Beta 2.10.7 Released

Hey all,

This week’s focus has been on fixing up the remaining reported issues and working on balance changes.

The balance changes mostly consist of aberrant and high-tier creature damage. Previously, they were dealing too little damage due to skill/gear power creep and previous balance changes. This should straighten out the issues spotted by several players. Let me know if you spot anything out of whack with these changes as they are quite significant in some cases/scenarios. The intention is to require you to think about what types of armor to use in certain temperature scenarios against certain types of creatures.

We also added in two new magical item properties. They were added due to an issue spotted where in some instances, items could roll an incorrect amount of properties just because not enough could be applied to certain items. These are generic enough that they should fit most items; thus, solving the issue.

View the changelog for more information on these and more.

Bonus Promo: Tons of work has gone into the unofficial Wiki as of late. Check out some of the recent changes here.

Bonus Tip: You can grab items out of fire/lava using tongs or while wearing the proper hand protection without getting burned. This is useful in some cases where you are picking up items that have caught on fire or are creating charcoal intentionally.


  • Added a new magical property, “Offering”, which increases taming length when used on creatures. Aberrant creatures will be tamed 100% of the time when using a matching item that the creature accepts.
  • Added a new magical property “Hurling”, that increases an item’s thrown damage, range, and reduces stamina usage.


  • Puddles will now provide bonuses for plant growth/speed (and fertility in some cases) unless it is seawater.
  • Named items now appear by name in item lists, rather than by what they are. (Thanks Killpocalips!)
  • With the inclusion of the new magical properties, there should no longer be rare instances of magical items rolling with the incorrect amount of properties.
  • Highlighted UI/item elements are now animated in a performant way when disabling UI effects as to not sacrifice usability.
  • Ranged attacks will now reveal the range the item traveled.
  • Thrown messages will now reveal the stamina cost in throwing the item.


  • Increased mid to end game creature’s damage significantly.
  • Reduced the damage bonus that aberrant creatures had against resistances/vulnerabilities.
  • Removed the creature damage cap for aberrant creatures, but reduced their maximum damage output slightly (due to other damage changes).
  • Removed blunt resistances on iron armor.
  • Reduced blunt vulnerabilities and increased base defense on bronze armor.
  • Reduced the goat’s minimum damage slightly.
  • Decreased rarity of blackplate items.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inspection not working until reloading the game. (Thanks MATOSCH83!)
  • Fixed milestone and skill inspections flashing.
  • Fixed “Discovered” amount not updating in milestone inspection.
  • Fixed damage type values in the defense tooltip including the skill modifier.
  • Fixed “Apocryphal” not being possible to obtain. (Thanks beuteugeu!)
  • Fixed protected items producing a horizontal scroll bar. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed chests staying open while descending/ascending cave entrances or teleporting. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed requiring to press enter twice to rename something. (Thanks Matthew Cline!)
  • Fixed acid and skeletal remains from spawning on water or the void.
  • Fixed being able to light torches while swimming. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed calculated insulation values not updating in the tooltip when changing equipment.
  • Fixed ghosts being affected by status effects.
  • Fixed creatures being able to spawn out of bounds if the player was near the edge of the map.
  • Fixed blood appearing on void tiles. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed joining a multiplayer game overwriting local characters.
  • Fixed highlighted items never being unhighlighted when UI effects are disabled.
  • Fixed issues with publishing Steam Workshop mods. (Hotfixed)


  • Reduced memory usage when playing in a multiplayer game.
  • Wayward has been updated to Electron 13.1.2.



  • Fixed not being able to distinguish which tiles can be tilled.
  • Will now open doors and gates instead of picking them up.
  • Fixed getting stuck in “Tidy” mode.
  • Will now move items off the ground if it’s blocking a build location.
  • Fixed issues when trying to carve corpses with sharp rocks.
  • Fixed trying to attach purified containers of water to water stills.
  • Will now run away from all aberrant creatures when it doesn’t have adequate equipment.
  • No longer hordes snow in the inventory.
  • Will now try to use offal before they decay.
  • Now detects trap door spiders near the base when looking for nearby enemies (cheater!).
  • Fixed getting stuck when trying to eat food from a chest while encumbered.
  • Improved status messages.
  • Improved sailing logic.
  • Disabled movement and item-related warning interrupts when enabled.
  • Fixed attempting to craft while in water.
  • Fixed getting stuck when attempting to build 0 durability objects.
  • Improved stat recovery logic.
  • Fixed getting stuck moving stuff in between chests.
  • Fixed not knowing how to build items in rare cases.
  • Fixed issues making items when more than one anvil is near the base.
  • Added “Quantum Burst” mode.

Debug Tools

  • Clear paint mode when closing paint panel.

Balancing Tools

  • Added more levels of difficulties and armor/skill sets for testing scenarios.

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