its own drawbacks), the better chance they will travel and trade with you.

Bonus Promo: Attention all content creators! Wayward is now available on Nexus allows you to create a storefront to sell games directly from developers/publishers and gives you a share of the profits when somebody buys the game from your page.


  • Added an option to set the maximum number of advancing turns in world options.


  • Added initial support for Steam Deck.
  • Protected items can now be used for disassembling as long as their durability is over 0.
  • The fire/lava dangerous warning prompt will now only show if it will actually hurt/damage the player.
  • Adjusted the camera position to improve centering on the player’s sprite.
  • Attempting to pick up items/excrement, lockpicking, opening containers, using hitches, opening doors, or digging on tiles that are on fire or in lava will now produce a warning if enabled.
  • “Allow Hardcore Respawn” is no longer toggleable when not running a hardcore game.
  • Merchants will no longer stay in place (while a trading dialog is open) while they are taking fire damage.
  • Cooked fish kebabs can now be disassembled.
  • Scrollbars will now appear wider for accessibility/touch interfaces.
  • Improved readability of magical “Endurance” and “Regeneration” properties tooltip text. (Thanks Nobody Important!)
  • Increased the maximum zoom level.
  • Removed a scrollbar that could appear on stats in certain resolutions/scales.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed character/creature/item graphics not using the correct scale on certain operating systems and hardware. (Thanks ldellapiana!)
  • Fixed issues when quickslotting multiple of the same item. (Thanks SMMFO!)
  • Fixed “Remove from Quickslot” removing all instances of that item in quickslots.
  • Fixed desyncs related to background option updates.
  • Fixed a duping and disassembly issues with fish kebabs. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed switching slots not working properly.
  • Fixed several burning events not specifying the proper location of the burn on the player.
  • Fixed a duplication issue with slither suckers. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed a freeze/crash related to fires when advancing island time.
  • Fixed an instance where the game is shown in color after the player is a ghost after reloading a previous game.
  • Fixed “phantom” doodads displayed in the fog until revealed not to be there. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed some items that produced heavier items when burned. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed efficacy not allowing a rating of 0%. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed creatures being able to follow ghosts still.
  • Fixed desyncs related to clients joining the server while they were on other islands.
  • Fixed respawning as a new character not resetting skills or reputation.
  • Fixed issues where the inventory would appear greyed out after crafting (again!). (Thanks animexamera!)
  • Fixed the quality of tiles dug up not matching their original quality after stacking more than a single tile. (Thanks Destro!)
  • Fixed the inventory being able to produce a horizontal scrollbar in some instances. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed multiple visual glitches when doing certain actions over top of any doodad while wearing certain equipment. (Thanks Wuffy!) (Thanks Rayb!)
  • Fixed the pacifier and friendly milestones spawning more than one creature. (Thanks Benzi!)
  • Fixed a rare issue that would prevent multiplayer clients from executing actions.
  • Fixed targetting actions (like repairing) allowing the action on itself when placed in the first spot in your inventory. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed weight calculating incorrectly when placing containers in other containers. (Thanks Raxy9975!)
  • Fixed civilization score discrepancies when tiles melted.
  • Fixed item actions not working for items outside of main inventory. (Hotfixed) (Thanks Thadon!)
  • Fixed the bronze shovel having incorrect values for its digging and mining properties. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed underline/linked text formatting issues.
  • Fixed using hitching posts that were on fire not burning the player properly.
  • Fixed up some incorrect word usage. (Thanks Setimu).
  • Fixed auto item actions not producing warnings when applicable.


  • The tile or doodad quality now affects civilization score.
  • Fertile soil now provides a civilization score.
  • Bronze items (and a few other select items) are now tradable but are not sold on merchants.
  • The dangerous action warning option is now disabled by default.


  • Improved “Default” power mode to automatically run in “low power” mode when the device is on battery power.
  • Improved performance of various UI animations.
  • Running the game in “low power” mode will disable all continuous animations which will stop all rendering when idle.



  • Fixed various warnings/errors while executing stat recovery plans.
  • Fixed issues when crafting a water container while encumbered.
  • Now detects when corpses/items decay while moving to them.
  • Will no longer move to a corpse or item if it will be decayed by the time it gets there.
  • Added additional options for survival mode.
  • Fixed TARS acting weird when dropping items while encumbered.
  • Split up options section into multiple panels to reduce clutter.
  • Added options to control how TARS will use protected items.
  • Added “Treasure Hunter” mode, which will solve maps & find treasure.
  • Improved logic for starting water stills.
  • Speed up base organization.
  • Fixed issues recovering stamina while moving when overburdened
  • Fixed TARS sometimes trying to use the same item for multiple purposes and not being able to craft because of that.
  • Fixed TARS trying to dig while things were blocking the tile.
  • Fixed TARS accidentally wandering into caves and getting stuck.
  • Added option that can instruct TARS to only harvest using hands.
  • Fixed TARS continuously creating anvils until the whole world was covered in them.
  • Fixed bugs in objective planning calculations related to chests.
  • Fixed erratic movement when trying to till tiles.
  • Fixed new games not loading when quitting a game that was not at the starting island.
  • Fixed getting stuck harvesting in harvest mode.
  • Included distance in “moving to” status message.
  • Improved creature hunting logic.
  • Learned that caves exist.

Debug Tools

  • Fixed WebGL context leaks when using the selection panel.

Beta 2.11.4 Released

In this week’s release, we fixed another big chunk of issues and improved various parts of the game. We are planning for at least one more release in the 2.11.x series, so stay tuned for more!

Bonus Tip: I recently put out a new video showcasing some new tips and tricks as kind of an addendum to my beginner’s guide video here:

If you haven’t watched the first video, check it out here:

Bonus Promo: If you haven’t checked out TARS yet, give it a whirl! It has improved by leaps and bounds over the last little while. TARS will even help with repetitive tasks like harvesting now! Check it out here:


  • Protected items can now be used for dismantling as long as their durability is over 0.
  • Updated the accepted item list for item quests in challenge mode to include new items and items that exist in other island types.
  • The crafting and skill tooltips for reputation now take milestone modifiers/custom game options into account. (Thanks Kalako!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed picking up items via idling/moving not updating player weight sometimes. (Thanks WinterBearPark!)
  • Fixed magical malevolence properties not allowing gaining malignity when at maxed benignity among other issues. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed the magical “Aptitude” property not working for normal quality items. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed gathered tiles not producing the correct resources when digging. (Thanks TheLukeyBoi!)
  • Fixed performance issues with fire and temperature. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed occasional tooltip errors in the mod manager menu when closing the steam overlay after uninstalling a mod.
  • Fixed certain items not always being removed when sailing to civilization if they were in a sub-container.
  • Fixed NPC inspections not working.
  • Fixed being able to occupy the same tile as creatures other than fish. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed various tooltip errors.
  • Fixed an error when hovering over the merchant name in the “Mercantile” note. (Thanks Lardi!)
  • Fixed auto action hover item highlights not always matching the item that will be used.
  • Fixed island event messages being able to appear for players on other islands.
  • Fixed a possible error when using the upgrading action and other issues when attempting to use the action on a facing tile.
  • Fixed interrupt screens not allowing quickslots to be used afterward if using a hotkey for selecting a menu item. (Thanks NightsFire!)
  • Fixed an infinite loop when opening containers with no screen space left. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed the stepping into fire warning triggering even if the tile was blocked in some cases.


  • Increased the chances of gathering earthworms and added them to more tile types.
  • Increased the effectiveness of seed tiers for reputation gain bonuses. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Increased the maximum value for magical “Lightening” properties.
  • The added score reduction when playing challenge mode in real-time or simulated turns is now based on tick speed.
  • The score in challenge mode now decreases slower.


  • Speed up mod publishing by excluding the node_modules/@wayward folder.
  • Fixed issues creating new NPC types from mods.
  • Updated tsconfig.mod.base.json compile target to ES2021.


  • Improved performance of flow field in multiplayer games.



  • Fixed TARS trying to gather water while a solar still is blocking the tile.
  • Fixed TARS getting confused when trying to offer items to tame creatures.
  • Added a “Tame Creature” task.
  • Sped up planner calculations.
  • Learned how solar stills work.
  • Added a “Move to Creature” task.
  • Added “Harvester” mode.

Debug Tools

  • The selection viewport will now rerender when turns pass.

Beta 2.11.3 Released

Thanks to all those that participated in the multiplayer meetup last week! It was a smashing success; if success means being overrun by slimes and zombies for two hours. Some of the below changes should help smooth out some of the stuff we all discovered when that many players all join together. Thanks for the stress test!

Bonus promo: Join us on Discord and gain some insight from the resident experts on Wayward who have all clocked in thousands of hours in the game.

Bonus tip: To unlock recipes, you only need to be adjacent to or holding one of each item in a craft to unlock it. One strategy to unlock as many recipes as possible is to have three chests adjacent to you, all with many different items. Fill them up with things you haven’t crafted before or rare things you found. Walking in between them could unlock a few interesting things for you.


  • Added a new screen vignette effect (that can be disabled in options) when your health is low.


  • Replaced “Clear Ghost Data” multiplayer option with “Allow Hardcore Respawns” option which allows hosts to respawn as well and is also exposed via dedicated server arguments.
  • Planting seeds or spores will now increase gardening as well as the skill associated with the item (botany or mycology).
  • Improved reliability of Steam network connections.
  • Reduced multiplayer bandwidth usage by around 400%.
  • Screen DPI (and the “zoomFactor” option) will no longer change the amount you can zoom in or out.
  • Updated the description of magical aspect to be more in line with its use. (Thanks lilzoark!)
  • Added all plantable items to the “seeds” loot group for Dryads.
  • Added dedicated server arguments for setting gameplay modifiers.
  • Improved reliability of automatic WebRTC fallback if the Steam network connection gets stuck.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong items were being named in the disassemble warning. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed the sleeping/resting dialog prematurely hiding itself in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to the “Pacifier” and “Friendly” milestones.
  • Fixed items being able to require themselves to disassemble.
  • Fixed dedicated servers not handling fog of war radius updates correctly. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed some magical properties that can be given to lit torches and candles being removed after being extinguished or vice versa. (Thanks Skarn!)
  • Fixed the durability tooltip for plants not showing the proper message.
  • Fixed not being able to select milestone modifiers when creating a multiplayer game in the dedicated server GUI.
  • Fixed some options tooltips not being displayed in the options menu.
  • Fixed a multiplayer desync related to creature trapping.
  • Fixed the “Player Connecting…” screen still able to be shown after leaving a game.
  • Fixed crafting tooltips toggling on and off in multiplayer games as ticks pass (again).
  • Fixed some previous saves resulting in infinite loading for clients. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to refining items that can be disassembled. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed the possibility of “You see…” messages showing up while traveling to other islands
  • Fixed books staying open even after walking away from or destroying them. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed active sorting making sound effects when it sorted items.
  • Fixed overlapping sound effects triggering on travel. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed the respawn button not working when clicking on the text portion of the button.
  • Fixed rejoining as a new character (now respawning as a new character) not using the same milestone modifiers set. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed +console mode spamming errors. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed “Unable to verify port” message adding commas to the port number.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with fire. (Hotfixed) (Thanks NightsFire!)


  • The maximum health bonus for repeated taming is now capped based on the creature’s base maximum health. (Thanks alacandor!)
  • Full tiles of items will now act as obstacles when using ranged attacks.
  • Items that are disassembled from crafted items will now have their durability reduction scaled instead of just a single point each time.
  • Random events now happen to a random player each tick instead of all players.
  • Slimes will no longer split when using fire damage.
  • Slime splitting chances will now scale with how much their health is over their normal maximum health.
  • You can no longer fail to plant seeds or spores; however, their durability combined with your skill will transfer to the plant’s health (durability) now.


  • Improved logging of multiplayer desync errors.



  • Fixed getting stuck gathering water when the water was far away from the water still
  • Fixed getting stuck in a loop when around hitched creatures that are too powerful.
  • No longer tries to mine plants. Mining is for fish!
  • Fixed TARS getting confused if it accidentally tames creatures.
  • Fixed issues where TARS would incorrectly move items into chests when near the inventory weight limit.

Beta 2.11.2 Released

Hey all,

We have another batch of fixes and improvements this week with a focus on smoothing out some of the features that showed up with the major release. That, and whatever else the astute Wayward players reported this week. We still have a ton on our to-do, so expect another patch next week!

Bonus Promo: Follow our Subreddit to stay up-to-date on all Wayward news, player discourse, and occasional memes.

Bonus Tip: At 20% in a crafting skill you gain the ability to see “efficacy” when crafting. This will show how effective you are at making the craft, or making a better quality item based on what you are putting into it. It calculates what the best ingredients would be and compares it against what you used. Many things affect the efficacy of a craft, including item quality (exceptional or higher is best) and item tier (the higher the better). This is counted for both required items and consumed items. Check out the in-game help for more details on this and more.


  • There are now messages and sound effects when exhausting fire sources in crafting and other situations.


  • Attaching a container to a water still will now show an item notification over it.
  • Creatures will no longer follow ghosts.
  • Dryads can now rarely plant seeds.
  • Swords now have “melee” as the default action instead of other tool actions. (Thanks Petalwing!)
  • Automatically fallback to use WebRTC when a multiplayer Steam network connection is not working properly.


  • Using bait while fishing now has a greater chance of attracting creatures.
  • Items burned will now produce items of varied quality, similar to the distribution of dismantling.
  • Reduced amount of islands you can travel at a time (increased skill check).
  • Increased hunger/thirst/stamina reduction when traveling.
  • Dryads now have a slightly decreased chance to spawn (increased requirements), increased health, and reduced attack. They also now provide negative reputation when killed.
  • Reduced the chance of magical properties on superior/remarkable items slightly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where merchants were being spawned too quickly (or improperly in some cases).
  • Fixed treasure chest loot not adhering to the container’s maximum weight. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed errors when crafting while near the edge of the map. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed being able to spawn outside of the normal map bounds when traveling. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed reinforcing relic items not working every time. (Thanks Nobody Important!)
  • Fixed a desync when using the item action menu facing some doodads.
  • Fixed opening the item action menu extinguishing doodads. Yikes. (Thanks FluffyWuffletonTheFierce!)
  • Fixed “See More” showing even when “Always Show More Information” is on. (Thanks Ygdrad!)
  • Fixed some items having the “aptitude” property that shouldn’t be based on uncraftable items that used them in their recipe. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed changed items not being filtered properly. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed tiles being burned not distributing the correct quality on items dropped.
  • Fixed memory leaks related to milestone modifiers.
  • Fixed errors happening when traveling/generating a new island. (Thanks animexamera!)
  • Fixed rare multiplayer desyncs related to scarecrows.
  • Fixed an item ID error being produced in certain situations. (Thanks Torrin!)
  • Fixed being able to unpause the game when you’re not supposed to, such as when a new player is joining a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed efficacy ratings being commonly inaccurate when crafting. (Thanks DerSimmon!)
  • Fixed being able to break out of the map bounds. Get back in there! (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed some items not having tiers for their groups that were used in crafts.


  • Fixed imports starting with “@wayward/types” when importing modules in Visual Studio Code.



  • Added a “Good Citizen” option that instructs TARS to not steal items from other player’s chests in multiplayer games.
  • Added a “Sail to Civilization” task.
  • Fixed issues when planning/executing certain objectives.
  • Speculatively fixed TARS crafting a “Tin Double Axe” just to disassemble it.
  • Refactored codebase.
  • Fixed getting stuck when trying to build some doodads.
  • Will now hunt boglings that are bogglin’ up the base.
  • Fixed an infinite loop when trying to start a water still while near the inventory weight limit.
  • Base doodads will now be highlighted in red in the navigation overlay.

Beta 2.11.1 Released

Hey all,

Hope you are enjoying (or already enjoyed) your holidays! We have a patch ready to fix up some of the issues everybody has spotted after the major release launch with a few balance changes thrown in for good measure. We still got lots on our to-do list for this release series, so expect more soon! Happy New Year!

Bonus Promo: We now have an Instagram, follow us here:

Double Bonus Promo: We are gathering feedback on a recurring Wayward multiplayer meetup to play as a community at some to-be-determined interval. Let us know your thoughts:

Bonus Tip: Instead of opening the action menus every time you do an action, why not quickslot the action and use a single keypress for it? Right-click an empty quickslot to assign actions to it, or Ctrl + right-click to assign an item action to it. Item actions will automatically pick the best item from your inventory to do the action you set, saving even more time!


  • Added an option to protect required (non-consumed) items from use in crafting.


  • Coordinates are now presented in NESW format.
  • An error prompt will now be displayed when save data fails to load when starting the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed item action quickslots not getting the best tool in some cases. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed crafting tooltips blinking on and off in real-time mode. (Thanks olatuf!)
  • Fixed line of sight passing through blocked terrain. (Thanks Ashery!)
  • Fixed an issue where burning certain containers would result in a new container. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed an issue with magical properties when using the new wisp mechanic. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed liquid containers not being available for the magical “Aptitude” property. (Thanks DerSimmon!)
  • Fixed “Advancing Island Time” not showing a progress bar in multiplayer.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to frequent player connections and disconnections to the server.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to crafting an item and using it within 16 milliseconds of its creation.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to packet data getting corrupted.
  • Fixed occasional errors when closing the game while connected to a multiplayer server.
  • Fixed getting stuck if the server shuts down while a player in on the game over screen.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to players sailing to and from the same island within a single session.
  • Fixed a timed-out interrupt showing up after canceling the “Unable to Join Game” interrupt.
  • Fixed the sleeping/resting/player screens connecting getting “stuck” in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed the game getting stuck at “Finalizing Island” when trying to load a corrupted save.
  • Fixed an inspection error when traveling to another island. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed issues related to ranged attacks in multiplayer dedicated servers.
  • Fixed several items spawning incorrectly on merchants of the wrong island type.
  • Fixed graphical issues when placing tiles underneath doors. (Thanks TheLukeyBoi!)
  • Fixed dryads spawning on water. (Thanks DerSimon!)


  • Increased the chances of getting resources when gathering (at low skill levels) but also increased the skill/tier bonuses required to gather multiple resources in one action.
  • Dismantled item quality will now be impacted greater by the base item’s quality (so exceptional items will now lead to more exceptional items for example).
  • Decreased base merchant spawn rate and limit.
  • Aberrant versions of creatures will now only be able to spawn naturally at double their normal spawning reputation (capped to -64,000).
  • Digging failures will now provide skill gains more commonly.
  • The fishing skill will now provide more effectiveness when attempting to cast in empty water (previously more RNG-based).


  • Fixed the +mod command installing the latest version of the types and messing up the mod.json “waywardVersion” property. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed typing errors when building mods.



  • Fixed “Move to Player” dropdown box not updating when in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed errors after TARS travels to another island when in Survival mode.
  • Fixed TARS getting stuck if it already explored all the surrounding islands when in Survival mode.

Wayward Major Update “Horizons” Released!

Horizons Banner

Twas the day before that Christmas thing, when all through Steam; not a creature was stirring, except for a Wayward release!

We are pleased to announce the release of our 11th major update on Steam entitled “Horizons”. Wayward is also a part of the Steam Winter Sale this year at -20% off:

Take a peek at what you can expect to see in this release:

The preview video only shows a small portion of the features in this release, so if you are brave enough, venture down further to the wall o’ text:

Read more…

Wayward Newsletter #10

Hey all,

Welcome to the 10th Wayward Newsletter where we will be focusing on previews of some of the features coming up in the next major release, beta 2.11, codenamed “Island Hopper” due to one specific feature, island maps!

Island (World) Map

World Map

There is a new “islands” dialog, unlocked when obtaining a sea-worthy vessel, which allows you to travel or inspect nearby islands. One of the biggest features of this release is this new interface and functionality. This is essentially a world map of all the different islands you have explored and are waiting to be explored.

Another addition that works amazing with this new system is that several islands can now be loaded at a time, allowing for quicker travel and allowing players in multiplayer games to be on different islands from each other. This is a game-changer if you ever found yourself stranded when logging back on because other people traveled without you.

The range of travel is based on your (new) seafaring skill.

Volcanic Island

Volcanic Island

Going along with the theme of traveling and seafaring is the new volcanic island. As with all different island types, there are several unique creatures, plants, and features to this island type.


One of those is the new creatures is the hardy pangolin. So hardy in fact that you can make a new set of armor from its unique “armored” scales.

Improved Quickslots & Action System

It wouldn’t be a major update without some quality of life and UI improvements. That’s where these new quickslot/action systems come into play. Here are a couple of entries from the changelog regarding this:

  • Added ability to assign action menu actions to the quickslot bar.

Action Quickslots

  • Added the ability to assign quickslots with tool-based actions (similar to “Carve with Tool” previously from the action menu). Alternatively, you can perform actions here by opening a new menu as well with “Shift + Q or Shift + Right Click”.

Auto Actions

This is still a work-in-progress (as with everything you see here). With this new system, you should be able to do every action with a single keypress instead of two or three in many cases. You also can now move the quickslot container around to any corner/edge of the screen like all the other UI elements. We also threw a few more quickslots in for good measure. Here’s a video showcasing some of this:

Relic Quality

Relic Preview

Relic quality items are very rare drops from treasure chests and aberrant creatures. They have the potential to have more magical properties than even mastercrafted items, but they start with low durability. You’ll have to practice the three R’s to get an amazing item: reinforce, repair, and refine! Happy hunting!

Merchant Villages

Merchant Village

Merchant NPCs also got an overhaul! They will no longer spawn completely randomly when a new island is generated, but rather can spawn near abandoned houses and other pre-generated templates (in addition to player-built bases). They will spawn and restock based on the number of buildings (walls/floors) constructed on an island, and will decrease in odds the further out you are from your starting island, meaning you can indeed now create merchant villages utilizing these new systems.

Vote on New Features!

Feature Voting

This newsletter just teases just a few of the changes coming up. Stay tuned for more! As always, check out the feature voting page to vote on upcoming features, now with a “sort by new” feature added in:

Steam Autumn Sale

Autumn Sale

If you are reading this before December 1st, the Steam Autumn sale is already underway where Wayward is currently -20% off:

Development Branch Updated

Dev Branch

After a long pause on the development branch, as of this week, these changes and more are also now available right now in the development branch if you don’t mind being a guinea pig while we continue working on it and pushing out changes nightly. More information on how to switch branches linked here:

Happy Friday! Stay tuned for more!