Beta 2.10.2 Released

Hey there,

We have another batch of fixes ready for ya’ll. We are still working on more improvements, additions, and balance tweaks as well, but our priority will continue to be fixing up any bugs and major issues that get discovered for the next little while. Please keep them coming!

Bonus Tip: Did you know you can inspect items (by default with Shift + Right Click) and hover over certain properties to get more information on what they do?

Inspect Tip

Bonus Promo: Happy Wayward Day! Five years ago today, we made the choice to release Wayward on Steam to garner support and to build our community. At that time, while still a full game, there was limited content and not much point for the progression in the game. Years later, we have thousands of new items, creatures, terrain types, plants, and other objects collectively. We now have an end-game, and tons more replayability, not only because we have since added multiplayer and infinite travel, but have extended the game with custom game support and a challenge mode. Oh ya, and milestone modifiers. Oh ya, and also remember when equipping items didn’t change your character sprite? Oh ya.. and… It’s impossible to list all the changes and additions here, but we have no plans of stopping. Building games with this amount of depth and breadth take time, especially whilst being a hobby project. Stay tuned for more!


  • Setting the “Turn Delay” to 0 will now disable all turning when moving. You can then use shift (by default) to face different directions.
  • Improved the sorting of games in the multiplayer menu so that open games are at the top.
  • Player tooltips will now be visible for players that are connecting to a multiplayer game.
  • The news menu will now have changelog buttons for more version release articles.
  • Notes are no longer shown when running a dedicated server.
  • The in-game changelog can now display preview images for changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed tamed creatures no longer seeking owner’s attackers. (Thanks Zalpha!)
  • Fixed Steam Workshop mods being re-downloaded even when they are already updated, increasing the speed at which mods will refresh.
  • Fixed incompatible Steam Workshop mods not showing up in mods list.
  • Fixed loading outdated or too many mods causing other mods not to load.
  • Potentially fixed a very rare bug with tattered maps that caused them to sometimes not have Xs until the game is reloaded.
  • Fixed crafting item highlights not re-highlighting after crafting items.
  • Fixed the “Steam Workshop” button showing for save exports when not connected to Steam.
  • Fixed quickslots not properly updating protection & damaged status. (Thanks Townfall!)
  • Fixed ground item inspections showing themselves when not nearby.
  • Fixed ground item inspections tripling themselves.
  • Fixed Electron IPC errors caused by console logging into dedicated servers.
  • “Flasks” have been renamed to “retorts” as that is more accurate to their purpose and graphic. (Thanks darkmane!)
  • Fixed items tooltips disappearing and leaving just the “Inspect” section if they had been destroyed. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed trying to create puddles out of bounds.
  • Fixed mousing over one craft after another not highlighting the proper items when the second craft used some of the same items as the first one. (Thanks Skarn!)
  • Fixed performance issues when traveling to or playing in already-visited ice cap islands. (Thanks Vallivanting!)
  • Fixed instances of tooltips not updating when there are changes to old dialogs, such as inventories, crafting, dismantling, and equipment.
  • Fixed some instances of incorrect floor tile-mapping.
  • Fixed fire spreading to lit torches and candles possibly giving them higher than normal decay values.
  • Fixed torches/candles resetting their maximum decay when picked back up among other issues. (Thanks Skarn!)
  • Fixed tooltips flashing/empty boxes when moving the mouse between different in game objects.
  • Fixed the required craft amount showing the wrong count of items.
  • Fixed there not being a “discovered treasure” sprite for maps in the dark theme.
  • Fixed fog of war being reset when rejoining a dedicated server that traveled to a new island. (Thanks LaoTze!)
  • Fixed spawning on the edge of the map if the players travelled to a new map while you were offline or were a brand new character on the game/server. (Thanks CloudedGuardian!)
  • Fixed multiplayer travel votes getting stuck if a player disconnects mid-vote.
  • Fixed no confirmation being shown when travelling on multiplayer games alone. (Thanks Valdig!)
  • Fixed map dialogs staying open after dropping or moving the item.
  • Fixed the quick settings dialog not refreshing options when they are changed from a different place.
  • Fixed the reference system not working for mod registrations. This fixes tooltips on things added from mods.


  • Increased the temperature variance/range within the coastal island types.
  • Decreased the temperature in coastal and ice cap caves.
  • Increased the maximum temperature in the arid island types, including in the caves.
  • Increased chance of spawning void dwellers.


  • Wayward has been upgraded to Electron 12.0.4.


  • "Registry().get()" now supports referencing a single registration inside a bulk registration.



  • Will now restore changed gameplay options when disabled.
  • Will now move faster by disabling turn delay.

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  1. Hi,

    Is there a chance you’ll release on direct download or other platforms than steam? I’d be really interested in playing the game, but I won’t install or use the steam software, which prevents me from trying out the changes you’ve made. I tried purchasing the game through humble, but they only refer a steam link as well.


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