Beacon’s Call Update #1

We have a quite sizable update ready to end this weekend off with.

In terms of balance changes, we are striving to make the early game more accessible to new players, but further the challenge as you play. You’ll see some more significant changes in the next couple of updates.

Speaking about one such change, “Player spawns on coastal islands have been rebalanced so starting on small off-shore islands should no longer be possible.”, you can see what effect this has on some previously “harder” spawns here:

Spawn Change Example #1

Spawn Change Example #2

Spawn Change Example #3

The arrows show the old spawn pointing to the new one after this change.

We still have some things we want to improve and definitely more bugs to squish so stay tuned for more patches on the horizon.

Bonus Promo: If you have a spare moment, please leave us a review on Steam! This is a key metric for Steam to promote Wayward to more new/old players and helps us understand what players like/don’t like about the game so we can improve it.

Bonus Tip: Does using actions via the (right-click) action menu feel tedious? Add them to your action bar instead! Simply click on an action slot to bind an action to it. Some good starting actions to set up in each slot is “Chop”, “Mine”, “Butcher”, “Start Fire”, and “Stoke Fire”. These slots will automatically use the best tool or item for the job in your inventory.


  • Departing an island with a lit lighthouse on it now adds a bonus to your travel range.
  • You can now put “drop all” in an action slot to drop every item in your inventory. (Up to what fills the tile.)


  • Removed messages, action, and item actions from the menu bar for a simplified new user experience and better compatibility for lower resolutions/higher interface scaling.
  • Improved the appearance of the crafting/dismantle dialog tabs.
  • Dialog titles now display their current keybinding.
  • Tweaked the UI for when the game is paused to hopefully make it easier to tell that the game is paused, and what to do to unpause.
  • Merchants will now never stock past 75% of their weight. (Thanks Gyuri (kustox)!)
  • Increased maximum width of tooltips on low resolutions, and reduced maximum width of tooltips on high resolutions, to result in a more consistent tooltip size overall.
  • Improved the readability of the island name/arrival text on small resolution/higher interface scaling.
  • Dialog titles now display their icons.
  • The warning when crafting with items that may break is now disabled by default for a better new player experience.
  • Improved the default column size in category/skill views in the crafting dialog when using interface scales above 1.
  • You can now dismount boats when over top of corpses.
  • Some creatures now count as a fire source when being comforted while resting/sleeping.
  • Updated some outdated areas of the help menu.
  • Older UI buttons now use the same click sound effect as newer UI buttons.


  • Player spawns on coastal islands have been rebalanced so starting on small off-shore islands should no longer be possible.
  • Standing by heat sources will now increase the chance of healing the frostbite status, but may also hurt you further if the heat source is too hot.
  • Decreased skeleton difficulty.
  • Hobgoblins, acid spitter demons, ice elementals, and dryads now have blunt damage vulnerability while increasing/adding their resistance to slashing or piercing.
  • Increased the rarity of x3/x4 thirst/hunger challenges and increased their difficulty rating in challenge mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed nearby items not being usable with the action bar.
  • Fixed a save corruption leading to the game not loading correctly. (Thanks mathematico!)
  • Fixed filtering not being applied to new items.
  • Potentially fixed mod bindings, actions, and other mod registrations not loading or overlapping in certain situations. (Thanks 柯箴之, Hiran, Lilac, and Umbra Animo!)
  • Fixed tattered map tiles flickering every turn.
  • Fixed “slotted in action bar” icons sometimes getting stuck on items.
  • Fixed field of view flickering in multiplayer.
  • Fixed subtitle spacing on lower interface scaling. (Thanks Heart!)
  • Fixed action bar add/remove buttons appearing far out from the rest of the action slots.
  • Fixed errors when traveling to a new island. (Thanks Torrin and wolfram!)
  • Fixed field of view/lighting-related multiplayer desyncs.
  • Fixed “Drop All” and “Drop All of Quality” actions only being slottable when operating on an exact item.
  • Fixed being able to drop things where not allowed using the “Drop Items at Feet When Facing Tile is Blocked” option.
  • Fixed the “Drop” actions not displaying a red message and preventing use when there’s something in the way.
  • Fixed “Drop All (of Quality)” not dropping the correct quality. (Thanks King Smidgens!)
  • Fixed “Drop” actions not displaying a red message and preventing use when the item(s) don’t fit in a container.
  • Fixed multiple styling issues relating to input/dropdown menus in dialogs.
  • Fixed being able to load the mods menu before all mods are initialized.
  • Fixed UI quadrant changes resetting when rejoining a server.
  • Fixed merchant/shipper container dialogs staying open after the NPC dies.
  • Fixed action slots incorrectly appearing as though they had no action bound in some cases. (Thanks Petalwing!)
  • Fixed renderer not updating correctly for other players when moving to/from caves.
  • Fixed text describing a book not using the same format as other book description text. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Message conversions/upgrades now happen for all players (even disconnected ones) on the save.
  • Fixed being able to enter screenshot mode when in the pause menu.
  • Fixed pressing escape no longer exiting screenshot mode.
  • Fixed the message UI getting squished when starting a game with it in the top right quadrant.
  • Fixed dialog/container sort selection not being saved for clients in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed some issues with how native scaling is handled.
  • Fixed the crafting dialog being blank when joining a multiplayer game that is paused.
  • Fix the action bar moving to the bottom left when the messages are switched to a dialog.
  • Fixed the title bar not showing when you’re using the development branch.
  • Fixed the back button on mods overlapping text if the description was too big.
  • Fixed a few embeds in the news menu displaying as links.
  • Fixed ports in the islands dialog having an unintentional extra white line underneath them.


  • Fixed some seeded generators sharing internal state objects.


  • Improved the file generation/updating of "+mod create" and "+mod update" to hopefully result in less stumbling points for new modders.


Debug Tools

  • Fixed issues when attempting to paint tiles. (Thanks Smogginal Dorksfurth!)
  • You can now apply and remove status effects on players/NPCs.


  • Updated item recipes to not require magical bindings.
  • Items are now created after enabling the mod on an existing save.
  • Is no longer considered a cheat mod.
  • Reduced durability/power of given items (so they aren’t as cheaty).


  • Now takes into account a creature’s difficulty/tier when deciding if it should attack or run away.
  • Fixed issues related to running away from creatures when trying to rest.
  • Fixed a game freeze when too many items are on the ground.

Balancing Tools

  • Added two new options for disabling NPC and creature attacking.

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