Beta 2.10.3 Released

Another week, another round of fixes and improvements! Oh, and also a few new things thrown in for good measure.

Bonus Promo: The feature voting page has been updated to include additions from beta 2.10 and add a couple dozen new frequently suggested additions/changes or completely new ideas from us to be voted on.

Bonus Tip: Solar stills need containers attached to them to collect water. That is all.

Short but sweet this week with more stuff in the works!


  • A back-up of your global save data and games will now be saved in your Wayward directory in case of Steam Cloud issues/corruptions.
  • Added a new interaction with the void.
  • Added a "savePath" launch option (for real this time – the previous option was command line only).


  • Saves will no longer shift/move positions (get sorted) after importing them.
  • The inspect dialog now retains what was inspected the last time the game was played.
  • Speed up travel time by up to 5 seconds.
  • Renamed "saveDirectory" command line argument to "savePath".
  • Multiplayer build mismatch errors now provide human-readable messages.
  • You can now import multiple saves at the same time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed required items not being damaged in crafts. (Thanks warriorsforever482!)
  • Fixed weight reduction cascading past the first level of container. (Thanks Oragepoilu!)
  • Fixed fur clothing not having any set durability. (Thanks Alien!)
  • Fixed being able to sleep on a placed bedding item without a warning appearing when a lit torch/candle was equipped. (Thanks Terrapin!)
  • Fixed importing custom game options not working when default skill options were not changed randomly. (Thanks darkmane!)
  • Fixed magical illumination not working when being held. (Thanks Valdig!)
  • Fixed the default inspection dialog picking a seemingly random item in certain instances.
  • Fixed item drop key binds ignoring the item filter. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed equipment appearing in the wrong slot after traveling. (Thanks Cryomantic Cultist!)
  • Fixed interrupts not allowing tooltips to appear afterwards. (Thanks Azhukar!)
  • Fixed flying creatures not protecting their owners properly. (Thanks William!)
  • Fixed walk to tile errors when near the edge of the world. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed inventory shifting after traveling. (Thanks Nobody Important!)
  • Fixed wisps and pirate ghosts not being able to move when spawned in the void (using milestone modifiers or other means). (Thanks Valdig!)
  • Fixed multiplayer options becoming out of sync when closing and reopening a server.
  • Fixed some crafts showing that fire sources were needed for crafting them but weren’t actually.
  • Fixed temperature producing creatures not removing their effects after death. (Thanks TheLukeyBoi!)
  • Fixed some items showing disassembly options in item tooltips incorrectly. (Thanks Oragepoilu!)
  • Fixed magical sorting not sorting magic “Power” items properly. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed hardware acceleration being unavailable for some older GPUs.
  • Fixed some instances of negative decimal numbers displaying with "+-" when language settings use comma for decimal numbers. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed container reference warnings caused by merchant NPCs spawning.
  • Fixed save data limitations on traveling.
  • Fixed the inspection dialog not working correctly after traveling and after using tile inspection in the previous set of islands.
  • Fixed the tile inspection overlay sprite staying when inspecting a tile, then inspecting an item afterwards.
  • Fixed tumbleweed errors produced when they are too close to the edge of a map.


  • Reduced coastal temperature variance/extremes slightly.
  • Increased the amount of loot possible from buried treasure chests the further out you are from your starting island.
  • Using open fire or enclosed fires (campfires, furnaces, etc.) in crafts/dismantling/repairing will now decay their strength slightly.


  • Fixed several UI-related memory leaks.
  • Reduced initial game memory usage by 154MB.
  • Modified the process of compiling/linking shaders to follow best practices.
  • Added several new GPU-based launch options in an effort to diagnose shader and context issues. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Improved lost context handling.
  • Converted Electron code into TypeScript.


  • Fixed "requirejs" cache busting logic. (Thanks Amax!)



  • Reduced memory usage.

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