Beta 2.10.5 Released

Hey all, this week we have another batch of fixes and some more exciting new stuff ready for your consumption! Some of the later-game players will enjoy the bug fixes and improvements this time around with a fix to a particularly annoying flaw with Mastercrafted items and some bad quality distribution with harvesting, carving, and gathering. Take a peek at the changelog below and keep reporting issues you find.

More to come in beta 2.10.6!

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Bonus Tip: Resting and sleeping work differently when playing a multiplayer game or setting the mode to “real-time” turns, in that performing the rest/sleep actions will no longer progress time (or pass turns). Its use is shifted towards a regenerative role exclusively in these modes.


  • Added a new magical component for altering magical stat/skill/reputation properties to a different stat/skill/reputation, instead of only being able to re-roll them to a different property entirely.
  • Added durability and decay bars to items for usability. (Thanks Sooner535{UFIP}!)
    Decay/Durability Bars


  • Magical malignity and benignity properties are now combined into one type, making it so you can’t roll both on a single item. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Creatures will no longer spawn on the edges of a map. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Item “Dig” tiers will now affect gathered item quality (unless it’s a flooring type tile or player-set tile).
  • The “Resting and Sleeping” help article now explains how they work in a multiplayer or real-time setting.
  • Improved error handling when loading old saves.


  • Increased the maximum value magical stat (strength, stamina, etc.) items can have.
  • Creatures will now lose some happiness when being damaged/hurt.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed four property magic items not being possible from crafting. (Thanks Nobody Important!)
  • Fixed gathered/harvested returning too many superior quality items if your skill and/or tiers were too high among other issues. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed “Keep Sort Active” not working for containers when updates did not happen within it. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed aberrant damage not rounding up. (Thanks Nobody Important!)
  • Fixed tiles not melting in most instances.
  • Fixed heat sources created at night sometimes not being able to cause tiles to melt.
  • Fixed snow flooring not counting towards the “Explorer” milestone. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed various memory leaks.
  • Fixed a weight exploit when using boats within containers. (Thanks TheLukeyBoi!)
  • Fixed creatures being able to move outside of map bounds, causing errors. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed dug tiles not changing their quality after getting a quality set after the first dig/tile change event.
  • Fixed item quality always returning exact tile quality or random tile quality when digging (and only after the first dig), instead of distributing based on skill/tiers/tile quality.
  • Fixed desyncs related to temperature/melting tiles.
  • Removed the filter button from the dedicated server messages panel. (Thanks bearhiderug!)
  • Fixed being able to build and till over corpses.
  • Fixed rare stack overflow errors related to the input system.
  • Fixed some UI components not being removed correctly.
  • Fixed some UI not showing/or appearing cut off when placed in certain positions when UI effects were disabled. (Thanks Amax!)



  • Fixed TARS trying to build / plant seeds on preoccupied tiles.

Debug Tools

  • Fixed a dialog memory leak.
  • Fixed tile paint options extending underneath the paint button.

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