Beta 2.10.8 Released

Today we are releasing what is most likely the last minor patch in the 2.10.x series. We have been working on this release while also working on our next major update to the game, which is why this took a bit longer to get out. We thought it might be better if we do the last minor releases like this going forward so there’s less of a gap in between releases. There’s plenty of quality of life improvements here and some substantial balance changes among all the bug fixes.

Enjoy! Let us know if you run into any issues. There will be more news to share on beta 2.11.0 coming soon!

Bonus Promo: Come hang out on the Discord! Although we have a smaller community, it’s still the most active spot for Wayward discussion, especially in periods of less activity like this.

Bonus Tip: If you are attempting to kill a creature and melee attacking isn’t working out for you, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”, or probably giant rat in this case. Here are a few other options:

1. Use traps. Setting down multiple traps and guiding the creatures into them will keep you safe from damage while dealing it to them instead. The damage and success are based on your “Trapping” skill.
2. Craft or find better armor and gear. Mitigate as much damage to yourself while dealing as much damage as possible to your foes.
3. Used ranged weapons or throwing. Slings, bows, spears. All can be used to deal damage while at a distance. The damage and accuracy are based on your “Tactics” or “Throwing” skills.
4. Tame other creatures and have them fight for you! If you have tamed creatures, they will protect their master as long as they are content.


  • Added an option to disable UI opacity (for better performance).


  • Protected items no longer get automatically set as a quickslot item (so repetitive actions can now be done). (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Creatures will eventually stop attacking other creatures in the case that they are not dealing damage or healing them.
  • Glaciers will no longer be referred to as “stone walls” or “cliffs” in treasure map riddles. (Thanks TheLukeyBoi!)
  • Added “repair”, “copy map”, and “read map” as valid actions for the “Operator” milestone.
  • Creatures that cannot be tamed normally but will accept items will now reveal as such in messages.
  • Creatures will no longer attempt to move out of fire if they were immune to it.
  • There are now audiovisual cues when players or creatures are healing other creatures with their attacks in the case they are already at full health.
  • Plants that die will now drop their resources.
  • Removed snow/ice items from merchant NPCs in biomes that were not suitable.
  • Puddles and blood will no longer block planting seeds and will be cleared after being planted.
  • A message is now shown when the game fails to load save data.
  • Added more random events related to plants.
  • Boglings can no longer create swamp over cave entrances. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Lava beetles can no longer spawn lava on top of lava or cave entrances.
  • Glassblowing will now use kilns instead of furnaces.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed efficacy percentages returning the wrong values depending on the order of items. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed moving items between quickslots no longer allowing you to set default actions on it in multiplayer games and causing other issues.
  • Fixed shift-clicking to move items across containers sometimes focusing on the item filter.
  • Fixed an issue where random events that happen to plants could only happen if they were on fertile soil (or were fertilized in some other way). (Thanks Ursa!) (Thanks Azhukar!)
  • Fixed magical items not working correctly after upgrading them. (Thanks TheLukeyBoi!)
  • Fixed Steam Workshop mods not being loaded on Linux.
  • Fixed tooltips not showing or separating item quality bonuses. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed a desync when attempting to enchant an item that already has some magical properties. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed being able to refine items with 0 durability. (Thanks Daxt!)
  • Fixed disassembling items not giving back the proper items when going past a single level of disassembly. (Thanks Lukewarm Badger!)
  • Fixed auto gathering not getting the proper item tier. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed creatures attempting to move out of fire when they couldn’t move in the first place. (Thanks pkmx!)
  • Fixed the “hoarding” magical property not working.
  • Fixed several instances where doodads or tile events could attempt to spawn out of map bounds.
  • Fixed instances of messages and sound effects still being spawned when creatures failed to perform their special abilities due to tile restrictions.
  • You can no longer route water over cave entrances, fixing a one-way cave entrance issue when gathering water over a previously open cave entrance. (Thanks Oragepoilu!)
  • Fixed the defense tooltip including magical insulation as part of base insulation.
  • Fixed islands able to be duplicated when going to -1, -1. (Thanks pkmx!)
  • Fixed penguins not being able to produce eggs. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed a blank “taming length” showing in more information for the offering action in item tooltips. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed desyncs related to traveling.
  • Fixed double stamina reductions happening when throwing items. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed errors caused by playing a game that previously had a mod running that added new items.
  • Fixed torches not being extinguished when jumping into water. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed jumping and teleporting not closing the static containers. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed living mushrooms being able to spawn mushrooms on improper tiles.
  • Fixed some UI not functioning correctly due to the messages UI attempting to load during traveling. (Thanks Lukewarm Badger!)
  • Fixed tiles not being checked under creatures who could not move.
  • Fixed a rare instance of equipping items that should have no effect on insulation causing total insulation changes. (Thanks Nobody Important!)
  • Fixed not being able to fuel high quality or magical torches and candles properly. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed Workshop syncing issues.
  • Fixed the attack action not applying the proper delay.
  • Fixed being able to light torches/candles while swimming (but in a different way this time). (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed lit torches being transferrable to containers while staying lit. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed +console mode not working on Linux.
  • Fixed some tiepos. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed the dangerous throwing warning for protected items not getting the proper range.
  • Fixed the consistency of lockpicking naming. (Thanks Daxt!)


  • Aberrant creatures will now drop up to three (up from two) items from their loot group and will now have triple (up from double) the chance to drop non-guaranteed individual loot.
  • Reduced maximum aberrant health significantly via a hard cap (will only apply to newly spawned aberrants).
  • Creatures will now regenerate health slowly.
  • Increased the effectiveness of the “hoarding” magical property.
  • Hurling now adds to throw damage when using thrown weapons.
  • Increased the maximum range for magical “Power” items.
  • Reduced the chance for bare trees to regrow.
  • Giant rats can now drop shimmering fibers.


  • Wayward has been upgraded to Electron 14.0.1.
  • Fixed performance issues related to item decay/durability bars.
  • Improved performance of dropping many items.



  • Fixed walking over acid without the proper equipment/protection.
  • Fixed memory issues.
  • Fixed getting stuck when recovering stuck in certain situations.
  • Improved more status messages.
  • Learned to open messages in a bottle.
  • Will now look for items in containers in inventory.
  • Learned that aberrant slither suckers are bad.
  • Will now know about protected items.
  • Fixed sometimes getting stuck when items are in backpacks in chests.
  • Learned how to read books.
  • Improved objective planning logic – take into account whether or not items are consumed during crafting.
  • Fixed not loading on Linux.

Balancing Tools

  • More space will be cleared for creature lines and doodads will be removed.
  • Changing your “difficulty” will no longer delete your inventory or restore your stats.
  • You can now change your equipment and skill levels independently.

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