Beta 2.10.6 Released

Patch night! This week we are taking a stab at fixing up some more issues, some of which have unsurprisingly been in the game undiscovered for years. Always great to get those ones sorted out! TARS fans will also get a kick out of this release with a heavy overhaul and a giant bunch of new features. Wayward technological singularity is closely approaching!

The beta 2.10.x patches will be slowing down coming up as we focus more on our next big major release, but we still have a bit to go yet!

Bonus Tip: You can quickly equip items in your inventory or containers by hovering over them and pressing “E”, you can quickly drop them by pressing “Q”, and you can quickly move them (to an opened container for example) by pressing “Shift + Left Click”. These binds can all be changed in the options.

Bonus Promo: Anketam has created a new spoiler-filled, “Mastercrafting Guide” available on Steam here. It goes over the requirements and strategies to create mastercrafted items. Check it out if you don’t mind the spoilers!


  • Added an option to unfocus the chat box after sending a message.


  • Items that use durability as a “charge” like bait will now take into account item quality, making quality items allow for more “charges”. (Thanks warriorsforever482!)


  • Reduced amount of ash needed to create ash cement, reducing the total ash cost for making flooring/walls.
  • Increased the item quality cap for aberrant loot/corpse resources, leading to higher quality items in the late game and/or far traveled islands. (Thanks Nobody Important!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple desyncs related to temperature and melting tiles.
  • Fixed the treasure hunting note not being possible to get. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed building over water producing incorrect items when dug back up. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed aberrant corpses getting a double bonus for resource quality from far traveled islands.
  • Fixed backpacks that were destroyed staying open. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed torches staying lit when getting off of a raft/boat when paddling or teleporting. (Thanks mwebb759!)
  • Fixed being able to open up multiple of the same dialog after spamming the keybind.
  • Fixed an error when typing a "\" in a dropdown.
  • Fixed the chat box/filters being cut off at certain interface scales when messages were expanded.
  • Fixed some item tooltips showing the wrong stat amounts for consuming them. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed setting a bindable to the "/" key appearing as "undefined".
  • Fixed highlighted items sometimes not being unhighlighted when interrupts are shown.
  • Fixed an error when joining a server while the server browser refreshed.
  • Fixed temperature tooltips showing even when Debug Tools were disabled.
  • Fixed multiple desyncs related to tilled tiles.
  • Fixed walking into blocked tiles decreasing map durability (and raising skill/stats). (Thanks mwebb759!)


Debug Tools

  • Fixed inspection errors when loading the mod in multiplayer.


  • Now starts up faster when in a multiplayer game.
  • Now supports multiple play modes. “Survival” is the default.
  • Added a “Tidy Up” mode.
  • Changed default “T” bind to open the TARS dialog. Shift + T will immediately toggle TARS.
  • Added a way to tell TARS to acquire any item via the UI.
  • Fixed being unable to acquire complex items.
  • Added new options that will allow controlling what TARS does.
  • Will always pick the optimal item when gathering, carving, and harvesting.
  • Fixed issues when reinforcing equipment.
  • Will only reinforce items that are worth doing so.
  • Will now repair tongs when they have low durability.
  • Will now cleanup swamp tiles near base.
  • Will now prefer eating food from chests when near base.
  • Fixed item upgrade logic not working for all tools.
  • Will now know how to use orbs of influence.
  • Will no longer defend against adjacent creatures if health/equipment is low.
  • Now has smarter health, stamina, hunger, and thirst recovery logic.
  • Will now look for items in chests that are going to decay soon and try to do something with them.
  • Will now hunt creatures near the base once it has good equipment.
  • Learned how to attack fish.
  • Learned how to disassemble items.
  • Learned how snow works.
  • Will no longer build water stills on ice cap islands.
  • Added a “Gardener” mode.


  • The Debug Tools "TabDialog" has been moved to the base game and can now be used in other mods.


  • Updated Wayward to Electron 13.0.1.
  • Fixed memory leaks related to UI highlighting.
  • Speed up leaving multiplayer games.

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