Wheels & Wetlands Update #1

Hot off the heels of our largest major update to date, here’s our largest minor update to date! In this one we smoothed out some problem areas we have discovered with the action slot system – making it more streamlined, but just as powerful. This update also rebalances how clay and metals work, allowing metallurgic endeavors to be easier and more possible on the coastal island biome (or the starting island).

Another exciting piece of news is that Wayward is now considered “Playable” on the Steam Deck. There are a few issues Valve and us have been working on behind the scenes to get a better experience for the game, including some things in this update. It’s not 100%, but it’s just as the status implies, “playable”.

Stay tuned for more! It’s likely we will be moving on to the next major update after this release with possible bug-fix-only minor patches in the future as new issues arise.

Bonus Promo: Evan of RetroMMO recently had me on “RetroChat”, regarding Wayward. Check out the edited VOD here if you are wanting to learn about some Wayward development lore:

Bonus Tip: You can automatically use actions in your action bar when moving, similar to the old feature where you could enable automatic gathering; however, this can be done with any action including things like dismantling, firing a bow, taming, and more! This feature is unlocked after discovering (and using) 20 actions. Simply hover over an action slot and hit “Left Alt” (by default), or configure the slot and check “Use When Moving”.


  • Added animations for item interactions such as dropping, picking up, stoking fire, building, and more.
  • Added animation effects for tool-based actions such as gathering and starting fire.
  • The time in days that you and other players have spent on each island now displays in the islands dialog.
  • Players enter faster time advancement when everyone in a multiplayer server is sleeping at the same time.
  • Added unique structures and spawns in the glaciers on the ice cap island biome.


  • Most actions are now hidden from the actions drawer until they’ve been discovered, to avoid frontloading information on new players. You can see your progress on action discovery with the Operator milestone.
  • You can now extinguish lit built torches.
  • Significantly increased item updating performance.
  • Improved traveling performance.
  • You now unlock the ability to set action slots to be “used when moving” only when at a certain amount of progress on the Operator milestone.
  • A warning icon is now shown when an action slot has an item but no action. The tooltip for slots with an item but no action now shows what you can do to set an action.
  • Restructured the options menus. All gameplay settings are now only in the Gameplay Settings dialog, all links to gameplay settings open and highlight the dialog.
  • Swapped the default bindings for “configure action slot” and “use slotted item” to improve the UX for new players.
  • Discovered actions in the Operator milestone now display with icons and, when inspected, display with action tooltips.
  • Protected ammunition will not be fired if it will break.
  • The “Operator” milestone can now be obtained in any game mode.
  • Dragging an item to an action slot now automatically selects the primary use of the item, provided that exact item & action haven’t already been slotted. You can turn off this feature by right-clicking on the action bar’s – or + buttons.
  • You can now configure extra options for an action slot even if there isn’t an action slotted inside it yet.
  • The item equipped in your offhand will now be displayed with a sword icon when it will be used to attack.
  • The item equipped in your offhand will now be swapped to your main hand when attacking with nothing in your main hand.
  • Reworked the way anchored tooltips function in order to fix many instances of tooltips going off the screen or appearing in locations where they overlap with things.
  • You can now drag items from the action slots to the equipment dialog to equip them, and from the equipment dialog to action slots to slot them.
  • The “Inspect in Dialog” hint no longer displays when no new information is revealed in the Inspect dialog. (Thanks Brobnodagain!)
  • Efficacy ratings of 0% will now be shown.
  • An arrow icon is now used to signify an input macro rather than a + to reduce confusion.
  • Action tooltips now display icons.
  • Dropdowns and context menus now have special sound effects.
  • The “self” inspection is no longer displayed by default for new players as all information is the same as in the static stats component.
  • Some action slot tooltip binding hints are now hidden when inapplicable, in order to reduce text overload.
  • Replaced the “remove slot” button in the actions drawer with a “clear slot” button. Added a “remove slot” button next to the “add slot” button above the action bar.
  • Reorganized the actions drawer, adding more information and increasing clarity.
  • When an action is selected and no item is slotted, the “Use Any Valid Item” choice now remains visible to better hint to new players how the action will function.
  • The confirm buttons in the menus are now highlighted in green.
  • Improved action descriptions.
  • Improved the appearance of unlocked quests in the Quests dialog to improve clarity. (Thanks lordhaywire!)
  • Dangerous buttons now appear in red even when not moused over.
  • When an item is slotted in an action slot, its own actions are now sorted to the top of the configuration drawer.
  • The close button in the actions drawer has been replaced with a highlighted “Done” button to improve usability.
  • The Till and Pack Ground actions now use different icons.


  • Clay is now more common on coastal islands and can appear under dirt and gravel, but copper is now rarer.
  • Replaced tin with copper in the ice cap island biome.
  • Reduced durability for obsidian tools and weapons but increased their tiers and damage (in some cases).
  • Crafting lockpicks now uses the lockpicking skill.
  • Containers now have varying amounts of weight reduction when held in inventory.
  • Modified all instances of capped action tier calculations in actions to support the maximum tier possible.
  • Rebalanced the preservation and insulation of bags, quivers, and backpacks.
  • Hostile merchants can now attack tamed creatures.
  • Neutral/scared creatures will no longer be hostile toward merchants.

Bug Fixes

  • Speculative fix for memory/crashing issues while traveling. (Thanks Deadpull!) (Thanks John!)
  • Fixed the sleep/rest actions not appearing in the intended actions menus when applicable. (Thanks puffletops!)
  • Slotting an inaccessible item now works as intended — rather than the actions drawer pretending the exact item can be slotted (it can’t), the actions drawer will now only display “use any x” and “use any quality x”. (Thanks Deadpull!)
  • Fixed creatures going outside of the map edge.
  • Fixed grown grass tiles returning their previous tile type when gathering non-tile-changing resources. (Thanks Deadpull!)
  • Fixed errors occurring when using ranged actions on the map’s edge. (Thanks Jon!)
  • Fixed preservation chance not appearing on some containers (and not being able to get magical properties as a result). (Thanks TheBlackHand!)
  • Fixed “rest on ground” and “sleep on ground” appearing in the actions menu when able to rest/sleep with a doodad.
  • Fixed some dialogs always showing in the top left on a new game, when traveling, or respawning. (Thanks Gin Ikino!)
  • Fixed “Max Travel Time” not being applied. (Thanks TheBlackHand!)
  • Fixed the attack tooltip displaying your off-hand equipment as your main hand equipment when your main hand is empty.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to container temperature checks.
  • Fixed desyncs related to save upgrades.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to multiple corpses/tile events on a tile.
  • Fixed decay bars not updating inside containers after traveling in certain situations. (Thanks The Red!)
  • Fixed some cases where action slots would grey out when traveling. (Thanks The Red!)
  • Fixed efficacy percentage inaccuracy when using doodads or items without tiers.
  • Fixed items slotted in the action bar becoming other items as a result of certain actions such as “Eat.” (Thanks EarPiercingReeeeeeee!)
  • Fixed rendering/line of sight issues with lava. (Thanks The Red!)
  • Fixed “Survivor”, “Weathered” and “Seasoned” giving incorrect starting stats. (Thanks Skarn!)
  • Fixed instances where inventory items could stay transparent after crafting.
  • Fixed save not loading with Developer Mode enabled. (Thanks Deadpull!)
  • Fixed doodad containers and crafting dialog sort names not appearing correctly when first opened.
  • You can no longer filter items while a context menu is up. (Thanks wolfram!)
  • Fixed disabled slots not showing differently when UI opacity is disabled.
  • Fixed some items’ action orders not respecting expected tool usage.
  • Fixed being able to gain seafaring skill while resting, sleeping, and idling.
  • Fixed some notekeeper milestone progress not updating the milestones dialog.
  • Fixed randomized starting skills granting progress toward the Multitasker milestone.
  • Fixed “Allow Hardcore Option” showing for challenge mode.
  • Fixed dropdowns not selecting entries with “enter”.
  • Fixed some terrain templates not spawning items or doodads.
  • Fixed weight and dismantling issues with knives.
  • Fixed hovering over skills not highlighting the item in the equipment dialog.
  • Fixed certain milestone modifiers being created twice.
  • Fixed throwing dual-wieldable weapons reducing durability on your current off-hand weapon (and mentioning it in messages). (Thanks TheBlackHand!)
  • Fixed cactus scarecrows producing a dangerous tile warning. (Thanks King Smidgens!)
  • Fixed not being able to select “use any valid item” in the actions drawer in some situations.
  • Fixed being able to slot an item with an inapplicable action in the actions drawer.
  • Fixed line height issue with news article titles.
  • Fixed resting in a sailboat in shallow water reducing rest.
  • Fixed dropdown “next option” and “previous option” shortcut bindings not working unless the dropdown has already been opened.
  • Fixed upgraded magical stoke values getting decimal places.
  • Fixed multiplayer clients disconnecting due to timeouts during island load/traveling.
  • Fixed the binding hints box showing up when there are no hints.
  • Fixed creatures interacting with tiles/doodads that they would have moved to if they weren’t frozen.
  • Fixed dirt showing underneath clay in the arid island biome rarely.
  • Fixed slotting an item when the actions drawer is already open causing the slot to reset to whatever it had before.
  • Fixed a typo in the note “My Needs Outpace My Stamina”. (Thanks puffletops!)
  • Fixed both the Till and Pack Ground actions showing simultaneously.
  • Fixed being able to toggle “use when moving” for actions that aren’t compatible with it.
  • Disabled the Rename action being “used when moving” since it didn’t work.


  • Added feedback and an error prompt when hard crashes occur.
  • Improved performance of loading saves with many islands when developer mode is enabled.
  • Upgraded to Electron 21.2.0.


Debug Tools

  • Fixed errors when using the inspect feature.
  • Improved the island selection dropdown.
  • Fixed zoom issues after renderer changes.


  • Fixed TARS sometimes causing other islands to load when playing.

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