Wheels & Wetlands Update #2

Hey all,

We have a minor update ready tonight to start off this weekend. This release primarily focuses on bug fixes and smaller UI/UX improvements. Review the changelog below for more details!

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Bonus Tip: Wells do not require an underground/cave lake to function (although this is definitely preferred). You can place them in many locations and receive fresh water over time. You can even place multiple of them to get more fresh water quicker. Use a rope to “Test Depth” on wells to tell if you have adequate water coming into the well.


  • Redesigned the attack tooltip, adding in damage types, range attack info, and fixing misc issues.

Attack Inspection

  • Added a tooltip delay option.


  • Indecipherable and completed tattered maps now appear in the inventory with different graphics. (Thanks TheBlackHand!)

Tattered Maps

  • Completed tattered maps that are part of a different island will no longer be called “indecipherable.” (Thanks Setbu!)
  • Clicking on the “also bound to” icon in the bindings menu now filters to the specific input rather than the bindables also bound to that input, and the filter now updates as you rebind them, allowing you to more easily fix incompatibilities.
  • Tweaked some actions to be discovered by default like starting/stoking fire and butcher and removed eat/drink/rename.
  • Reduced splash screen time.
  • You can now choose to only show tooltips if you’re holding the “show more information” binding.
  • Dual Wielding now has a reputation impact and can increase strength. (Thanks Kalako!)
  • Cleaned up the UX around configuring the craft action in the action bar. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Drawing maps now has more delay to prevent performance issues and accidentally redrawing the same terrain. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • The player now uses their right hand for their main hand but can be toggled with a new gameplay setting.
  • Improved the “Item Qualities” help article. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Stored item insulation is now referred to as that in item tooltips.


  • Equippable containers (like backpacks) now have equipped insulation values.
  • Skeletons are now resistant to fire instead of vulnerable to it.
  • You can no longer see merchant stats in complete detail.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed drop/move actions not getting discovered. (Thanks Kalako!)
  • Fixed items not receiving the proper red decayed/damaged when picking them up. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed interrupts sometimes continuously opening when in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed errors related to scarecrows. (Thanks Jon!)
  • Fixed the inventory remaining greyed out after using an action slot while hovering over an item that gets destroyed or dropped. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed the rename interrupt not closing after first opening it with an action slot set to “Rename” via a hotkey, then using “Rename” again via the action menu.
  • Fixed context menus eating inputs for a short time due to animations.
  • Fixed items refined down to have 0/0 durability displaying with an extremely long durability bar. (Thanks Dirty Protagonist!)
  • Fixed the “Inspect in Dialog” hint showing when there are no inspections visible on a tile and the “Always Show More Information” option is enabled.
  • Fixed the news menu not correctly removing changelogs from news posts in favour of redirecting to the changelog menu.
  • Fixed the message for pouring water on plants never saying when the plant is fully healed. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed milestones with lists of discoveries not showing that you can inspect them for more information. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed action slots staying highlighted after pressing it and quickly moving your cursor off of it. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed some issues when preferring a lens over other fire-starting devices. (Thanks Ratha Wynter!)
  • Fixed the game displaying “you can now combat the tides” and unlocking the islands dialog upon collecting a minecart. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed coconut container of purified fresh water spilling into medicinal puddles.
  • Fixed copy action slot bind not always working.
  • Fixed incorrect temperatures being used for item decay/melting when inside containers.
  • Fixed a rare action-related multiplayer desync.
  • Fixed the possibility of temperature not properly updating after a fire decays.
  • Fixed temperature status effects being delayed in multiplayer & real-time mode games.
  • Fixed errors when changing languages while in-game. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed not all quest requirements being visible in the quest dialog. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed multiple tile quality issues including a case where the quality of a tile would get removed if other tiles were placed on top of it.
  • Fixed indecipherable tattered maps not appearing with “indecipherable” in their name after travelling.
  • Fixed niter not having any worth. (Thanks ChiriVulpes!)
  • Fixed “Warn When Breaking Items” not working when dismantling through action menus.
  • Fixed errors showing when hovering status effect icons in the Inspect dialog when inspecting the player. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Lists of items now only display a single item icon for the last listed quality. (Thanks Kalako!)
  • Fixed occasional pathing issues for walk to tile & tamed creatures.
  • Fixed some spacing issues with the input clear button and with the gap between some expandable sections.
  • Fixed not being able to correctly search for input sequences and inputs with modifiers in the bindings menu.
  • Fixed an error when inspecting an NPC or the player in a dialog. (Thanks Laura!)
  • Fixed action submenus appearing as undiscovered with no way to be discovered.
  • Fixed unknown/broken items (for example ones added by removed mods) causing errors.
  • Fixed actions in item inspections not showing as discovered. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed issues when enabling/disabling the same mod installed via Steam Workshop and locally. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed blank option menus showing. (Thanks Valdig!)
  • Fixed items stacking into a pile incorrectly.
  • Fixed changelog images being pixelated when resized.
  • Fixed some button/choice prompts displaying incorrectly.
  • Updated to old/incorrect information in the Starter Quest. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • “Focus Previous” will now default to Ctrl+Tab instead of Shift+Tab due to Steam Overlay conflicts. (Thanks 柯箴之!)
  • Fixed refining allowing 0 durability. (Thanks Dirty Protagonist!)


  • Updated Electron to 21.3.0.


Debug Tools

  • All places where you could add items to containers now renders the full list of items and supports the clear items action, a bulk durability editor, etc.
  • Invulnerable mode now only prevents death, rather than preventing all damage and creatures from attacking you.
  • You can now modify all skills at once.


  • Improved performance.

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