Beta 2.10.9 Released

Well, it looks like 2.10.x had another release in it after all. We might continue with this new workflow as we work on the next major in tandem with these smaller, minor releases going forward. This minor patch mostly consists of bug fixes and other small improvements to the game. Enjoy! More news on beta 2.11 coming soon (in the form of a newsletter).

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Roguelike Sale

Bonus Tip: Find yourself doing repetitive crafting and dismantling of the same item? Why not quickslot it and set the default action to “Craft” or “Dismantle”?

Craft Quickslot


  • Lit doodads will now be put out if the tile it is on turns into shallow water. (Thanks Matthew Cline!)
  • Increased the distance between the draggable dialog anchor and the scrollbar in the messages dialog, to match the other dialogs.
  • Wayward now disables high contrast and inverted color modes from Windows being applied in-game.


  • You can no longer start fires on/in doodads on shallow water. (Thanks Matthew Cline!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed items in containers that are protected from being automatically quickslotted. (Thanks Benzi!)
  • Fixed skill milestones overwriting each other. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed an issue where stat bonuses (from milestone modifiers and magical items) were introducing incorrect values in some situations.
  • Fixed magical aspect rerolling magical sub-properties (this was meant for magical binding only).
  • Fixed an error when canceling rest with the cancel bind (or escape by default). (Thanks Matthew Cline!)
  • Fixed the riddle button appearing for drawn maps that don’t have riddles.
  • Fixed treasure map copies not displaying the riddle. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed instances of doubled-up and erroneous sound effects happening while the “Keep Sort Active” option was enabled.
  • Fixed an action menu pop-up when changing directions while an item menu was up. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed interrupts staying up after dying. (Thanks WinterBearPark!)
  • Fixed the mapping dialog showing the wrong option selected for the theme.
  • Fixed quickslots/equipment UI not being highlighted in the Starter Quest.
  • Fixed UI being positioned differently when UI effects were disabled.
  • Fixed scrolling elements no longer fading out on the top and bottom.
  • Fixed item requirements for copying maps not updating when moving items from a container. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed cases where item dragged would stay in that mode after performing certain actions like dropping. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed the dismantling tab attempting to use protected items from chests. (Thanks Benzi!)
  • Fixed “Reload Game” not working under “Developer Tools” in the options menu. (Thanks Tek!)
  • Fixed the wrong quality shown in messages when drawing/copying maps.
  • Fixed pouring water on yourself without medical reasons increasing your anatomy skill.
  • Fixed reinforcing items (while facing them) not cycling through items. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed overfished tiles not being able to be replenished and creatures not spawning from dropping food in water. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed running sync commands not switching between minimum/all.


  • Upgraded Wayward to use Electron 15.1.0.
  • Added a button to clear the cache of generated sprites.


  • Doors and gates are now fully moddable. (Thanks Tek!)

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