Beta 2.10.2 Released

Hey there,

We have another batch of fixes ready for ya’ll. We are still working on more improvements, additions, and balance tweaks as well, but our priority will continue to be fixing up any bugs and major issues that get discovered for the next little while. Please keep them coming!

Bonus Tip: Did you know you can inspect items (by default with Shift + Right Click) and hover over certain properties to get more information on what they do?

Inspect Tip

Bonus Promo: Happy Wayward Day! Five years ago today, we made the choice to release Wayward on Steam to garner support and to build our community. At that time, while still a full game, there was limited content and not much point for the progression in the game. Years later, we have thousands of new items, creatures, terrain types, plants, and other objects collectively. We now have an end-game, and tons more replayability, not only because we have since added multiplayer and infinite travel, but have extended the game with custom game support and a challenge mode. Oh ya, and milestone modifiers. Oh ya, and also remember when equipping items didn’t change your character sprite? Oh ya.. and… It’s impossible to list all the changes and additions here, but we have no plans of stopping. Building games with this amount of depth and breadth take time, especially whilst being a hobby project. Stay tuned for more!


  • Setting the “Turn Delay” to 0 will now disable all turning when moving. You can then use shift (by default) to face different directions.
  • Improved the sorting of games in the multiplayer menu so that open games are at the top.
  • Player tooltips will now be visible for players that are connecting to a multiplayer game.
  • The news menu will now have changelog buttons for more version release articles.
  • Notes are no longer shown when running a dedicated server.
  • The in-game changelog can now display preview images for changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed tamed creatures no longer seeking owner’s attackers. (Thanks Zalpha!)
  • Fixed Steam Workshop mods being re-downloaded even when they are already updated, increasing the speed at which mods will refresh.
  • Fixed incompatible Steam Workshop mods not showing up in mods list.
  • Fixed loading outdated or too many mods causing other mods not to load.
  • Potentially fixed a very rare bug with tattered maps that caused them to sometimes not have Xs until the game is reloaded.
  • Fixed crafting item highlights not re-highlighting after crafting items.
  • Fixed the “Steam Workshop” button showing for save exports when not connected to Steam.
  • Fixed quickslots not properly updating protection & damaged status. (Thanks Townfall!)
  • Fixed ground item inspections showing themselves when not nearby.
  • Fixed ground item inspections tripling themselves.
  • Fixed Electron IPC errors caused by console logging into dedicated servers.
  • “Flasks” have been renamed to “retorts” as that is more accurate to their purpose and graphic. (Thanks darkmane!)
  • Fixed items tooltips disappearing and leaving just the “Inspect” section if they had been destroyed. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed trying to create puddles out of bounds.
  • Fixed mousing over one craft after another not highlighting the proper items when the second craft used some of the same items as the first one. (Thanks Skarn!)
  • Fixed performance issues when traveling to or playing in already-visited ice cap islands. (Thanks Vallivanting!)
  • Fixed instances of tooltips not updating when there are changes to old dialogs, such as inventories, crafting, dismantling, and equipment.
  • Fixed some instances of incorrect floor tile-mapping.
  • Fixed fire spreading to lit torches and candles possibly giving them higher than normal decay values.
  • Fixed torches/candles resetting their maximum decay when picked back up among other issues. (Thanks Skarn!)
  • Fixed tooltips flashing/empty boxes when moving the mouse between different in game objects.
  • Fixed the required craft amount showing the wrong count of items.
  • Fixed there not being a “discovered treasure” sprite for maps in the dark theme.
  • Fixed fog of war being reset when rejoining a dedicated server that traveled to a new island. (Thanks LaoTze!)
  • Fixed spawning on the edge of the map if the players travelled to a new map while you were offline or were a brand new character on the game/server. (Thanks CloudedGuardian!)
  • Fixed multiplayer travel votes getting stuck if a player disconnects mid-vote.
  • Fixed no confirmation being shown when travelling on multiplayer games alone. (Thanks Valdig!)
  • Fixed map dialogs staying open after dropping or moving the item.
  • Fixed the quick settings dialog not refreshing options when they are changed from a different place.
  • Fixed the reference system not working for mod registrations. This fixes tooltips on things added from mods.


  • Increased the temperature variance/range within the coastal island types.
  • Decreased the temperature in coastal and ice cap caves.
  • Increased the maximum temperature in the arid island types, including in the caves.
  • Increased chance of spawning void dwellers.


  • Wayward has been upgraded to Electron 12.0.4.


  • "Registry().get()" now supports referencing a single registration inside a bulk registration.



  • Will now restore changed gameplay options when disabled.
  • Will now move faster by disabling turn delay.

Beta 2.10.1 Released

Hey all,

Happy Saturday! Hoping you all are having some fun with the new update. We wanted to address some issues quickly that some players are facing. It’s not everything we want to do or fix up in the short term, but it’s a good start. Stay tuned for more!

Bonus Tip: You can bring up fish out of the water (ones you can’t even see) by casting your line or net in open water. You can increase your chances of this by using bait. Bait items include chopped fish, spider meat, worm meat, or earthworms. The bait will automatically be used from your inventory as your attempt to fish.


  • Added a new random quest requirement to challenge mode — discover buried treasures. You will spawn with treasure maps.


Dismantle Preview

  • Added the amount of items you have out of how many you need in the dismantling tooltip.
  • Polished the look of status effect tooltips.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the dismantle tooltip’s label being duplicated numerous times after dismantling an item.
  • Automatically fallback to WebGL1 if WebGL2 fails to compile shaders, which potentially fixes issues where some players were getting black screens while playing.
  • Fixed "{ARTICLE:exceptional specimen}" showing in the Notes dialog. (Thanks William!)
  • Fixed occasional “You cannot do that yet!” messages when moving while a map dialog is opened.
  • Fixed the items that would be used in dismantling not being highlighted.
  • Fixed tooltip flashing/layout shifting when turns/ticks pass.
  • Fixed rare desyncs for some actions that damaged items.
  • Fixed tattered map desyncs.
  • Fixed issues when loading the same mod locally and through the Steam Workshop.
  • Fixed the news menu showing duplicate “event” articles. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed quick settings tooltips being on the right rather than based on the mouse position.
  • Fixed some instances of tooltip text displaying strangely, for tooltips that appear on the left side of your mouse.
  • Fixed not being able to use buttons on disabled mods.
  • Fixed new unlock highlights only showing in Challenge mode, the one place where they should not have shown.
  • Fixed a context menu showing when you dismiss multiple pinned notes at once. (Thanks Gra!)


  • Decreased magic chance on non-exceptional items and increased chance on exceptional items slightly.


Debug Tools

  • Fixed performance issues after sleeping. (Thanks Primed_ape!)

Wayward Major Update “Seafarer+” Released!

News Banner

It’s that time again! Time for a major Wayward update to be released into the wild. And into the wild, you shall go. A harsher wild this time around, one where you are not only surviving your bodily needs, but now also surviving the elements with the introduction of temperature in this update. Temperature is only a taste of what is to come as this update is one of the biggest ones we have ever released. A few notable changes include:

  • Added a new temperature system, along with three temperature-related status effects, a new “insulation” property for equipment and containers, and more!
  • Added a new “Mastercrafted” item quality, only obtained through high-skill and efficacy crafting.
  • Treasure hunting has been completely redesigned.
  • Added tin ore, a lightweight but very soft and low durability metal that can be used in blunt-only weaponry, tools, armor, or mixed with copper to create bronze.
  • Added the powerful bronze metal, an alloy crafted with copper and tin and to be used in late-game weaponry, tools and armor. Iron can still outclass bronze in certain regards relating to blunt resistances and blunt-based tools.
  • Added tool use properties/values (and quality bonuses) for reinforce, start fire, repair, carve, dig, gather, rest, and more. Learn more about this by inspecting items to see their action information.
  • Magical item properties (previously called legendaries) are no longer tied to a certain quality and can exist on multiple quality types now and are no longer restricted to a single property per item.
  • Added lots of new content to ice cap biomes including new wall/floor types (ice/snow), items, equipment, creatures, plants, and more!
  • Added multiple new creatures, some with unique mechanics and items.
  • Added in attack animations for each damage type.

To help celebrate the release, Wayward is -20% off for the next 7 days.

Less talk, more video:

The original plan with this release was to further what we brought forth with the original “Seafarer” update, but to include even more of our lofty goals and deep systems to improve the “feeling” of these new island types. Those island types being of the new ice cap and arid biomes, now each with their own set of temperature challenges. Even with everything here, we still have more we want to do. So stay tuned!

On with the gigantic changelog:

Read more…

Wayward Newsletter #9

Hey all,

While we are still working away on beta 2.10, “Seafarer+”, our next major release, I thought I would share a bit of what we are working on while new players enjoy the deal going on right now of -25% off Wayward on Steam for the next few days. Enjoy!

Item Qualities, Magical Properties, and Mastercrafted items

There is a new item quality system implemented which reduces some of the confusion in the previous system in terms of colors and naming, which have both been redone. This new system decouples the old legendary item system that only allowed for a single magical property to be included on legendary quality items. Now, any item can have magical properties, and sometimes even multiple properties. The amount is still tied to the item’s quality, but no longer specifically tied to legendary items, which have now been renamed to “exceptional”.

Item Qualities

There is, however; a new maximum tier quality, called “Mastercrafted”; only possible to obtain through high efficacy crafting with decent skills. These items are super durable, have a huge impact on skills/actions used by them, and can feature up to four magical properties per item.

Mastercrafted Helmet

Mastercrafted Chest

Treasure Hunting & Maps

Treasure hunting and maps have had a complete overhaul. The mapping system now looks a lot more thematic and hand-drawn, improving the aesthetic substantially. The treasure maps can also be reversed and rotated, increasing their difficulty and improving the gameplay portion of finding the locations. We plan to improve this new gameplay feature by expanding the treasure hunting system to include riddles and hints as well. Oh ya, and there’s even a chance a map can feature more than one treasure now! Preview this new system in the video below.

Maps will now fade and deteriorate like before, but now look a whole lot spiffier when doing so.

Tattered Map Durability

Action Tiers & Item Inspection

As hinted at above, items will now vary in effectiveness when used in certain actions or skills. For example, a fishing net will be better at catching fish than a fishing pole (among other benefits). This effect is furthered by the item quality as well. Here’s a look at this system including a sneak peek at the new item inspection mode which will reveal even more information on each item.

Item Inspect Tooltip

Item Inspect Tooltip

Item Inspect Tooltip

Animations & Notifiers

We have teased the new attack animations a bit, but there is also a bunch of new notifiers available; those icons that pop-up over your character, that now show over creatures in certain instances as well.

Every attack damage type has a unique animation, including traps that animate over the creature or player. Ranged items like throwing, slings, and bows will now animate the ammunition along its trajectory. There are new pop-up notifiers showing creatures becoming tame or untamed, status effects to your player (like getting poisoned or burned), items close to breaking or destroyed when crafting or on use, water ready to drink on water stills, and more!

The purpose of all this is to provide more visual feedback to the player without the need for reading through your messages with each action. This video showcases most of these new additions.

Tin and Bronze

What’s the point of copper without bronze? Well, with the addition of tin, bronze is now obtainable! This new maximum tier metal is better than iron in most ways; however, has less durability and is a lower tier in some specific cases; so both materials still have their individual uses. Tin will now take all the hate from copper going forward!

New Armor

Melting & Temperature

We already talked a bit about the new temperature system in our last newsletter, but we are furthering this system by allowing things to melt or decay faster or slower depending on the temperature. For example, snow tiles too close to raging fires, or raw meat in a hot backpack.

This example video is a sped up a bit just so you can see tiles melting and turning into puddles. If there is enough water on a tile, it will convert itself to a pool of shallow water. We also see at the beginning that apples decay slower while in the colder climate of the ice cap, and even slower while in a chest.

New Timeline

We bite off a bit more than we could chew here with everything, and as a result, we will be delaying this release a bit until we get everything polished. It will be no doubt one of our biggest single releases to date. That being said, if you are interested in any of the above, all of  it is playable and more in the development branch and we are already gathering feedback from players as we make the changes.

Stay tuned for more!

Beta 2.9.6 Released

So, with a bit of delay, this should be in fact be the last minor patch in the 2.9.x series of releases.

On to bigger (and better) things! As previously mentioned, we are taking another stab at this whole Seafaring thing and improving multiple aspects of it for the next major release. You can read more about it in our latest newsletter:

Stay tuned for more news!

Bonus Promo

Struggling to get started in Wayward? Check out SirKenithan’s new guide, aptly named “SirKenithan’s guide to starting out in Wayward.” here:

Still struggling? Check out Puffletops’ collection of guides complete with plenty of pictures available from this post on our subreddit:

Bonus Tip

If a weapon has multiple damage types, it will use both of them on each hit. Each value in a resistance will reduce the damage by one, and each vulnerability will increase it by one. As an example:

You hit a scorpion with a wooden sword that deals 3 blunt/piercing damage. Scorpions have a resistance of 1 against piercing and a vulnerability of 2 against blunt with a base defense of 2. The scorpion would take 2 damage (3 – 2 – 1 + 2) in this scenario when other factors like skills are not applied.

You can read more about attacking and damage in the new help article available in-game.


  • Added an attacking & damage help article, explaining how to attack and how the damage system works.
  • Added a launch option to force the use of a discrete GPU and defaulted it to on (may only effect macOS currently).


  • Protected items are now protected from disassembling, throwing, and dropping in destructive ways.
  • Solar stills will now automatically refill their water source when built on top of shallow water.
  • Map decoding messages will now reveal if the treasure is below ground when close.
  • Enchanting no longer re-rolls skills or stat types.
  • The “Best for Crafting…” sort options are now combined into one, making it a good default active sort to use along with the new “Protect” item feature when crafting.
  • There are now two new difficulties when going past the normal limits.
  • Going under the -64,000 reputation limit will now cause only aberrant creatures to spawn.
  • Reputation logging messages are now color-coded and easier to understand.
  • The illumination legendary type number will now be tied more accurately to its base value and will provide a bigger bonus. (Thanks inquisitiveToast!)
  • The multitasker milestone now checks for previously gained skills (for older save games, milestone resets, imported save games, etc.).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed saved custom game options on high-scores including effects applied by milestone modifiers, causing the replay button to double-up milestone modifier effects. (Thanks Zalpha!)
  • Fixed a smother fire exploit that lead to allowing players to plant fertile soil under already grown plants. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed the highscore “replay” button not auto-selecting the same milestone modifiers.
  • Fixed attacks causing delay in real-time mode (in singleplayer games). (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed giant spiders, chickens, and some other creatures accepting all bait types (including raw chopped fish) instead of just insects.
  • Fixed rare multiplayer packet processing errors when traveling to other islands.
  • Fixed being able to jump in a boat… really? (Thanks SirKenithan!)
  • Fixed milestone modifier effects from the initial playthrough of a game not being deterministic against replaying the game (via highscores.)
  • Fixed tooltips sometimes not returning after a screen hides.
  • Fixed the “See More” message in tooltips and more information not showing in certain instances. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed cooked fish kebabs having incorrect weight values in some instances.
  • Fixed hotkeys not working in the actions menu after changing directions. (Thanks Kenithan!)
  • Removed the ability for items that can’t be sold to have the “Worth” legendary type.
  • Fixed the hoarding legendary value being shown in the wrong area on torches and candles.
  • Fixed lit tallow torches having the “Lit Candle” grouping instead of lit tallow candles.
  • Fixed the “pour” action missing on some containers of medicinal water. (Thanks DragonOvLeaves!)
  • Fixed dismantle actions working on protected items when using quickslots/item menu. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Removed medicinal item tiers as they were not used. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed winterberries changing into rotting vegetation without decay. (Thanks DragonOvLeaves!)
  • Fixed a slight memory leak due to help article menus.
  • Fixed dialogs not losing focus when interacting with the game screen.


  • You will no longer parry blows without having both hands equipped. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Black powder is no longer reinforcable.



  • Fixed attempting to gather/harvest plants when tamed creatures were on top of them.
  • Fixed errors when attempting to reinforce armor in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a sequence that caused TARS to gather water from a well and pour it out repeatedly.
  • Disabled writing TARS logs to log files.
  • Fixed getting stuck staring at traders.
  • Fixed being unable to certain repair items if the anvil was not placed next to a kiln.
  • Now knows that rocks exist under snowy rocks/mountains.
  • Fixed TARS dropping boats after sailing on occasion due to weight.
  • Fixed not being able to pick-up walls when stuck behind them.
  • Fixed TARS being able to walk into caves (without knowing how to get back up).

Wayward Newsletter #8

Hey everybody! No patch this weekend, but we have a newsletter for you instead while we finish up the next patch. More on that below.

Week Long Deal

There’s still a day or so to get Wayward for -10% off on Steam! The offer (and week) ends September 21st.

Beta 2.9.x

While our latest update (beta 2.9.5) wasn’t too crazy exciting relatively speaking; it was a culmination of a couple of weeks of work while I was moving houses, and mostly done by the other team members. The next update (beta 2.9.6) we have in the queue is much of the same while I get settled in. Expect to see more bug fixes, balance tweaks, and general improvements including the advancement of the crafting sorting features:

The “Best for Crafting…” sort options are now combined into one, making it a good default active sort to use along with the new “Protect” item feature when crafting for the best results.

This special sort takes into account quality, tiers, weight (lower the better), and durability of items and attempts to weigh them against each other to find the very best items for crafting.

Best for Crafting Sort Option

Item protection will also be getting an upgrade:

Protected items are now protected from disassembling, throwing, and dropping in destructive ways.

Expect to see these and more coming up in the next week or so. Much more exciting is the work we are doing on beta 2.10.0, our next major release which we entitled, “Seafarer+”.


Our next update, as previously revealed will focus on the advancement of the traveling and island biome systems.

This major update will be a collection of everything we couldn’t fit in for the last update. More content and unique scenarios for the different biomes, temperature, and world mapping are some things on the docket this time around.

Here’s a preview of some island art that will be showcased on the world mapping screen:

Island Art

There’s still a lot up in the air with temperature (haha), but here’s a preview that may or may not be at all accurate in the released version:

Overheating Preview

Temperature will be introduced as at least two new status effects, “Overheating” and “Freezing”, leading to negative consequences and longer-lasting status effects (“Heatstroke”, “Frostbite”) if left unchecked. Many things will affect your body temperature including equipment, the tile you are standing on (or around), the biome type, fires/doodads, creatures, day/night, and more! There will be many ways to control being too hot and too cold with items as well such as with eating and drinking hot/cold things.

Oh ya, and take a gander at some upcoming modding changes, allowing you to create a mod page right in the game:

Mod `` files can now be viewed in-game.

Debug Tools Readme

Video Showcase

If you didn’t already watch it, Splattercat made another video on Wayward for this new update and new year:

We’re always super appreciative when he does a new video as it has become a huge source of new players discovering or rediscovering the game!

Mod Showcase

Special shoutout to slayerjerman who has been working a lot on graphical and music mods for Wayward, replacing our art and music with likes of that from Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda. Here’s the full list of all mods released so far by slayerjerman:

A few screenshots from these:

Character Pack Mod

DragonQuest Tiles Mod

Zelda Tiles Mod

While they don’t replace everything at the moment (that’s a monumental task), it’s quite interesting to see how other art styles and game art look in a Wayward context.

Modding Update Guide

Speaking of modding, check out the recently released modding update guide video I produced for those of you that need some help updating a mod. It doesn’t even need to be your own mod!

Feature Voting

Although our feature set is fairly predetermined for the next major, we’ll always refer to our voting results for new upcoming features. We’ve recently updated and added some new options for upcoming releases. Make sure to get your voice heard here:

Frequently Answered Questions

As much as I like answering all the questions we get on the forums and our Discord, a lot of the times these answers are found on our FAQ page. Check it out and let me know if I am missing anything. It’s also a great way to learn more about the game and its development.

Stay tuned!

Beta 2.9.5 Released

We’re back this weekend with another minor patch! Apologies on the delay for this one. Things are finally settling down for me again after a recent move.

This week we have a bunch of bug fixes as per normal as well as some general improvements, many of which are community-submitted from our Discord and on the Steam forums.

Bonus Tip

Not all resources can be found on the starting coastal island. Many resources, creatures, and plants are unique to each island type or are more commonly found in certain biomes. For example, although clay can be found near swamps and in caves near water on the starting coastal islands, it’s much easier to be found all over the arid island type including under all desert sand. Iron is most abundant in ice cap islands as another example.

Bonus Promotion

SplatterCatGaming once again graces our community’s presence with a brand new Wayward video!


  • The server browser now shows current island details (biome type and x/y).
  • Added full support for loading dedicated server saves and backups as a non-dedicated server or game and vice versa.
  • Lower decay items will now be sorted at the front or back instead of in the middle when sorting by decay.
  • Sorts are no longer sorted by their inverse when switching to a new type of sort.
  • Increased tick time limit to 2333ms max.
  • The /commands command will now only show commands you can perform. Command.
  • Added a confirmation for when attempting to drop a container with item(s) into deep water or the void.
  • You can no longer dig entrances into the void.
  • Improved the display of the about menu when using an interface scale less than 1.
  • Improved the display of the highscore menu when using an interface scale less than 1.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed challenge quest creatures spawning in inappropriate scenarios (like fishing them up). (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed a message bug when boarding a second boat while already on a boat. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed not being able to protect items in chests. (Thanks Luxodjen!)
  • Fixed refining being able to reduce featherweight items past 0.1 weight. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed tree bark and tail feathers being able to be dismantled into items with more minimum weight. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed refining, enchanting, and transmogrifying certain items not using the proper skills. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed a few issues related to UI input and events when saving and re-loading a game, such as one which caused screenshot mode to only work for some of the UI. (Hotfixed)
  • Fixed creatures being able to walk on the void. (Thanks [SOA] Slade Wilson!)
  • Fixed attempting to paddle on top of creatures, doodads, and more allowing you to use a boat on land. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed spending a turn when attempting to use a boat outside of water.
  • Fixed equipping the torch twice in challenge mode with eternal night challenge enabled. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed MORE instances of players in multiplayer games rejoining as new characters if the game was ever closed without a save (due to crashes or incorrect server shutdowns).
  • Fixed dropping containers into water moving contained items into player’s inventories.
  • Fixed performing commands that you did not have access to not showing any message/output.
  • Fixed challenge modifiers changing in Challenge Mode when traveling to a new island. (Thanks cloudcover!)
  • Fixed milestone modifiers that added percentages to all skills producing a blank skill type. (Thanks bored_o_mir!)
  • Fixed not being able to travel to another island if all other players left and you had a vote timeout. (Thanks Ardy!)
  • Fixed loading really old saves causing fog of war to be reset.
  • Fixed item notifications no longer showing after sailing to civilization and returning to the island.
  • Fixed some trypos. (Thanks Ursa!) (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed some language being cached incorrectly, causing some values to keep displaying the same, even as they are changing internally. (Hotfixed)


  • Tamed monsters no longer break doodads (walls, chests, etc.).
  • Crafted items can now be reinforced higher than found/looted items (if they can be crafted).
  • You can no longer disassemble candles.


  • Internal texture sizes are now automatically expanded to support mods with a large number of sprites. (Thanks slayerjerman!)
  • Fixed typing for global renderer variable.
  • You can now use @Mod.instance(), @Mod.log(), @Mod.saveData(), and @Mod.globalData() without a name argument on mod classes.


  • When loading Wayward using a custom resource directory, the game will now show the version appended with “(Custom)”.



  • Learned how to use boats.
  • Will no longer run away from creatures only to end up drowning.
  • No longer kills itself by drinking unpurified water while at low health.
  • Fixed sometimes sleeping to death when trying to traverse large bodies of water.
  • Will now keep additional food in its inventory instead of moving them into chests.
  • Fixed TARS not pathing past NPCs.
  • Will now look for better tools after obtaining better weapons and armor.
  • Learned how to live on Arid islands.
  • Learned how to live on Ice Cap islands.
  • Now travels to other islands after expending the current island’s resources.


  • Fixed tall doodads not rendering correctly. (Thanks ______!)

Debug Tools

  • Fixed sail to civilization not working.
  • Fixed the “Tamed” checkbox not updating when viewing subsequent creatures.

Beta 2.9.4 Released

A new weekend, a new set of changes! This time around we have a pretty substantial set of changes for balance as well as a brand new item protection feature ready for everybody to check out.


You can hover over items and use “P” or right-click them and select the “Protect” option to protect items. Protected items will not be used in crafting, dismantling, or auto-carving (from the action menu), so you never have to worry about crafts breaking your prized axe anymore!

Bonus Tip

There are more differences between resting and sleeping than just being able to cancel out of rest. While you rest or sleep, your hunger and thirst rate is reduced and your stamina and health are regenerated. But these effects are stronger when sleeping. You can only ever rest until you have full stamina, whereas with sleeping, you will sleep for as long as you aren’t interrupted among many other factors including your camping skill and whether you are around a fire source.

There’s a lot more to this and is explained in full detail within the help menu located in-game by pressing the “?” icon in the top menu bar or by pressing “/” by default.

Bonus Promotion

Check out our newly updated voting page for helping us prioritize upcoming features. Not everything is listed here of course, but most of the major things are.

Let me know if something is missing!


  • Added a new selectable “Protected” item feature instead of only being able to apply it to equipped/quickslotted items. You can hover over items and use “P” or right-click them and select the “Protect” option to protect items.


  • Reduced the amount of delay after swapping positions or being blocked by creatures.
  • “Carve with Tool” action will no longer use “Protected” items.
  • Item tooltips are now updated as changes are made to the item.
  • The sort menu for crafting/inventory dialogs is now ordered based on frequently used selections and shows which is the default in each case.
  • Quality is no longer included when sorting by name (except in the cases of legendary types).
  • Spruce cones can now be used for stoking fires.
  • Removed delay from some actions that did not require it and added it for those that required it to fix quickslot usage issues.
  • Removed “Protected Crafting Items” and “Protect Crafting Items for Containers” in favor of the new individual item protection system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sorting by name doing a reverse sort and the reverse sort doing a normal sort.
  • Fixed multiple multiplayer desyncs related to owners of tamed creatures disconnecting.
  • Fixed a glitched item highlighting feature when hovering over boosted skills (from legendary effects) in your skills dialog. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed a multiplayer desync that occurred when players attempted to rejoin the server if they previously left while sleeping/resting.
  • Fixed an error when updating the mod.json file of a mod after publishing, and added a new, more correct & useful warning for if a situation like this happens again.
  • Fixed being able to join the server as a local game if in the process of connecting the server shut down.
  • Fixed “Navigator” milestone triggering incorrectly. (Thanks Lardi!)
  • Fixed an oversight that made it so tiered treasure chests did not have ever-increasing item quality chances. (Thanks Franck!)


  • Increased the health and damage of many mid-tier creatures.
  • Reduced damage blocked by parrying slightly.
  • Low tier treasure chests will now only provide copper-based tools, armor, and weapons. High tier treasure chests will provide wrought-iron drops instead of iron.
  • Treasure chests that are lockpicked will now be damaged, reducing usability when disassembling.


  • Added support for mods that are bigger than 100MB.
  • Improved performance of uploading/downloading workshop files.
  • Modded status effect renderers can now cancel base-game layer rendering. (Thanks Saervok!)
  • Added support for skipping walk to tile’s blocked tile check.
  • Leftover Steam Cloud files are now cleaned up after publishing mods.


  • Crafts are now defaulted to sort by discovered time due to performance concerns.
  • Improved the performance of sorting, filtering, and updates to the inventory and crafting dialogs.
  • Upgraded Wayward to TypeScript 4.



  • No longer gets stuck when attempting to travel past open fire.
  • Fixed TARS sometimes getting stuck when trying to carve a corpse if it doesn’t have an item that can carve.
  • Will prefer rocks over rock ground when looking for a sharp rock.
  • Protects swords from being used when dismantling.
  • No longer thinks the world is round.
  • Won’t try to dig under chests anymore.
  • Will now reinforce good equipment when its durability gets low.
  • Fixed getting stuck if an NPC walked in its way.
  • Fixed loop of taking and removing items from chests when near max weight.

Beta 2.9.3 Released

Some more bugs bite the dust in beta 2.9.3. We have also refined the modding workflow and improved a few areas of the game including performance. Take a gander at what we tweaked and fixed this week with the changelog below.

Also, for any TARS fans out there, check out that beefy list of changes!

Bonus Tip

What’s better than getting headbutted by a goat? Well, a lot of things, including taming them and letting them produce milk for you. Goats can easily be tamed with leaves (by offering them, or by leaving them on the ground). You can attempt to “Gather Milk” with any liquid container when facing the goat. Make sure to keep taming it so it can produce more and more milk over time. Petting goats will also help them produce milk faster.

Bonus Promotion

Wondering where most of these bugs are being uncovered at? Our Discord of course! We have a great Discord community full of theory-crafting, bug hunting, and general fawning over upcoming features.

Have an old mod you need to update? Not sure where to start? I did a modding update guide video with an example mod to perhaps help you out with that:


  • Added a /backup chat command for dedicated servers.


  • Improved the accuracy of the anatomy-based “mostly uninjured” message by adding a case for full health creatures/players/NPCs. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • The save game button is now hidden for clients in multiplayer games.
  • Removed “Reputation” messages from the “Chat” message filter by default.
  • Removed vagueness in wording for enchant/transmogrify actions. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Player “turns” now start as 1 instead of 0.
  • Added a new “Events” message filter type and added several messages that were not categorized/miscategorized before.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed traveling to the west and east always producing the same island.
  • Fixed errors and desyncs related to fish and other creatures moving at the edge of the world.
  • Fixed auto save options only appearing in quick settings (and removed it from there as well). (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed clients in multiplayer games not receiving credit for Navigator and Helmsman milestones.
  • Fixed dedicated servers not saving fog of war of players when running in console mode.
  • Fixed creatures being forced to spawn over tiles they shouldn’t when gathering treasure. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed updating binds not showing on quickslots until a restart.
  • Prevented new players that join non-pvp dedicated servers that switched islands from spawning at the edge of the map.
  • Fixed renamed items reverting when canceling a rename action. (Thanks Azhukar!)
  • Fixed weight not being updated when attempting to paddle when a boat was placed within a container.
  • Fixed penguins providing an incorrect reputation amount when killing them. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed instances of players in multiplayer games rejoining as new characters if the game was ever closed without a save (due to crashes or incorrect server shutdowns).
  • Fixed walk to tile failing if a tamed creature is in the way but cannot be swapped.
  • Fixed containers staying open when they were dropped into the void or deep water.
  • Fixed mods breaking with “!” in the game’s path. (Thanks Cth!)
  • Removed the “You see a fire spread uncontrollably.” message from the “Reputation” message filter. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed sailboats not warning about breakage on use.
  • Fixed eating aloe vera leaves also “applying” them, curing the burned status effect. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed saved opened containers not showing their name or calculating their weight.
  • Fixed some tiepos. (Thanks Ursa!)


  • Increased the amount of glue/resin required to fully reinforce normal quality items, while reducing the amount required as quality increases (was previously the reverse of these rules).


  • Fixed mod publishing erroring when publishing a mod with comments in its mod.json file.
  • Fixed the wayward +mod update command not updating the waywardVersion property in the mod.json file.
  • Fixed JSON comments not being supported with wayward +mod command.


  • Improved performance when dismantling, disassembling, and many other item interactions. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • The launch_options.json file can now have comments.



  • Fixed getting stuck by a tree if there was a corpse on top of it.
  • Will no longer try to repair kindling items.
  • Will now disable right hand when it’s a shield. The left hand equip will try to be the appropriate damage type against the nearest creature.
  • Fixed failing to run away from creatures when at low health.
  • Will destroy trees more often if they are in the way of quicker pathing.
  • Fixed harvestable trees being ignored when searching for items.
  • Added the ability to create and use multiple water containers.
  • Will attempt to carry multiple kindling items in the inventory to start fires easier.
  • TARS will maintain a tidy base by moving items that are on the ground into chests after it obtains a leather armor set.
  • Will carry food, water, and a bandage with it before attempting to upgrade weapons and armor past leather.
  • Will no longer get stuck attempting to move to the same targets over and over.
  • Now always uses a knife when a recipe requires a sharpened to stop ruining swords!
  • Will no longer be scared of sharks when wearing decent equipment.
  • Will leave extra items at the base before moving far away.
  • No longer attempts to run away from targets that do not move, getting stuck.
  • Fixed TARS sometimes trying to dig/carve when it can’t.
  • Will prioritize crafting items when all the requirements are within inventory (stops filling inventory up before crafting).
  • Will craft items that require a furnace/anvil more reliably (hopefully).
  • Will now return to drop off items at base once it’s carrying too much.
  • Added the ability to create and use multiple water stills.

Beta 2.9.2 Released

Another weekend, another release! So, it turns out there was more issues to fix up. Quite a bit more in fact. Thanks for all the reports! Keep them coming if you find any new issues.

There’s a few new feature and improvements thrown in for good measure too. Enjoy!

Bonus Tip

For an alternative water source, you can build wells. These wells produce water based on where they are built. The rate of water corresponds directly with where they are built in relation to the cave system below them. Build them over impassable terrain like rocks in the caves and they will slowly trickle in groundwater. Build them over underground lakes and water sources and you will get an unlimited source of water. Build them over dirt, gravel, or other passable terrain and they will not produce any water. If you have a cave entrance nearby, you can count the steps or tiles to judge where to build it above ground.

Bonus Promotion

Check out our Twitter for keeping up-to-date on everything Wayward. We tend to post smaller updates and news pieces there that are too small for a Steam news post.


  • Added a new “Drop on Dismantle” option.
  • Added a new note for hunger/starvation.


  • Containers now re-open when reloading a game or traveling.
  • Items crafted now properly checks your inventory and containers within your inventory in order, instead of checking sub-containers last. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Clicking the clear/exit button in filters now removes focus from the filter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash involving the skills dialog. (Thanks Levvy!)
  • Fixed cases where extinguished lit doodads (like furnaces, campfires, etc.) could decay and become destroyed. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed an issue where inputs could become “stuck” on after typing in the crafting/inventory filters. (Thanks Jiamil!)
  • Fixed creatures being able to walk over NPCs.
  • Fixed treasure being able to spawn in void in cave layers. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed macro bindings being lost on reload.
  • Fixed the wrong terrain type being set when placing down tiles in the “Ice Cap” region. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed world tooltips not working after dragging and dropping an item to the game screen. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed duplicate messages showing up when rejoining multiplayer games.
  • Fixed needing to use the “Show More Information” bind once after changing the “Always Show More Information” option. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed render depth/order not working correctly at certain positions on the map. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed macro input being doubled up and reset at the wrong times, causing double click to sometimes not work on items. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed join server retry button not always working correctly.
  • Fixed multiplayer clients sometimes displaying messages for other players.
  • Fixed save interrupts not always showing.
  • Fixed permanently burning not reducing player health in the challenge mode at certain health/strength values.
  • Fixed some status effects not properly affecting regeneration/reduction of stats.
  • Fixed “Worth” item value dropping unexpectedly due to reinforcement/durability calculations. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed damage notifiers moving sporadically after killing creatures while moving.
  • Fixed ash appearing over rock/impassible terrain. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed the permanently poisoned challenge modifier reducing player strength/health to very low values.
  • Fixed the “Operator” milestone not being obtainable. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Display the correct message when gathering/harvesting if the “Drop on Gather/Harvest” option was enabled but the tile beneath you was full.
  • Fixed stats not showing properly after loading a save game that uses milestone modifiers until one turn has passed.
  • Fixed dedicated servers timing out (and not reconnecting to matchmaking server) after traveling on lower-end hardware.
  • Fixed milestone modifiers not applying after travel. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed the “Explorer” milestone being unobtainable. (Thanks Oragepoilu!)
  • Fixed closing the action menu with a click off of the menu not showing tooltips afterward in certain instances. (Thanks AxelDominatoR!)
  • Fixed quickslots changing item types when using items that turned into others.
  • Fixed solar stills being referred to as water stills in some cases. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed several cases of capitalization issues in notes. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixeded some typos. (Thanks riftborn!) (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed incorrect upgrade check on saves, leading to very large saves after repeated loads. (Thanks Amax!) (Hotfixed)
  • Fixed multiple multiplayer desyncs related to merchants, wells, and creature movement/offering. (Hotfixed)
  • Fixed the backup command not backing up if backups weren’t enabled. (Hotfixed)


  • Permanent status effect challenges will no longer modify player strength/health or give additional healing items. They are balanced through their effect rates now.
  • Made stoke values for items consistent. (Thanks !)


  • Comments are now supported in mod JSON files (mod.json, language files, etc), using Microsoft’s jsonc-parser module. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed modded items with undefined weight causing your weight to show as NaN.
  • Fixed status effect icon paths not being relative to mod directory.


  • In-game messages are now once again logged to the console & log files.
  • Fixed source map warnings showing in developer console.



  • Lava will no longer count as a valid tile to spawn on. (Thanks Amax!)


  • Added a new item group to all troposphere items and added additional groups to all items that matched ones from the base game.
  • Snowflakes can now be used as “liquid” items or used for drinking and can be found via storm stones or boulders rarely.

Debug Tools

  • Added /DebugToolsPermission chat command. This lets dedicated servers enable debug tools for players.


  • Will no longer kill itself while resting repeatedly in multiplayer or real-time games when hungry.
  • Will no longer eat grass seeds.
  • Fixed TARS not always functioning correctly after respawning if permadeath was disabled.
  • Fixed more water still issues.
  • Fixed issues with gathering water.
  • Fixed TARS sometimes getting stuck in infinite loops when trying to acquire items.
  • Will now attempt to only move items TARS needs into its inventory when gathering and dismantling items.
  • Fixed being unable to repair copper items.