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    Not like you probably don’t already get more suggestions than you need, but every game forum should have one anyway ^_^


    Ok to get the ball started:


    Fireflies at night, moving lights. Despawn at dawn. Can capture in a glass jar as a personal light but they die after a very short while. Moving glowworms and angler fish in caves & deep sea cast feeble moving lights. Can catch glowworms in the wild and release them in your chosen cave though they will not stay in one place.

    Magpies, fly over trees and will pick up a random item and fly away (you can chase and kill it to retrieve the item, but can be hard to catch since they can pass over trees rocks etc). Or maybe racoon (little bandits). Eat crops and high flee AI.

    Venus fly trap type plant; doesn’t move but attacks/entangles within a set range. Can spread so you will want to stamp them out if they appear in your area. (fire or clearcut)

    Tame a wolf/bear. Turns on you if you forget to feed it often.  Put on a rope to guard a 3×3 radius area.  Breaks rope if starving/hostile.

    “metal slime” type mob (super low HP & dmg, can kill barehanded, but they dodge 98% of attacks & can burrow or flee.) or a butterfly.

    Oysters with pearls, for jewelrymaking.

    Golden goose. If you leave it alone it randomly/rarely drops golden eggs but if you kill it — nothing.

    Porpoises. Sometimes will chase off sharks. May let the player ride them a ways but may also suddenly submerge expectantly.


    Maybe all animals have a hunger meter — more aggressive when hungry/starving, less aggressive if full (so you can sometimes drop meat to get away). Will seek out your camp if starving, try to raid your supplies.



    Crypts:  randomly the “ruins” will have a cave-type entrance that goes to a dungeon with the same floor/building tilesets as above but a red overcast (perhaps from lava pools) and MUCH harder mobs, for people who want a higher combat challenge.

    Sculpturing (statues from stone  mostly)

    Meditation/yoga rugs (regens stamina once the skill is high enough) * requires high Tailor skill

    Speed bonus on paved playermade roads

    Fish smoker (peat sandstone logs) * requires high Fishing+Stoneworking

    wheelbarrow (half speed unless on paved roads) * Req high Tinker + Woodworking/Blacksmithing

    Scurvy (need to eat lemons to cure)

    flutes from reeds.  Temporarily calms aggressive animals if your skill is high enough. * Requires new CREATIVE skill

    Also, “fat lamps” – requires glassmaking + potterymaking. Iron street laps (req 3 iron bars/glass/shale oil) so you don’t get burned walking into campfires 🙂 Still require relighting. Maybe have a slight larger radius.

    Delirium. Caused by desert heatstroke, food poisoning or swamp fever. Trees appear to be mountains, mountains appear to be water, hostile mobs appear to be rabbits.  Nothing you see is what it appears. Fades away with time/resting.

    Banner: 2 poles + 2 fabrics – plant to set your “home” location. Shows as purple dot on minimap. Can picked up and moved.

    warpstone: 2 amber + (some rare metals/gems) – can consume to warp back to your home banner, 1 use. Good if you get totally hopelessly lost while out exploring 🙂 or maybe on verge of death as an escape token. Must be VERY hard to create so cannot be overused (or a rare drop from a rare boss level mob). its a last ditch item.


    Thanks for the suggestions! While I can’t comment on every one, there’s definitely some I will consider. I modified your account so you can edit as you wish 🙂


    Here’s some personal feedback on skills 

    Lumberjacking:  Good. Once we have saws, boards, log houses, fences, and more Woodworking items, this will be Excellent 🙂

    Mining: Excellent.  higher skill & better tool seems to give increased chances for more advanced materials such as Coal. Talc (needed for Blacksmithing etc)

    Cooking: So-so.  With no fails or material loss,this doesn’t seem a highly useful skill (though it can still be made “fun” which is  just as good even better). Food seems a minor issue after the first early levels, so I think this skill still needs more fun somehow. Maybe later with things like frypans, dairy products, smoked/preserved goods, a “Legendary Fine Meal”  might give some pizzazz to the skill even if only on a roleplay level (to me that’s even better than ‘uber skills’).

    Camping: So-so. I assume you have less frustrating  fails starting fires etc. Maybe a higher camping skill can also make torches last longer? I never used my bedroll after the first day though I like the idea of keeping the bedroll in there and not going direct to “resting” without one. I like the idea of an overnight shelter (leaves, poles, ropelike) that reduces but not eliminates ambushes at night.

    Tinkering: Excellent. Apparently higher skill increased chances for Legendary tools – I made a pretty nice axe: with +4 to Lumjacking.

    Tactical & Parrying : Excellent, saves your life when you have better to-hit and dodge. I had higher levels on an earlier character but currently, once you have iron weapons & gear, these become less important,. However with harder mobs coming down the road, these will become critically important. I have been switching to weaker gear just to give these a chance to raise as otherwise I one-hit everything and get no skill.

    Mycology: Excellent. One of my favorite skills, I am almost worried it is “too good” but nerfing it much could just make it useless. I like setting up “remote outposts” with some mushrooms planted that I can make use of later while exploring.

    Botony: Good. I can see this one becoming Excellent later on when some future content goes in, for now it seems fine. I like planting grass and having a few more things to play with will make this Excellent.

    Throwing: Excellent. I recently started playing with this, once you get a little skill its very nice, was doing +3 on some hits and assume that will continue to rise. Would like to see darts added (arrowhead+pole, or bone) or even javelins.

    Swimming: Excellent. I assume you lose less stamina at higher levels. so its a must for explorer types.

    Archery + Fletching/Bowcraft: Good. I am just starting this due to a lack of feathers but once we have chicken farms and higher quality bows, I can see this becoming a Favorite Skill. Since arrows weigh the same as stones, I hope this gives better damage later than Throwing or it becomes easier just to pelt things with rocks.  Arrows might be a little heavy, not sure.  Kind of an Advanced skill and need to take sare it does not become overpowered.

    Woodworking: Ok. I am assuming future content will make this much better.

    Blacksmithing: Good. I used iron gear on an earlier character but until harder mobs go in, you don;t really need this much except for an iron spear, otherwise you become so overpowered most of the fun is gone. I used iron tools on an earlier character but frankly it’s easier just to make Poor stone tools and replace them more, especially since Repair got nerfed some (which it needed). I am guessing with the chance of Legendary Gear + harder content, this could become Excellent.

    Stonecrafting: Fair. Maybe more important later? You don’t really fail  so it seems mostly useful for raising stats like Strength.

    Leatherworking: Good. I have been using leather armor for its lighter weight, and I might use up some hides trying for Legendary Leather Armor. Seeing that Axe with the +4 to Lumbercraft got me psyched about getting other good gear ^_^

    Fishing:  ??  I need to experiment with this more. Since I live mostly on mushrooms now, I am guessing this will be better as a way of fishing up Curious Items that can only be obtained via fishing. Since it uses almost no stamina, it is a nice activity to switch to when you are too low on stamina for more exerting activities, which is a big plus.

    Cartography: Good.  I wasn’t much into using treasure maps but I can see this as being a favorite for others. Once we have paper & ink (squids from fishing?) , it would be great to be able to make my own maps of areas I have traveled through (maybe you need to stop periodically to refine maps with noise & missing details; I’d rather not see maps auto-generate but instead require some effort & skill from the player. I got lost a lot while exploring so once I can make my own maps this will become Excellent.

    Clay-throwing & Glassblowing: too little applicable content to judge. Made a kiln and glass flasks etc but this is clearly “unfinished content” still.


    I only started with Beta 1.01, so I “missed out” on losing resources on catastrophic fails. I have mixed feelings as I can see why that was overly frustrating but it also reduces the impact of skills overall. Maybe a higher failure rate at lower craftwork skills only because you no longer lose any mats. This makes higher skill more of a reward, similar to how lighting campfires gets easier at higher skill. I think Mining/Lumber/Fishing/etc all have this built in, I am more thinking of the skills like woodworking/stoneworking etc.

    The game is currently fun & addicting but it’s the upcoming content that will really be making this game a real gem. Right now you mostly get a taste of where things are going, which is exciting because you can see so much thought put into little details.  Players still need more “personal projects” to putter with once they have basic food+shelter needs met, I have been making an underground park with grass and trees and sanded paths ^_^ but that chicken ranch you promised  is appealing, esp as I can then work a little more with fletching/archery. Plus sheep for Tailoring and cows for cheese and leather.



    In lieu of a new topic, I’ll ask here. Are cave-ins supposed to be random or do they always happen after a certain point? I found a cave system early on, but every time that I exit the lower entrance, I randomly get teleported some distance away from the entrance. As far as suggestions, how about a Flint? Maybe two pieces of Pig Iron, which could replace one of the other firemaking methods.

    I know that you’re working on Farming, so I have no suggestions towards that. Beyond that, you’ve come a long way and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


    @Brash_Endeavors – Thanks a lot for the in-depth analysis of the skills, this will help me a lot going forward. What would you like to see focused on first?

    – The cave system is majorly bugged in 1.0. It’s getting a major overhaul in 1.1 🙂 Flint is a good idea.


    What would you like to see focused on first?

    Well there is two ways you can go, and most of this is already in your dev map.  One is to increase the replayability of the “early” game by making each runthough a little different, so that each game challenges in unique ways. That’s the whole joy in procedurally generated maps, and much of the attraction of games like Dwarf Fortress and why “losing is fun!”  Additional biomes (your lava & snow) with differences in each of mobs & vegetation & botany would help that increase.  You already have sandstone deserts with oasises,  rocky mountain forests with mushrooms, so just a couple more “environments” and also an option for players who dislike one type of environment, have a means of finding others.   Not all resources should exist in any single biome,  so that players are required to explore. Also multiple ways to get to the same goal of “self-sustainability” (enough food, defense, resources to start experimenting more with intermediate content). And different game events that can happen in the earlier levels (weather etc) so that each time is a different game. This makes DYING more fun and less frustrating because it means you’ll be playing a completely different game each run though.

    The second way is to increase the length of the game with more “sandboxy” intermediate & advanced content, as opposed to the “survival” elements of the early game. What does the player do once they won’t immediately starve or die to bears and have started amassing more plentiful resources.  This is things like exploration (beyond the need to find basic resources), treasure maps, etc. Things that the player can just putter around with for their own enjoyment. This is more diverse from player to player; some want “creative” and some want “discover” and some want “challenge”.  I may want a chicken farm but another player may want danger and challenges like crypts, lava beasts, dragons, more combat & strategy. Glasswork, pottery, new weapons and armor, new “endgame mobs” all are part of this. This is where the “sandbox” part of the game starts expanding so that every player might choose a different “game”.

    I like both more diverse replayability  & sandbox options as both give me an excuse to play more!  Both  are already in your road map so maybe see what other players would like to see more of, as I would be happy with either (but elaborate construction and farming is probably my own preference).

    Third issue I guess is also things like container & inventory management, bug fixes etc, which make the overall game experience more enjoyable for everyone, and especially that make the early game even more addicting for brand new players trying Wayward for the very first time.


    So maybe a poll! 😀


    ** also, -way- down the road  perhaps if you accumulate enough “golden treasure”, the game has a random chance to spawn a dragon who is attracted to its location … and drops scales for dragon armor. Kind of a new “end game” goal to collect treasures for those who think they can beat anything …




    I just thought of something while playing: What about cooking recipes? Now that we have Onion and Pineapple and Coconuts, how about the meat items made with these things? Or finding salt to increase the delay rate of raw/cooked items. Or even just newer food dishes, maybe.


    One suggestion I have is that it would be nice if instead of taking all the items out of a chest when you interact with it, you opened up a second “chest inventory” and could pick and choose what you take out. Sharpened Rocks are in very short supply for me this game (at the moment, see my other post) and making lots of chests (so I can sort the stuff in them) is a little challenging (not to mention that my memory is terrible and I’d have no way of remembering what was in what chest lol).

    Just a little UI tweak that would greatly improve QoL.

    EDIT: OOOHH!!! And maybe a button we could click to sort our inventory alphabetically or something (mostly sort it so all items that are indentical are next to each other).


    There is a button to sort alphabetically, check the “Options” to Sort Inventory: by Name (Personally I think he should also just combine sorting by oldest & newest, to sorting by “age”, since both do basically the same thing). You can also sort by weight or by group-type.

    Container Management  is definitely something he said is coming very soon, allowing us to pick and choose what to take out of containers as well as using containers in inventory to keep that better organized.  So you can carry a bag to keep food in, one to keep tools, archery items, etc. Possibly item stacking as well.


    VERY cool! 😀 Thanks again for your help! 😀


    I would like doors.


    I think doors are coming very soon 😀 many of us are eager for a simple door!

    I would also like (once saw/nails/boards and other construction are in) to be able to build wood platforms over the -deeper- water to form floating bridge-pier-boardwalk-jetty structures that we can use to bridge large islands or even to create our own “waterworld” style sea base.





    Sea base! YES! I dig a sea base!


    Leather and bark armor currently isn’t very useful – it’s really easy to mine fairly safely and go straight for iron. I’d like to see leather armor and iron armor be able to be combined into Plate Armor (leather padding under iron armor). A wooden shield (+2, made from logs), as an upgrade to the bark shield could also be a required component for a tower shield (wood shield + iron shield). More items for the waist (perhaps an Iron Fauld?) would be cool.

    Jewelry crafting for the ring / neck slots would also be fun and allow players to fulfill the treasure requirement without killing; you could add rare gems to mining. (Perhaps even let jewelry be enchanted?)

    A leather slingshot could allow smooth stones to be used like arrows.

    I’d also love to see a “special” boat, similar to the bull boat, but that would take you to a more advanced / difficult realm – ones with tougher monsters, better treasures, and possibly rarer materials to make even more interesting things.

    Add some uses for shale. Allow Shale + Large Rock to make Smooth Rock, or perhaps 5 shale to create a stepping stones tile (similar to cobblestone, but shale-colored). Also, adding marble would be awesome!

    I love the game. Keep up the great work!

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