Beacon’s Call Update #4

So, it looks like the last patch wasn’t the last one after all. We have another small patch that fixes some new issues that popped up and adds some other smaller improvements. Now, this should be the last one as we work on the next major update.

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Bonus Tip: Feeling stuck? Check out the Starter Quest, available by default by pressing “U”, clicking the “Quests” icon in the top button bar, or clicking the pinned “Welcome” box near your messages.


  • You can now hold the mouse down on action slots to keep using them.
  • You can now “auto-use” action slots when overburdened — when no slots are usable, the “walk to tile” path will be cancelled. When overburdened, “walk to tile” is no longer available.
  • The “eat” action now prefers using items with less decay time remaining first. (Thanks httpsnet!)
  • “Auto-use” now no longer automatically uses actions when you have no stamina. (Thanks Grub!)
  • Island distance calculations are now circular — sailing in any direction changes things at a fixed rate, rather than diagonals increasing faster.
  • The Starter Quest now explains input sequences for assigning items to action slots.
  • The Starter Quest now teaches how to use action slots without items.

Bug Fixes

  • Magical item properties are now absorbed and exuded as percentages, fixing issues with featherweight and other properties based on item stats. (Thanks Veeyu!)
  • Fixed action bar bindings being used over context menu bindings. (Thanks Aresff!)
  • Fixed “Move All” actions in the item actions menu not displaying type & quality anymore. (Thanks Kargen Dracos!)
  • Fixed being able to move on top of other players while they are connecting.
  • Fixed far-away islands not having tooltips or being clickable in the islands dialog. (Thanks Deadpull!)
  • Fixed taking damage sometimes not stopping path to tile. (Thanks Grub!)
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to dangerous movement animations. (Thanks Veeyu!)
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs that occurred when multiple players, who were on different islands, were all joining at the same time.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs that occurred when traveling. (Thanks Veeyu!)
  • Fixed certain plants being spawned as “bare”. (Thanks Veeyu!)
  • Fixed action slot action icons no longer having transparency when not usable. (Thanks Rainshine!)
  • Fixed outdated references to old recipes in the Starter Quest. (Thanks Storm!)
  • Fixed action slot tooltips being incredibly laggy and flickery. (They are now only slightly laggy and flickery. (Further down the line we’ll rework the internal systems behind tooltips to get them faster. (Hopefully.)))
  • Fixed the active container icon being broken on higher interface scales. (Thanks ChrisLivingIt!)
  • Fixed tile quality not transferring in some cases.


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