Beacon’s Call Update #3

Here’s what will likely be the last update in the “Beacon’s Call” series culminating in a huge batch of bug fixes and improvements to smooth out the game while we switch focuses on the next big update. Thank you for all the feedback and support!

Bonus Promo: Please consider leaving us a review on Steam. This helps us get the feedback we need to keep improving the game while we work towards our major upcoming milestone – a full, non-Early Access release.

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Bonus Tip: Tin tools are considered blunt due to the softness of the materials, making them great at things like mining, repairing, and providing defense in the form of armor, but a poor choice for lumberjacking and cutting (things that require a sharpened tool).


  • Added support for Apple Silicon.


  • Action slot tooltips now filter the item information down to only what’s relevant to the item in the slot. You can still hold “shift” by default to show the hidden information.
  • Badderlocks no longer decay, aloe vera bandages no longer disassemble with aloe vera leaves, and cactus scarecrows now use cactus ribs for crafting. These changes prevent issues where disassembling caused decay values for the sub-components to “freeze” in place.
  • The sorting and direction of all dialogs will now be saved. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Action tier information is now displayed in action menus and slots.
  • Action slot tooltips now display the current “item mode”, whether it’s an exact item, by type & quality, by type, or any item.
  • Backups are now contained within a folder based on the current active Steam account.
  • Dismantling items will no longer provide two prompts when attempting to dismantle with an item that will break on use (if both on use/on dismantle were set). (Thanks Kargen Dracos!)
  • You can now drink and pour directly from peeled coconuts without making a container out of them first.
  • Peeled coconuts now act as a liquid when broken or placed on a fire and can be used in crafts.
  • The “tap” input in bindings now appears as an icon.
  • Action slots now display a * symbol by the action when they’re in “any item of type” and “any item of quality” modes.
  • The active dialog (where quick-moved items will go) is now indicated via an icon and a white border.
  • The “Use When Moving” feature has been renamed to “Auto-Use”.
  • You can now use ctrl + enter “Submit” binding in the actions drawer to accept the current configuration.
  • Some icons in bindings now have tooltips describing what they mean.
  • Hints are no longer displayed in action slot tooltips when showing more information, to save screen space.
  • The text “hover item” is no longer shown on every binding in the bindings menu.
  • Mods that aren’t enabled now appear white in the mod list tooltip on multiplayer servers, and mods that can’t be found appear orange.
  • The “mods” button on the main menu now has a tooltip displaying which mods are enabled.
  • The viewport now resizes when screen DPI changes.
  • The “Locksmith” milestone modifier description now should be more clear on its effects. (Thanks Veeyu!)
  • Stat bars no longer appear to refill when at 0 or below.
  • Unpublished mods (mods without "publishedFileId") are now displayed on the “mods” icon in the multiplayer menu, and when joining the server, only other unpublished copies of the mod can be used. (Thanks HDJam!)
  • Added a warning when hosting a server when unpublished mods (mods without "publishedFileId"s) are enabled. (Thanks HDJam!)
  • Some places in the game that previously couldn’t show the left click icon and instead would show “Left Click” as text now show the left click icon. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Improved consistency of water/ice particle colors.
  • Testing well depth now creates puddles.


  • Friendly and Pacifier milestones will now prefer land-based creatures to spawn.
  • Claw worms now skip the turn they were stirred up on. (Thanks httpsnet!)
  • Reverted a change to small bags so their preservation rate is back to previous values, but reduced their storage capacity instead.
  • Scarecrows now provide civilization score.
  • Peeled coconuts now decay into coconut meat first before rotting vegetation.
  • Reduced maximum decay of coconut meat and peeled coconuts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed solar stills not refilling properly. (Thanks psusi!)
  • Fixed not being able to set action slots to “any item” and an action if all items currently matching are protected. (Thanks Kargen Dracos!)
  • Fixed shooting ranged weapons not adhering to protection in some cases. (Thanks Hiran!)
  • Fixed screen flickering when resizing inventory, container, and crafting dialogs.
  • Fixed tamed creature “command” action default bindings not working. (Thanks Eudae!)
  • Fixed disassembling items resetting their base component decay values. (Thanks Kargen Dracos!)
  • Fixed “Abnormalizer” spawning aberrant versions of creatures via item interactions. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed a decay exploit with torches among other decay inconsistencies. (Thanks httpsnet!)
  • Fixed many tile quality inconsistencies.
  • Fixed stat bars transitioning between widths when UI effects are disabled.
  • Fixed lava/cooling lava not animating correctly.
  • Fixed some actions not checking whether they’re truly applicable on specific items, such as whether an item can be refueled. (Thanks Feral Grumpicorn!)
  • Fixed a strange “scan-line” like effect when stamina is very low, above zero, and UI effects are disabled.
  • Fixed movement-related bindings sometimes taking precedence over context menu ones. (Thanks Eudae!)
  • Fixed templates generating with wrong-facing doors and fence gates. (Thanks Veeyu!)
  • Fixed being able to click/interact/hover over invisible islands in the islands dialog. (Thanks httpsnet!)
  • Fixed not being able to use “x with y” actions in “any item of type” mode.
  • Fixed slither suckers persisting in containers and on the ground after throwing them. (Thanks httpsnet!)
  • Fixed the “mod not installed” error displaying the text “{name}@{version}” when failing to connect to a server.
  • Fixed movement in vehicles being blocked by creatures (fish) and doodads being under you. (Thanks httpsnet!)
  • Fixed thrown weapons costing two durability when hitting creatures/doodads. (Thanks Grub!)
  • Potentially fixed some issues that could cause broken drawn and tattered maps. (Thanks Crows!)
  • Fixed messages not being scrolled all the way down when first loading a save.
  • Fixed not getting visual feedback for the context menu option you chose when using its binding.
  • Fixed the Helmsman milestone not counting biomes correctly. (Thanks httpsnet!)
  • Fixed some “x with y” actions no longer being slottable if the item is not currently able to be “x”d.
  • Fixed pressing enter while in the actions drawer filter input making the actions drawer always close no matter what you try to do in it.
  • Fixed some incorrect liquid particle colors on swamp/fresh/freezing water.
  • Fixed “show more” binding not working in action menus.
  • Fixed some cases where actions could be unusable due to missing requirements without a message.
  • Fixed removed or modified modded quests sometimes appearing to be incomplete for players when in the “completed” category. (Thanks Gyuri (kustox)!)
  • Fixed quests dialog failing to display quests or displaying the wrong quests when modded quests have been changed or modified. (Thanks Gyuri (kustox)!)
  • Fixed future potential issues regarding duplicate/incorrect notes being granted via the Notekeeper milestone. (Thanks Matthew Cline!)
  • Fixed various issues for modded world layers
  • Fixed some issues with tile qualities.
  • Fixed some actions not being named properly for the “Operator” milestone. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed the “Trapper” milestone modifier not reducing skill gain rate. (Thanks Veeyu!)
  • Fixed the close button being able to be pushed off of the map dialog. (Thanks Gyuri (kustox)!)
  • Fixed incorrect item animation positions when attaching/detaching containers from solar stills.
  • Fixed the “disable all” mods button sometimes causing prompts to appear.
  • Fixed some mods incorrectly scrolling to the “other” section in options on enable. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed tooltip position shifting when toggling more information shown.
  • Fixed mod images not getting scaled using bilinear filtering.
  • Fixed pinned message borders being cut off.
  • Fixed website links in messages not working.


  • Miscellaneous multiplayer matchmaking server improvements.
  • Migrated Discord integration to the Discord GameSDK.
  • Upgraded to Electron 22.3.14


  • Prompts are now more easily moddable.
  • Reduced the chance of publishing the same mod separately multiple times.


Debug Tools

  • Allow zooming in the selection panel
  • Fixed not being able to inspect modded world layers.


  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs.

Balancing Tools

  • Creatures now spawn in order of spawning reputation (based on biome type).
  • Fixed spawn creature lanes not working for modded creatures.


  • Fixed the overworld not rendering properly when looking down from the troposphere.
  • Fixed creatures not being able to move.
  • Fixed cloud/storm boulder rendering issues.
  • Fixed doodads regenerating each load.

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