Beta 2.10.4 Released

Hey everybody! This week we have another patch in the 2.10.x series that helps smooth some more issues out, but also adds quite a few balance changes in regards to bonuses for further travels, reputation, and aberrant creatures. There’s still a few things on our list to address, but this should fix up some of the major stuff spotted this week.

Take a peek in the changelog below!

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Bonus Tip: Have you spawned on a smaller island with not a lot of resources? You are likely on an offshoot of a much bigger island. Traveling east is usually a pretty safe bet in these scenarios. You can either swim (with a lot of stamina) or create a raft and explore the seas awhile until you come across a much bigger island. Here’s a visual of that:

Off Shore


  • Newly exported steam workshop save games will be more reliable when importing the save.
  • Added “bird droppings” for chickens and penguins to use instead of “animal droppings”. (Thanks Matthew Cline!)
  • Snakes will now accept eggs as offerings.
  • Buttons in non-item dialogs now appear with a background, distinguishing them from the dialog they’re in.


  • Increased the odds of digging up better chest types the further you are away from your starting island when doing treasure maps.
  • Increased the chance of quality creature loot/corpse resources the further away you are from your starting island.
  • Decreased the threshold at which freezing/overheating can occur.
  • Water no longer freezes to ice and items will now decay within in the coastal caves.
  • Aberrant creatures now deal scaled damage instead of only 1 when dealing a chance hit and deal them more commonly.
  • Aberrant creatures are now more likely to perform their special abilities or resource drops.
  • Action tiers and kindling/tinder quality no longer give bonuses when lighting torches/candles. Their starting decay is set by the quality of the torch/candle.
  • Successfully taming a creature through offering will now provide benignity (on top of skill use bonus).
  • Taming aberrant creatures is now harder when not using offering/items. Previous, the difficulty was unchanged from normal creatures.
  • Taming aberrant creatures now provides double the reputation/benignity gain.
  • Increased difficulty of taming aberrant creatures via offering slightly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed item decay maximums not counting until observed. (Thanks Azhukar!)
  • Fixed save game mods importing the same save each game load. This fix only applies to newly created save game mods.
  • Fixed errors loading games after exporting save games to Steam Workshop.
  • Fixed multiple confirmation interrupts showing up when dismantling items. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed containers not updating their capacity when changed/re-balanced internally. (Thanks icecream!)
  • Fixed the path to tile bind pathing to the last location you pathed while holding down the preview bind instead of the location you clicked on. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed “Keep Sort Active” not working properly with durability. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed endurance and some other magical properties showing as “0” under some locales. (Thanks Arnkh!)
  • Fixed equipment only being damaged when you were parrying. Cool. (Thanks Matthew Cline!)
  • Fixed the “Combat” note only appearing when you were parrying.
  • Fixed torches and candles not getting the proper decay amount based on quality/magical properties when ignited while equipped.
  • Fixed torches and candles not getting decay bonuses from their quality or magical properties when built on the ground before being lit.
  • Fixed the red decay outline/warning on items sometimes not showing or showing too early/late.
  • Fixed not being able to travel as a single person on a dedicated server. (Thanks Majestik!)
  • Fixed tooltips sometimes not showing after interrupt dialogs are hidden. (Thanks Azhukar!)
  • Fixed puddles being placable on void tiles. (Thanks Zillvr!)
  • Fixed items having decay that should not have. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed jittery animations and inaccuracy when dragging items within inventory/containers. (Thanks Skarn22!)
  • Fixed cases of items disappearing when moving to other islands (Thanks Cringe!)
  • Fixed "wayward +v" and "wayward +mod" commands no longer working.
  • Fixed incorrect doodad upgrade conversions from old versions.
  • Fixed incorrect creature HP upgrades from old versions.
  • Fixed incorrect modded creature upgrades from old versions.
  • Fixed seeds being exported with commas or other localized characters.


  • Wayward now ships with a "bin/wayward.cmd" file on Windows x64. Adding the bin folder to your PATH allows you to use the CLI synchronously via the "wayward" command (no extension required.)


  • Improved performance of walking to tile. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed InputManager producing too many logs.

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