Development Branch Update – Beta 2.13.0

The time has come once again. The development branch has been updated with the yet-to-be-named pre-release version of the “next” major update. This means you can play (and test out) all the new upcoming features and improvements. Take it for a spin if you feel like living on the bleeding edge.

We have shared a few videos on some of the new features so far, including:

Some other notable features include:

  • Added tamed creature commands that unlock new behaviors as skill increases and creatures are tamed multiple times.
  • Added various rare gems for unique recipes and trading value.
  • Added a new magical golem creature, crafted out of various and sometimes rare resources.
  • Weapons and armor can now have a variable range of bonus damage and base defense based on their quality. Creatures have been rebalanced with this in mind.

But if you really want to see all of what’s going on so far, you can check the in-game changelog or view our Trello for a more technical breakdown: – Look in the “Beta 2.13 “Next”” column.

As always, we would encourage you to back up your saves before trying this development branch of the game. By default, you can find your backups and save folders in the main Wayward directory. You can also export saves and global save data in-game if needed.

More information on how to change branches here:

Report any issues you find, and let us know if you have any naming ideas! More news to come!

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