Beta 2.9.3 Released

Some more bugs bite the dust in beta 2.9.3. We have also refined the modding workflow and improved a few areas of the game including performance. Take a gander at what we tweaked and fixed this week with the changelog below.

Also, for any TARS fans out there, check out that beefy list of changes!

Bonus Tip

What’s better than getting headbutted by a goat? Well, a lot of things, including taming them and letting them produce milk for you. Goats can easily be tamed with leaves (by offering them, or by leaving them on the ground). You can attempt to “Gather Milk” with any liquid container when facing the goat. Make sure to keep taming it so it can produce more and more milk over time. Petting goats will also help them produce milk faster.

Bonus Promotion

Wondering where most of these bugs are being uncovered at? Our Discord of course! We have a great Discord community full of theory-crafting, bug hunting, and general fawning over upcoming features.

Have an old mod you need to update? Not sure where to start? I did a modding update guide video with an example mod to perhaps help you out with that:


  • Added a /backup chat command for dedicated servers.


  • Improved the accuracy of the anatomy-based “mostly uninjured” message by adding a case for full health creatures/players/NPCs. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • The save game button is now hidden for clients in multiplayer games.
  • Removed “Reputation” messages from the “Chat” message filter by default.
  • Removed vagueness in wording for enchant/transmogrify actions. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Player “turns” now start as 1 instead of 0.
  • Added a new “Events” message filter type and added several messages that were not categorized/miscategorized before.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed traveling to the west and east always producing the same island.
  • Fixed errors and desyncs related to fish and other creatures moving at the edge of the world.
  • Fixed auto save options only appearing in quick settings (and removed it from there as well). (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed clients in multiplayer games not receiving credit for Navigator and Helmsman milestones.
  • Fixed dedicated servers not saving fog of war of players when running in console mode.
  • Fixed creatures being forced to spawn over tiles they shouldn’t when gathering treasure. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed updating binds not showing on quickslots until a restart.
  • Prevented new players that join non-pvp dedicated servers that switched islands from spawning at the edge of the map.
  • Fixed renamed items reverting when canceling a rename action. (Thanks Azhukar!)
  • Fixed weight not being updated when attempting to paddle when a boat was placed within a container.
  • Fixed penguins providing an incorrect reputation amount when killing them. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed instances of players in multiplayer games rejoining as new characters if the game was ever closed without a save (due to crashes or incorrect server shutdowns).
  • Fixed walk to tile failing if a tamed creature is in the way but cannot be swapped.
  • Fixed containers staying open when they were dropped into the void or deep water.
  • Fixed mods breaking with “!” in the game’s path. (Thanks Cth!)
  • Removed the “You see a fire spread uncontrollably.” message from the “Reputation” message filter. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed sailboats not warning about breakage on use.
  • Fixed eating aloe vera leaves also “applying” them, curing the burned status effect. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed saved opened containers not showing their name or calculating their weight.
  • Fixed some tiepos. (Thanks Ursa!)


  • Increased the amount of glue/resin required to fully reinforce normal quality items, while reducing the amount required as quality increases (was previously the reverse of these rules).


  • Fixed mod publishing erroring when publishing a mod with comments in its mod.json file.
  • Fixed the wayward +mod update command not updating the waywardVersion property in the mod.json file.
  • Fixed JSON comments not being supported with wayward +mod command.


  • Improved performance when dismantling, disassembling, and many other item interactions. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • The launch_options.json file can now have comments.



  • Fixed getting stuck by a tree if there was a corpse on top of it.
  • Will no longer try to repair kindling items.
  • Will now disable right hand when it’s a shield. The left hand equip will try to be the appropriate damage type against the nearest creature.
  • Fixed failing to run away from creatures when at low health.
  • Will destroy trees more often if they are in the way of quicker pathing.
  • Fixed harvestable trees being ignored when searching for items.
  • Added the ability to create and use multiple water containers.
  • Will attempt to carry multiple kindling items in the inventory to start fires easier.
  • TARS will maintain a tidy base by moving items that are on the ground into chests after it obtains a leather armor set.
  • Will carry food, water, and a bandage with it before attempting to upgrade weapons and armor past leather.
  • Will no longer get stuck attempting to move to the same targets over and over.
  • Now always uses a knife when a recipe requires a sharpened to stop ruining swords!
  • Will no longer be scared of sharks when wearing decent equipment.
  • Will leave extra items at the base before moving far away.
  • No longer attempts to run away from targets that do not move, getting stuck.
  • Fixed TARS sometimes trying to dig/carve when it can’t.
  • Will prioritize crafting items when all the requirements are within inventory (stops filling inventory up before crafting).
  • Will craft items that require a furnace/anvil more reliably (hopefully).
  • Will now return to drop off items at base once it’s carrying too much.
  • Added the ability to create and use multiple water stills.

Beta 2.9.2 Released

Another weekend, another release! So, it turns out there was more issues to fix up. Quite a bit more in fact. Thanks for all the reports! Keep them coming if you find any new issues.

There’s a few new feature and improvements thrown in for good measure too. Enjoy!

Bonus Tip

For an alternative water source, you can build wells. These wells produce water based on where they are built. The rate of water corresponds directly with where they are built in relation to the cave system below them. Build them over impassable terrain like rocks in the caves and they will slowly trickle in groundwater. Build them over underground lakes and water sources and you will get an unlimited source of water. Build them over dirt, gravel, or other passable terrain and they will not produce any water. If you have a cave entrance nearby, you can count the steps or tiles to judge where to build it above ground.

Bonus Promotion

Check out our Twitter for keeping up-to-date on everything Wayward. We tend to post smaller updates and news pieces there that are too small for a Steam news post.


  • Added a new “Drop on Dismantle” option.
  • Added a new note for hunger/starvation.


  • Containers now re-open when reloading a game or traveling.
  • Items crafted now properly checks your inventory and containers within your inventory in order, instead of checking sub-containers last. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Clicking the clear/exit button in filters now removes focus from the filter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash involving the skills dialog. (Thanks Levvy!)
  • Fixed cases where extinguished lit doodads (like furnaces, campfires, etc.) could decay and become destroyed. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed an issue where inputs could become “stuck” on after typing in the crafting/inventory filters. (Thanks Jiamil!)
  • Fixed creatures being able to walk over NPCs.
  • Fixed treasure being able to spawn in void in cave layers. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed macro bindings being lost on reload.
  • Fixed the wrong terrain type being set when placing down tiles in the “Ice Cap” region. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed world tooltips not working after dragging and dropping an item to the game screen. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed duplicate messages showing up when rejoining multiplayer games.
  • Fixed needing to use the “Show More Information” bind once after changing the “Always Show More Information” option. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed render depth/order not working correctly at certain positions on the map. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed macro input being doubled up and reset at the wrong times, causing double click to sometimes not work on items. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed join server retry button not always working correctly.
  • Fixed multiplayer clients sometimes displaying messages for other players.
  • Fixed save interrupts not always showing.
  • Fixed permanently burning not reducing player health in the challenge mode at certain health/strength values.
  • Fixed some status effects not properly affecting regeneration/reduction of stats.
  • Fixed “Worth” item value dropping unexpectedly due to reinforcement/durability calculations. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed damage notifiers moving sporadically after killing creatures while moving.
  • Fixed ash appearing over rock/impassible terrain. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed the permanently poisoned challenge modifier reducing player strength/health to very low values.
  • Fixed the “Operator” milestone not being obtainable. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Display the correct message when gathering/harvesting if the “Drop on Gather/Harvest” option was enabled but the tile beneath you was full.
  • Fixed stats not showing properly after loading a save game that uses milestone modifiers until one turn has passed.
  • Fixed dedicated servers timing out (and not reconnecting to matchmaking server) after traveling on lower-end hardware.
  • Fixed milestone modifiers not applying after travel. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed the “Explorer” milestone being unobtainable. (Thanks Oragepoilu!)
  • Fixed closing the action menu with a click off of the menu not showing tooltips afterward in certain instances. (Thanks AxelDominatoR!)
  • Fixed quickslots changing item types when using items that turned into others.
  • Fixed solar stills being referred to as water stills in some cases. (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed several cases of capitalization issues in notes. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixeded some typos. (Thanks riftborn!) (Thanks Vardis!)
  • Fixed incorrect upgrade check on saves, leading to very large saves after repeated loads. (Thanks Amax!) (Hotfixed)
  • Fixed multiple multiplayer desyncs related to merchants, wells, and creature movement/offering. (Hotfixed)
  • Fixed the backup command not backing up if backups weren’t enabled. (Hotfixed)


  • Permanent status effect challenges will no longer modify player strength/health or give additional healing items. They are balanced through their effect rates now.
  • Made stoke values for items consistent. (Thanks !)


  • Comments are now supported in mod JSON files (mod.json, language files, etc), using Microsoft’s jsonc-parser module. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed modded items with undefined weight causing your weight to show as NaN.
  • Fixed status effect icon paths not being relative to mod directory.


  • In-game messages are now once again logged to the console & log files.
  • Fixed source map warnings showing in developer console.



  • Lava will no longer count as a valid tile to spawn on. (Thanks Amax!)


  • Added a new item group to all troposphere items and added additional groups to all items that matched ones from the base game.
  • Snowflakes can now be used as “liquid” items or used for drinking and can be found via storm stones or boulders rarely.

Debug Tools

  • Added /DebugToolsPermission chat command. This lets dedicated servers enable debug tools for players.


  • Will no longer kill itself while resting repeatedly in multiplayer or real-time games when hungry.
  • Will no longer eat grass seeds.
  • Fixed TARS not always functioning correctly after respawning if permadeath was disabled.
  • Fixed more water still issues.
  • Fixed issues with gathering water.
  • Fixed TARS sometimes getting stuck in infinite loops when trying to acquire items.
  • Will now attempt to only move items TARS needs into its inventory when gathering and dismantling items.
  • Fixed being unable to repair copper items.

Beta 2.9.1 Released

Hey all,

First off, I want to thank you all for the great turn-out for this major release so far. I’ve had tons of fun checking out all the new changes/content and traveling with everybody in multiplayer.

This patch will hopefully fix most lingering, serious issues to the game while we get started on the next major patch. As mentioned previously in the major update patch notes, we want to get started right away on a bigger update instead of supplying a bunch of smaller patches. In theory, this is the last smaller one, but we’ll continue to fix any issues as they are encountered and reported. As always, you can stay up-to-date with our nightly changes on the development branch in the middle of bigger releases where we aren’t patching as often.

If you were unfortunate enough to have the seed corruption issue, please send me your save along with the seed that you set an I can restore the issue for you. It looks like this issue was pretty rare, but we have fixed any future issues concerning it.

Bonus Tip

Did you know that planting seeds and growing plants in fertile soil will not only make them grow faster but also spread to adjacent tiles once they reach the “ripening” stage? Each plant has their own unique growth rate and spread amount.

Bonus Promotion

Check out our Subreddit that has recently just got a bunch of new activity:


  • Added a custom game options to disable traveling effects for all players or just offline players.


  • New islands are now deterministic and based on the original seed.
  • Turns now pass normally when players are ghosts.
  • Changed order of custom game options based on perceived frequent/important usage.
  • Removed the ability to trade with merchants after they had already moved away from your facing position (while in multiplayer).
  • Void tiles will now be placed on the edges of all cave layers for compatibility with old saves.
  • Links in the changelog menu now appear the same way as other links.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed seeds with large numbers not being saved properly. (Thanks ODevil!)
  • Seeds are now sanitized, preventing potential strange terrain generation with unorthodox values.
  • Fixed performing actions from item menus moving the menu position instead of closing it after performing an action that caused the player to update their direction. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed container dialogs changing their position/size when traveling. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed other items being used swapped as your boat after traveling in rare instances. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Fixed being able to move items into merchant’s inventories (without trading). (Thanks Oragepoilu!)
  • Fixed fish (and some other items) returning bones both when being cooked and when eaten. (Thanks Abs!)
  • Fixed quickslotting containers not toggling open/close properly on hotkey press. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Fixed torches spawned in caves not having proper decay values set.
  • Fixed game options not being correctly initialized for old save games. Fixes the new respawning system not being available in old save games that were set to “Casual”. (Thanks AxelDominatoR!)
  • Fixed moving not causing item menus to close (like action menus do).
  • Fixed the export and counterclockwise buttons not working on the character selection screen at low resolutions. (Thanks Aurum!)
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the selected mod language to not be loaded on startup. (Thanks Lovefield!)
  • Improved reliability of traveling in multiplayer.
  • Fixed players that log in over water not swimming by default.
  • Fixed many multiplayer desyncs.
  • Fixed line of sight still being applied as a ghost in multiplayer.
  • Fixed being able to still be on your boat after traveling with PVP enabled and spawning on land.
  • Fixed paddling facing deep water tiles extinguishing held lit torches/candles.
  • Fixed excessive recent packet logging in multiplayer.
  • Fixed errors when mods try to get bindings for unregistered bindables.
  • Fixed the Helmsman milestone needing to travel to four islands instead of three. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Fixed fog of war resetting when rejoining dedicated servers.
  • Fixed Steam and Discord Rich Presence showing the wrong player counts for multiplayer games.
  • Improved the grammar in the failed to cook message. (Thanks !)
  • Fixed an oversight when players could attempt to travel in caves. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed an error when exporting save games that have not yet been loaded/saved in the latest version. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed joining games from Discord not initializing Steam integration correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where clients could not move on dedicated servers. (Hotfixed)


  • Reduced the chances of traveled to islands being “Coastal” types.
  • Reduced obscuring effect on tattered maps slightly.
  • Slimes will no longer combine into Jelly Cubes at reputation levels where they couldn’t spawn normally.
  • All mushrooms will no longer increase thirst/dehydration and will spawn more commonly frequently in the coastal island.
  • Added more difficult creature spawns to “Arid” caves.


  • Fixed invalid argument segments disappearing from output strings.
  • Fixed the list segment not working correctly for some values.
  • The list segment now supports {…}, formatting a list of all arguments.
  • Fixed the escape segment not removing its own curly braces.
  • Fixed status effect registration. (Thanks Noita!)
  • Fixed modded status effect handlers not re-initializing on loading saved games. (Thanks Noita!)
  • Increased reliability of publishing/updating mods. (Hotfixed)
  • Publishing Workshop mods that contain symlinks will no longer throw errors. (Hotfixed)


  • Various logging events will no longer be logged without “Developer Mode” enabled.
  • Added support for enabling/disabling sync checks from commands.
  • Reduced the amount of logging to log files.



  • Improved logic when waiting for water from a water still in multiplayer.
  • Removed “leave desert” functionality that no longer applies for coastal islands.
  • Will now ensure the base is built near a suitable water source.
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to build an anvil.
  • Fixed being unable to repair items that require an anvil and fire.
  • Fixed rare infinite loop when trying to move items to chests.
  • Fixed TARS switching hands constantly after dying in some instances in casual mode.
  • Will now respawn when dying in casual games.
  • Fixed memory errors/issues after running for extended periods of time through multiple games.

Wayward Beta 2.9 “Seafarer” Released

Beta 2.9 Banner

Hey all!

Introducing, “Seafarer”, the 9th major release of Wayward on Steam, and the end of limited exploration in the game. You can now sail the seas and explore new worlds and sets of islands. A few stand-out features in this release also include:

  • Added infinite persistent travel to up to three different types of islands, “Coastal”, “Arid” and “Ice Cap”.
  • Players in multiplayer can now travel together to new islands using a new voting system.
  • Encumbrance, dehydration, starvation, and exhaustion are all now status effects that appear in the UI. Their tooltips provide additional information and are more accurate with increased anatomy skill.
  • Added new locked forms of all chests with varied/tiered loot and quality for both generated chests and unearthed treasure chests.
  • The “Traverse the Seas” action and functionality have been removed in exchange for the new traveling system. The bull boat/sail boat can now be used to “paddle” like the raft.
  • Water now has a depletable but slowly regenerative amount of fish and items. You will need to move to other areas to successfully fish when depleted.
  • Dying in casual mode or with the “respawn” option enabled now causes players to become a ghost with a “respawn” button available. The ghost can travel around to any revealed location in the world.

This release was one of those big ones. Adding infinite procedural generation while keeping the world feel smaller and meaningful was no easy task. But it’s also one of those things that tons of players were clamoring for. Like some of the other big releases under our belt like beta 2.5 which added multiplayer; a feature I previously said would probably never happen. This was also one of those things design wise I was pretty strongly against initially and thought tech-wise, we would probably never manage to do. Well, I am constantly proven wrong by both what I think players would want most, and what my co-developers are able to pull off. Shout-out to:

  • Gary ‘Spacetech’ Wilber (Programming)
  • Dusty ‘Goaticide’ Melling (Art/Design)
  • Mackenzie ‘Chiri’ McClane (Programming/UX)

We still have lots of iterate on with the concept of island types and seafaring in general. Our plan with this cycle is to focus on a pretty large content patch somewhere in the set of 2.9.x releases, so the releases might be a bit more sparse than normal after a major release. This is because we want to focus on some bigger additional content for Seafarer. Things like temperature, more biome content and other unique island-based features like charting/mapping features. We’ll still be providing bug fixes of course.

As with all major releases so far, I’ll be doing some streaming tonight as well as over this week at random points. This time I’ll be doing it live on the Wayward Steam store page. You can tune in from there, or from the Broadcasts page:

Check out our Discord for more information and future community news: or just add me as a friend on Steam to chat.

Also, like other major releases, Wayward is currently on sale for -20% off for a full week.

Speaking of Steam, as most of you might know, that in the ashes of the recent Steam Summer sale, you might have some extra Steam “points” laying around. I would encourage everybody to give out some rewards to all the community contributors out there for Wayward. Reviews, guides, Workshop mods, screenshots, and more! Show them some love!

Have fun!
Vaughn ‘Drathy’ Royko

Wall of text changelog below:

Read more…

Wayward Newsletter #7

Hey all,

Thanks for taking a look at our 7th newsletter. Oh ya, and also happy Wayward anniversary! We have some news to share on beta 2.9 as well as information on how you can help support the project going forward as we approach some really big game-changing milestones for Wayward development.

Steam Broadcast & Live Q&A

As this post goes live, I’ll be testing the Steam broadcasting waters so to speak with a live Q&A while playing some Wayward instead of the normal Twitch streaming I do. Tune in now (for the next couple of hours)!

One Day Sale

If you are reading this, then you are lucky enough not to be reading this newsletter on Steam. Which means, you will know that we are offering Wayward for -30% off for one day only via our website and the Humble Store which will give you a Steam key as well. We will have this offer on Steam as well down the road, but due to some oversights, we can’t offer it at this time over there.

Beta 2.9 Teasers & Information


Coming up in beta 2.9, we will see the ability to travel to new sets of islands without losing your current save and world, essentially, leading to infinite world generation and exploration.

Ice Cap

Here’s a sneak-peek at the new snowy biome. It’s one of three themes for new island types. Each island type will feature new content, resources, and many things unique only to that island type. Beta 2.9 will feature arid, ice cap, and coastal island types for starters. We’ll be working on more as we go as well.

Ice Cap Preview


Although the desert biome has always been present in every set of islands, it will now be much more fully featured with its own unique resources and cave system. Something worth traveling for!

Arid Preview

Usually we have everything we are working on available on our development branch. With this one, we are going to wait a bit before pushing it out for everybody to test and play with as there will likely be some game breaking bugs that we want to iron out first. Stay tuned for that!

Supporting Wayward

Wishlist & Follow

First of all, if you haven’t already purchased Wayward, make sure to wishlist it for the future, especially if you are one of those waiting for a non-early access release (or just waiting for a big discount) before taking the plunge. If you already have bought it, make sure to give us a follow so you can keep up with all the news and releases we announce on Steam (like this newsletter).

Steam Follow


Steam recently added a bunch of new tags in order to label games more accurately. Due to the tumultuous history of the “roguelike” genre, we now have a “traditional roguelike” tag that properly describes games like Wayward. You can help us categorize Wayward (and any other game) with the proper tags by editing them on the store page here:


Here’s all the tags that I found (arguably) fit Wayward when looking through them all:



If you haven’t had a chance to leave us feedback, make sure you write a review on the game. We use review feedback as one of the ways to improve the game and add more to our ever-growing to-do list.

If you’ve already reviewed the game, make sure to upvote any reviews you find helpful as this helps show more useful reviews to those deciding on purchasing the game or not.

Community Features

Save Games

Ever since beta 2.0 when we first released on Steam, we have had support for Steam Workshop-based saves. You can see everybody’s uploads here.

Explore somebody else’s world, or upload your own via the in-game export featured in the load game menu:

Export Save

And choose the “Steam Workshop” option to share your creation or world. It’s always fun snooping through other player’s giant walls of wooden chests.


Taking a screenshot of your in-game creations is probably the easiest way to create community content for Wayward, not including all the time you spent building those floors and walls…

Here’s a few of my recent favorites from the community.

AI Player 2 finishes their base:

AI Player 2 finishes their base

eXp術 reaches the iron age:

eXp術 reaches the iron age

Mr. Rogers cries in slime tears:

Mr. Rogers cries in slime tears

GhettoVan shows off their island moat:

GhettoVan shows off their island moat


The largest gathering place for our small community. If you haven’t joined already, make sure to do so here.

Steam Chat

If you are looking to chat with the Wayward community on a much smaller scale and without a separate application, then your best bet is the Wayward Steam chat. Join the chat here.

Feature Voting

If you haven’t already checked it out, make sure to visit the feature voting page on our website to vote on upcoming features.

It’s looking like the next, next release is going to be dungeons, but it’s a bit too early to say for sure. Dungeons are one of those “really big game-changing milestones” I was talking about.

I hope everybody is doing good, well, as good as they can be at the moment. Stay safe!

Stay tuned and thanks for the support over the years!

Beta 2.8.5 Released

We have a bit of an unusual release ready for everybody. A new release that is looking pretty chunky for being a minor update. This is a collection of things we have been improving while working on the next major update. Something like a midway point release. Enjoy! Let us know if you run into any issues.

In other news, we have transitioned the Wayward soundtracks over to the new “Soundtrack” category on Steam. This means you can purchase them independently of the game (they no longer count as DLC).

As for news on the next major release, we have decided to work on seafaring, persistent world travel, and themed biomes/islands (and all the unique content that comes with that). Some of the things that have been continually requested by the playerbase.

We’ll have more news on that coming up soon! On with the changelog:

Read more…

Beta 2.8.4 Released

We have a small patch ready to mostly fix up that auto saving issue. We were also able to squeeze in a few other things we were working on. More to come soon!

Let us know about any other issues you spot!


  • Where possible, the scheduled autosaves will now be combined with rest/sleep in order to be less disruptive.
  • Skeletal remains will now animate based on proximity instead of when facing them.
  • Improved client disconnection logic when a multiplayer game has closed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed auto saving happening during resting/sleeping, causing delays that sometimes lasted after the rest/sleep.
  • Fixed the “Close Container” action not working when using it from a quickslot hotkey.
  • Fixed the “inedible” and “poisoned” notes describing you drinking from a waterskin when drinking from water directly. (Thanks jettix!)
  • Fixed scrollbars appearing next to status effect icons when pixel font was disabled. (Thanks Sneed!)
  • Fixed an outdated wooden flooring item graphic.


  • Ash cement is no longer made with clay, but will require more ash and consume water fully.
  • All items now have a higher variety of weights, allowing slightly lower weight on all items. A very select few items have been raised in weight to compensate for this change.
  • Piles of ash can now weight up to 0.2.

Beta 2.8.3 Released

Hey all,

Just a smaller release this time around. Even though it’s smaller, it still has some great new features packed in. Here’s a few important-ish things:

Pass Trough Creatures

You can now pass through weaker or flying creatures by disabling auto attack; however, they may attack you as you pass, leading to some more strategic escapes.

Improved Building Visuals

The contrast was lacking between flooring, walls, and structures. We’ve boosted this a bit to make your abode a bit nicer looking.

New Building Contrast

Crafting Efficacy

Introducing crafting efficacy. Starting at 20% crafting skill, you will begin to get a rating on each craft, letting you now how effective you are (using your combination of item and doodad qualities/tiers). The higher this value, the better chance at a higher quality and durability for your craft. You can read more about this in the help menu. The underlying system for this was already in place, it was just invisible to the player.

Crafting Efficacy

Auto-save Options

Due to popular demand, you can now set the auto save interval based on turns or time. Auto saving will also no longer stop you in your tracks, disabling movement after, and should be much more painless.

Auto Save Options

Multiplayer Improvements

The server browser will show all games except for private games. Friends-only games and games running in different versions will now be shown so you can switch versions or shoot over a friend request if you spot a game you want to join.

Additionally, we have fixed an issue with multiplayer games and how player’s are identified. You may run into issues with pre-existing multiplayer games because of this. The player data is not lost and we can help you out if you send us over the save and the Steam IDs (or Steam profiles) of the players in the game. We will correct the saves for you. Apologies for the issues!

Server Browser Changes

Oh ya, and Happy New Year!


  • You can now pass/walk through smaller or flying creatures by disabling auto attack; however, they may attack you as you pass.
  • Crafts will now give a rating of how effective you are when crafting the item (for maximal quality/durability results) based on item/doodad qualities and item/doodad tiers.
  • Added an option to configure the autosave timer, and toggle between turns and time elapsed.
  • Added status warnings to stat tooltips (when hovering over stats).


  • All multiplayer games will show now in the server browser, regardless of friend status or version differences except for private games.
  • Improved contrast of flooring versus walls (and all built structures) for all resource types for improved clarity.
  • Liquid containers can now drop or be crafted with the “potency” legendary type.
  • Autosave no longer stops movement.
  • Reduced the size of the non-pixel font slightly.
  • Fixed a few instances where item qualities were not specified in messages.
  • The last save time and save size are now viewable in the save button tooltip.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect player identifiers being set when joining multiplayer games.
  • Fixed an incorrect warning message appearing for destroying plants from gathering. (Thanks Davadin!)
  • Fixed an issue where only the first consumed item in a craft would be used for tier bonus calculations.
  • Fixed terrain qualities not appearing until reloading the save game again.
  • Fixed a scrollbar appearing beside stats and attributes in several cases. (Thanks Sneed!)
  • Fixed containers changing legendary types when being consumed. (Thanks Dodging Rain!)
  • Fixed a bug where some doodads would count for double the bonus when using them in a craft.
  • Fixed flashing occurring when opening the Steam overlay while in-game.
  • Fixed the consumable message not highlighting bad versus good stat changes.
  • Fixed animal fat still counting as fuel, leading to 0 added decay when added to torches. (Thanks EatAtSardis!)
  • Corrected numerous pluralization issues.
  • Fixed health always being set to maximum if any other health stat option is applied.
  • Fixed there not being a way to configure your starting max health in custom game mode.
  • Fixed mod issues interrupt not listing which mods were required when joining a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed tile mapping issues with ash cement flooring.


  • Defaulted more cards to use DirectX9 that had graphic issues.

Beta 2.8.2 Released

Following the theme of big minor patches, we present beta 2.8.2, another big minor patch. In this release you’ll see a lot of fixes and improvements, but also something a lot of people have been waiting for. Better networking!

Hopefully the days are gone where you would need to do some router wizardry to host a Wayward game. We have implemented Steam networking support. This is all automatic, so you shouldn’t have to worry about anything besides staying alive in-game.

Steam Networking

And how about all that ash that has been building up from the campfires and water stills? Well, now with a bit of effort, you can turn it into ash cement to build walls and flooring. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Ash Cement

This holiday season you can also stay cool with a new feature that warns you when attempting to sleep with a lit torch/candle, a long requested feature for the “Warn on Dangerous Actions” option.

Lit Torch Warning

Some other related changes to resting/sleeping include:

  • Increased effectiveness of resting or sleeping by fire sources or when using bedding items/doodads.
  • Sleeping will now mitigate hunger and thirst more effectively than just resting.

These are just a few examples of what’s in store for this release. On another note, happy early holidays! Hope you get a game or two in!


  • Added support for Steam networking, allowing players to connect to and host multiplayer games where they were not able to before due to networking issues.
  • Added ash cement, crafted from all that leftover ash, to be used for walls and flooring.
  • Added a help article explaining the differences between resting and sleeping and other regenerative bonuses.


  • If “Warn on Dangerous Actions” is enabled, players will now be warned when attempting to sleep with a lit fire source equipped.
  • Terrain can now spawn with differing qualities (like plants, trees, and other doodads do).
  • Consumption stat messages are now condensed into a single message.
  • Messages produced by dismantling and disassembling are now condensed/combined.
  • Improved performance of receiving items from actions, especially for any that returned multiple items (such as from dismantling, disassembling, gathering, decaying items, etc.).
  • Large numbers in the game are now broken up by locale-supported separators (such as commas or periods).
  • Added detail on how score is calculated in the “Challenge Mode” section within the “Game Modes” help article.
  • Drawn maps can now be dismantled.
  • Improved skill descriptions and help to include the fact that skill does impact quality of items gathered or harvested.
  • Sorting items by quality now sorts legendary types as well.
  • Blood is no longer spawned when the damage type is not piercing or slashing.
  • Added more information on the “Milestone Modifier” system within the “Milestones” help article.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed quests not looking into containers for required items. (Thanks EatAtSardis!)
  • Fixed an error when loading saved games from the Steam Workshop.
  • Fixed an oversight that did not allow you to fish up aberrant mudskippers. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed the “Seafaring” milestone not unlocking until rejoining a saved game. (Thanks Caerold!)
  • Fixed drawn maps having negative and/or too low durability. (Thanks Zalpha!)
  • Fixed animal dung not counting as compost. (Thanks Davadin!)
  • Fixed creature tooltips returning an incorrect happiness level. (Thanks sol!)
  • Fixed custom game options initial strength applying more strength than intended.
  • Fixed stat modifiers applying more to health than intended. (Thanks bored_o_mir!)
  • Fixed multiple stats display issues on smaller resolutions & ui scales.
  • Fixed a brief screen flash when loading into the game. (Thanks Zalpha!)
  • Fixed servers sometimes showing incorrect regions in the server browser.
  • Fixed the message filter name input not being correct when viewing subsequent filters.
  • Fixed attempting to soothe burn injury messages appearing on permanent burning pain.
  • Fixed an issue where not moving your cursor when crafting/dismantling would not always re-highlight required items in the craft/dismantle. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Potentially fixed issues with music switching randomly.
  • Fixed a bug where creatures that turned aberrant would not regenerate their loot to match. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed dismantling and disassembling saying all items were destroyed when some in fact were returned.
  • Fixed the “Corpse” note not displaying the creature’s name.
  • Fixed the protected “P” visual not updating on quickslots when enabling/disabling protected options.
  • Fixed performance issues on certain distributions of Linux.
  • Fixed a grammar issue where you “cooked cooked” food items. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed the messages dialog toggle not working correctly if the messages component was hidden.


  • Increased effectiveness of resting or sleeping by fire sources or when using bedding items/doodads.
  • Sleeping will now mitigate hunger and thirst more effectively than just resting.
  • You can now perform actions on rafts that normally would have counted as “in water” or “swimming”, disabling you from performing them.
  • You can no longer pet a creature indefinitely. It will reject your advances after a certain happiness and petting threshold is met.
  • Increased the durability of the raft and decreased items required to craft it (also reducing its weight slightly).
  • Reduced reputation gain from petting.
  • Reduced raw clay (and non-clay brick items) weights significantly.
  • Raw clay bricks now require two raw clay to craft.


  • Fixed Input.setMaxLength. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Removed named variables present in language files to make it easier for translators.


  • Added a disableGpuDriverBugWorkarounds launch option for debugging purposes.
  • Full conversion/version history is now saved in each game save.

Beta 2.8.1 Released

Welcome to beta 2.8.1, the not so minor, minor patch. Luckily, in the last major release, we didn’t have many major issues to sort out, allowing us to focus on adding more content and smoothing out some important areas of the game for this release.

We focused on performance for sure, but we made sure to improve on plenty of lacking areas as well including fishing, reinforcing, and other UI/UX improvements. I encourage you to check all the new things out!

While this is a sizable release, we still have more to work on in the 2.8.x series of patches. There’s still a few more things to smooth out. Continue to give us feedback on the game! Make sure to check out our Discord if you haven’t yet, or shoot me a friend request on Steam!

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