Beta 2.1.1 Released

We’ve been following along with all the issues players have been reporting so far with 2.1. We wanted to address them as soon as possible to let new and old players alike get the best possible experience with Wayward.

Please let us know if you find any other problems and we’ll be sure to get them fixed up ASAP as always.

We’ve also been working on an uncommon bug where the game won’t run all the time from Steam on certain Windows 7 configurations. Help us track this down if you are experiencing it!

There’s been some reports that running it from the folder directly has helped, or creating a shortcut to run the game as an administrator and running that through Steam has worked as well.


  • Removed malignity increase on digging.
  • Increased creature malignity spawning values (tougher creatures come in a bit later, depending on how you interact with the world).
  • Reduced tree bark weight (and thus the stripped bark that can be made from it).
  • Reduced weight for plant roots, sinew, mortar and pestles, and sundials.
  • Reduced weight in each step of turning a bone/bones into a bone pole, sharpened bone, then to a bone needle.
  • Reduced woven fabric string requirement by 1 string.
  • Decreased overall healing failure chance and disabled the ability fail when above 25% in skill.


  • Fixed a bug that could result in refined sand as being 0 or negative weight.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in some items giving double weight based on their components (bone needle).
  • Fixed an error when eating spider eggs.
  • Fixed a grammar issue with the “Set Down” item use.
  • No more Golden Wwords.
  • Possibly fixed some issues where music would skip back to the start of the song, and randomly change to a new track. Let us know if you are still getting this issue.


  • Upgraded to Electron 1.3.1. Unfortunately this didn’t help the Windows 7 issue as far as we can tell.

Obligatory Pokémon Go Reference

  • Minor text fixes.

Beta 2.1 “Appearance” Released

Beta 2.1 Banner

We are super happy to finally unleash our first major patch to the beta 2.x series on Steam. We’ve spent the last few months fixing, patching, adding, and changing tons of stuff.

This release, much like the previous have been shaped by the community. We unfortunately could not fit everything people have requested so far in to 2.1, but we are making leaps and strides; marching onward towards the ever-elusive, non-beta release. That being said, we still have a 2.2 planned, and likely a 2.1.1 if things turn out to be really broken. We still have tons of ideas to implement.

If you are not wanting to update yet (simply due to mod compatibility, or other issues), you can always manage what version you are at. Simply disable automatic updates for Wayward in Steam, or change your beta/branch. Get help with this, with the following guide:

But enough about the future, what can you expect right now? We released a short video showcasing some of the new things you can find in the game.

There’s tons of stuff not mentioned in the video. If text is more of your thing, have fun with the following giant changelog. Wall of text mode activated!

Read more…

Spam Filtering Issues Resolved

If you have tried registering to this site, or even sending an email to in the last little while (up to a month ago) and have not received any contact or emails back, it’s likely your registration or email was trapped in our over-aggressive spam filter.

We found out that this was happening a bit too late unfortunately and now have begun contacting everybody back. Stay tuned! We’re making our way through a backlog of non-spam emails. If you still have not heard back, please contact us (or request a new password if you registered) again.

Wayward Newsletter #1

Wayward Newsletter

Hey all,

Welcome to the first Wayward newsletter. A monthly or bi-monthly (the every two months variant) showcase of all things Wayward. News, discussions, mods, videos, and more!

The last couple weeks have been a blur. Lots of patching, lots of fixing, lots of people playing Wayward again. If you somehow missed all the excitement, you can peruse all the patches that have been released so far since the Steam launch:

Beta NaN (2.0.5) Released

Beta 2.0.4 Released

Beta 2.0.3 Released

Beta 2.0.2 Released

Beta 2.0.1 Released

We’ve focused on user complaints, issues, bugs, and new quality of life improvements for the game. Making it stable and more “complete” to prepare for the wait and development of the upcoming major 2.1 patch. We’re already well on our way for beta 2.1, by the way. If you want to follow along with us, you can keep an eye on our Trello:

The major patches is where we will show off new content, new gameplay, and bigger community-submitted ideas that couldn’t fit into the minor patches. We hope to have plenty of exciting things for new and older players alike in beta 2.1.

We won’t over-hype anything yet, but you can technically read through everything we are planning in the Trello, including many spoilers. We will also be doing a full video showcase of the new stuff when the time comes.

On with the showcases:

Discussion Showcase

Doom Discussion

A proposal on a brand new difficulty and scaling system within Wayward.

Mod Showcase


Reincarnate respawns you somewhere random in your world on death and refills your stats (health, stamina, etc.) but empties out your inventory to the spot where you died. Travel back to the spot of your demise to grab your items and resume your pursuits. Be careful next time, won’t you?

Video Showcase

You & I Play

Two players working their way through Wayward makes for a quite enjoyable series. Showing that two heads are better than one; when trying to survive at least.


We do that Discord thing. Come hang out and chat!

Developer Showcase

I know I get most of the limelight, but I just wanted to mention the rest of the wonderful Wayward team:

  • Gary ‘Spacetech’ Wilber (Programming)
  • Frank ‘Sassafrass’ Sasto (Programming)
  • Dusty ‘Goaticide’ Melling (Art/Design)
  • Austin Dhillon (Music)

Thank you all for your support! It’s a dream come true to have a game on Steam. But the way I celebrate is to keep working on making Wayward better!

Stay tuned and have fun!

Vaughn “Drathy” Royko

Beta NaN (2.0.5) Released

Happy Wayward Wednesday! That’s not a real thing, yet… but it does have a nice ring to it.

We have a smaller patch ready for you all today with a real treat for Linux users. Linux now has full Steam Workshop support! There’s also the variety of balance and improvement tweaks as per usual. We hope this is the last one in the 2.0.x series so we can get on to 2.1, but we’ll continue to fix stuff up if it’s important enough.

Oh and yes, the NaN bugs have been squished. This patch was also brought to you by Batman: NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN, Wayward, Wayward! Erm… anyways…


  • Fixed NaN values appearing for crafted items.
  • Fixed a case of an infinite loading screen in the event that Steamworks failed in some way.
  • Fixed GetAmbientColorDay, GetAmbientColorNight, and GetAmbientColorCave hooks not working correctly.


  • Linux Steam Workshop support has been added.


  • Improved durability calculations when crafting using altered durability items (repaired, disassembled, reinforced, and quality statuses all matter more now).
  • Further refinements/accuracy have been added to disassembly durability/quality reductions and item returns.
  • Repairing will now reduce the item’s durability by 1/2 instead of 1/3 (using max – min).
  • Torches now need fuel items again if not lighting a flammable tile. Each torch use will now reduce it’s decay in half.
  • Reduced the chances to craft a Remarkable/Exceptional/Legendary item with recipes that required many items – it was weighting them too heavily compared to other items with less consumables.


  • Many help/hints improvements (in terms of accuracy/ease of reading/layout).
  • The Sleeping/resting ZZZ’s are now properly sized like they were in beta 2.0.3.


  • Renamed onAddItemToInventory to onAddOrUpdateInventoryItem.

Beta 2.0.4 Released

We’re coming at you again this weekend, hitting you with another fairly large patch. We’re nearly at “Zero Bugs™” now, and we hope to keep it that way. “Early Access®” doesn’t have to mean “Buggy Access©”, now does it?

We showed some love to Mac OS X this patch as well as added some additional modding support. We cleaned up a lot of inconsistencies as well. Like most of these patches, nearly everything came suggested/reported from the forums and community. Thanks again all!


  • Fixed error when preserving items that can decay but have no uses (Ectoplasm).
  • Fixed weight calculations when storing items in containers in containers in containers in…
  • Increased item sprite capacity to 16384 (from 512). You should now theoretically never have hidden items/objects on screen again.
  • Fixed an issue where most Mac OS X hardware displayed Wayward darker than intended.
  • Drinking snow from the ground is now consistent with drinking unpurified water.
  • Fixed scroll wheel zoom sensitivity on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed the raft counting weight while using it.
  • Fixed the raft not passing a turn when you stopped using it.
  • Fixed a bug where gathering treasure on top of a cave entrance would show a snare graphic. Wat?
  • Fixed the alternate font not being anti-aliased on Mac OS X.


    Further refinements to skill to talent increments (many skills lowered).


  • You can now collect chests, traps, walls, doors, and most player-made objects without hurting yourself (if you don’t use a tool).
  • Stoking Fire has been added to the Starter Quest. Other misc improvements/wording fixes in Starter Quest.
  • Normalized/balanced stoke fire values (and increased in most cases).
  • Starting fires no longer requires a fuel item. As such, the starting state of a fire is much weaker.
  • Lighting campfires, kilns, furnaces, etc. now produce only enough fire as what was provided by the tinder/kindling. You will need to stoke the fire further.
  • Torches and built torches (doodads) now function the same in terms of decay/length and burning into ash.
  • Adding “Fuel” to torches now gives decay based on their Stoke Fire value instead of a randomized amount.
  • Improved overall readability of text, quality of icons on hover, and other misc UI tweaks.
  • Replaced fonts for those with better multilingual support and readability.
  • Min/max durability now effected by disassembled item’s min/max durability. Max durability of crafted items now effected by consumed item’s min/max durability as well.


  • Added additional rendering hooks (GetAmbientColorCave, GetAmbientColorDay, GetAmbientColorNight, GetAmbientLightLevel, PostRenderWorld, PostRenderPostProces, PreRenderPostProcess).
  • Added BaseMod.getIndex and BaseMod.getPath for ease of mods to load custom assets.
  • [Developer Tools] Added a day-night slider. Dialog now automatically resizes as needed.
  • [Reincarnate] Fixed weight not resetting on death.
  • [Balancing Tools] Now locks monsters in place.

Beta 2.0.3 Released

Hey all, we’re proud to be dropping our largest “minor” patch to date. We’ve been busy taking suggestions, bug reports, and watching tons of let’s plays and streams to get some extra polish added to Wayward in preparation for a bit longer of a wait until 2.1, our first major patch for Wayward on Steam. By the looks of things, we will also be doing a 2.0.4.

We also just want to thank you all again for checking out Wayward in it’s early stages and appreciate your monetary support on Steam and giving us an extra reason to want to keep working on the project.

The full beefy changelog below:


  • Improved overall performance of the game.
  • The Starter Quest dialog open/close state is now saved.
  • You can no longer move over a Stone Water Still.
  • “Cork” is now mentioned in the Raw Clay Jug’s description.
  • Various Starter Quest improvements for new players. More information added on locations, quickslots, customising UI, using the Actions menu, and more.
  • All references of burning/pain now are “burned” and “burn injuries”. Also fixed a grammar issue with the burned death message.
  • Updated Sail to Civilization item text as it wasn’t accurate.
  • Improved accuracy of Stripped Bark/Tree Bark descriptions.
  • Fixed a cuple typoz here and ther3.
  • Trapdoor Spiders now reveal themselves on trample.
  • Better quality application icons added.
  • Folders in the mods folder without mod.json are no longer detected as mods.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to mod publishing pipeline.
  • “Pick-up Object” is now “Collect” to add more differing verbiage for doodads. A new message has been added for collecting.
  • You can now “Gather” Objects/Doodads as well.


  • Fixed mods not refreshing on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed an issue where the Steam Overlay would render too small.
  • Fixed being able to drop items into locked chests.
  • Fixed a bug where bag/container breaking would miss the first item in the bag to fall out.
  • Fixed issue where creature spawns were mostly concentrated to top-left or bottom-right, instead of all around.
  • Fixed full-screening the game window on Mac OS X not updating the display options setting.
  • Fixed a modding bug where worlds failed to load after removing mods with recipes.
  • Idling (using spacebar or clicking your character) will now pick-up items under you even if your Auto Pick-up is disabled.
  • Fixed where headers were cut off slightly in the Options menu.
  • Fixed various quick slot issues.
  • Fixed bug where Fire Elementals would never cause Burned status.
  • The “Bugs” hint now links to the to bugs forum on Steam.
  • Fixed an issue where middle clicking items could cause the item’s menu to freeze in place.
  • Fixed size of Wayward’s icon in Volume Mixer on Windows.
  • Fixed the default keybind button not always appearing in Options.
  • Fixed the Starter Quest dialog appearing when pressing J in item search boxes.
  • Fixed “Open Logs Folder” not actually opening logs folder.
  • Fixed “Open Mods Folder” not actually opening the mods folder.


  • Added Leather Hides to Rabbit corpses.
  • Decreased chance of spawning water creatures.
  • Creatures no longer spawn as much, and the speed/rate at which it increases to eventually has been limited further.
  • Creatures now have a higher chance to spawn a bit closer to you.
  • Added more base damage to traps (and less variable damage).
  • Increased starting creature population a bit.
  • Increased thirst and hunger rate slightly (decreased sleeping bonus for thirst/hunger rates).
  • Adjusted/increased talent rates for skills that are used to produce armor either indirectly or directly or are semi-related to combat.


  • Added an OnPlayerDamage mod hook.


  • Fixed Developer Tools errors after unloading mods.
  • Fixed issue when using the Nimbus while on a Raft in Troposphere.

Introducing Wayward Free

Wayward Free Cover

As many (if not all) of you know, Wayward beta 2.0 was launched on Steam last week. We’re actually already up to 2.0.2 with 2.0.3 underway. It’s been a crazy few days for us, but I’ll probably save that for another post.

Today, I just wanted to highlight the fact that Wayward as it existed before 2.0 remains available online for all to play, for free, hence the renaming to Wayward “Free”. We didn’t have the opportunity to showcase this amidst the launch of 2.0, but this free version also got an update, which is why the version number bumped up from 1.9.2 to 1.9.3.

Here’s the 1.9.2 to 1.9.3 changelog:

  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow you to see all the hints if using “Previous Hint”.
  • Fixed a bug where repairing/reinforcing an item would not remove red durability marker.
  • Fixed all container errors possibly.
  • Removed all old references/links from hints/help.
  • Fixed an error displaying when hovering over/using Ectoplasm.
  • Fixed an issue where Bedrolls were not giving a sleeping bonus if they were in first inventory spot.
  • Fixed items not reducing in durability if they were in the first inventory spot.
  • Fixed an error if you tried to preserve on empty tile.
  • Fixed an issue where the Black Powder message was not used at all.

In comparison, check out the changes from 1.9.2 to 2.0:

This free version will remain free forever, but you probably won’t see any further significant changes to it. Maybe, things here and there as needed. The source code is technically available for tinkerers and modders to play with, or even fix possible future issues.

The Wayward Mods section also will also remain to exist and be updated as needed.

Beta 2.0.2 Released

Mondays suck! Let’s help you with that, with a Wayward patch! A huge shout-out to Spacetech, who went H.A.M. on this patch.

Versions 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 have both been constructed entirely from the community and forums. A big thank you to all that contributed your suggestions, complaints, and bug reports.

With 2.0.2 we can see some new additions and balance changes along with the normal bug fixes:


  • Reduced burning damage, duration, initial burn damage, and increased chance for effect subside to water.


  • Added option to enable / disable mouse movement.
  • Added “Scale In / Out” buttons to options. This is useful for high DPI or 4k monitors.


  • Burning pain is now explained a little more in the hints.
  • Hitting escape now closes the context menu first, then overlays and dialogs.
  • Fixed a typo in crafting hints.
  • Fixed some outdated information in the doodads hint.


  • Fixed errors when moving multiple items from a container to the inventory while another container is also opened.
  • Fixed context menus appearing off-screen when near the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed chest containers staying open after carving/gathering.
  • Fixed disassembling Stone Water Stills (and potentially other items too).
  • Crafting different states of water containers no longer repair them on craft.
  • Fixed errors when building Explosive Traps.
  • Map dialogs are now closed after gathering treasure.
  • Fixed Sundials working in caves.
  • Fixed reinforcing items failing to display a message when it doesn’t find an item to reinforce.
  • Fixed ‘ghost’ items on screen after closing a container dialog while dragging.
  • Fixed some cases of ‘Open Logs Folder’ not working.
  • Doubled item batch capacity. This should fix dropped items being invisible if there are too many on screen.
  • Fixed some potential saving issues with older save files.
  • Fixed a Cooked Spider burning into a Cooked Spider (infinite fuel source).

Beta 2.0.1 Released

Happy Saturday all!

We’ve been busy getting some “day 1” patches ready for ya’ll. In no particular order:


  • Improved wayward.log file. It now outputs the full stack-trace of errors when they arise. This will make it easier for us to debug future issues.
  • Added red highlighting if the required doodad for an item is missing in the crafting tooltip.
  • Removed weird tray icon on Mac OS X version.
  • Added additional error protection when using unknown items (due to unloaded mods/other issues).
  • Added a zoom-factor flag for those who want increased UI/font sizes. A more finalised implementation will be added in a future patch.


  • Fixed music stopping at the end of the track list.
  • Fixed the Display Mode button showing you’re windowed when you’re actually fullscreened in the Options menu.
  • Fixed the crafting dialog appearing blank after playing subsequent games without restarting the game.
  • Fixed “Gather Treasure” not working when Tattered Maps are in player containers.
  • Fixed crafting/quickslot errors with water containers/torches when the original item is in a quickslot.
  • Fixed some bad quotes in Starter Quest quest.

More changes and fixes are coming! We wanted to get a start on the major bugs for now.

If you want to use the new zoom feature, it’s a bit technical, but here goes:

You’ll need to go in Wayward’s folder in Steam. To do this, you can right-click Wayward in your game library. Click on Properties then head to the “Local files” tab. From there you can “Browse local files”. In the folder, you’ll see a launch_options.json file. You’ll need to edit/open this with a text editor (Notepad). You will see a zoomFactor option with a “:1” beside it. Simply change that “1” to a new value, like 1.2, 1.5, or even 2 (if you are running 4k for example). Save/overwrite the file, and launch Wayward!

Again, this is just a temporary fix, we’ll be adding it to the in-game options as well.