Beacon’s Call Update #5

Okay, I’ve almost lost track of the times I said this would be the last patch for Beacon’s Call, yet, here’s another one! This one is another small patch that fixes some issues that are a bit more pressing and we would rather not wait until the next major release to get them out there to the players. See the details below!

Bonus Promo: I recently did a new Beginner’s Guide video for Wayward. Check it out here if you are having trouble starting out in Wayward:

Bonus Tip: For a more continuous fresh water collection, try out wells! Wells can be built in many locations, but only some provide fresh water. When trying to find a good spot, a rope is your best friend. Use the “Test Depth” action on a rope after placing a well to see its water status. Some locations will provide water over time, and some will be infinite (although this is rare). This all depends on what exists under the well within the caves. If you are getting swamp or seawater in your well, you are too close to a swamp or seawater source and will need to move the well, or move the offending water. Non-infinite wells will fill over time, so you must wait for them to gather water; so one strategy would be to build several of them for a good supply.


  • Action slots that aren’t configured to use specific items are now automatically brought into new saves by default. This functionality can be disabled in the action bar options.
  • Added an option to configure the screen position of the Steam Input Keyboard on Steam Deck.


  • Using the + and – buttons in the action bar now add and remove whole rows at a time instead of individual action slots. You can hold shift if you want to add/remove individual slots still.
  • Only automatically open the Steam Input Keyboard on Steam Deck when the text input is important or when the input is clicked again.
  • You can now change the default modifier order for action bar rows. (For example, by default the rows are None, Ctrl, Shift, Alt, and you can change it to None, Shift, Ctrl, Alt, among all other possible combinations.) This feature can still be overridden by setting custom slot bindables.
  • The primary resource of basalt ground is now basalt.


  • You can no longer learn recipes from crafted items from other players when using the Rouseabout milestone modifier.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sleeping/resting taking too long/locking up the game. (Thanks CaptainSparklebutt!)
  • Fixed action slots becoming very slow on islands with an excessive amount of items. (Thanks Veeyu!)
  • Fixed generated doodads getting incorrect weight values. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed multiple items that could go under 0.1 weight using featherweight and refining. (Thanks King Smidgens!)
  • Fixed glowing magical properties not stacking with torches properly. (Thanks Aresff!)
  • Fixed exuding leading to decimal values sometimes.
  • Fixed “void” being able to be a treasure location. Note that this fix will only apply to treasure maps for islands generated after this update. (Thanks Veeyu!)
  • Fixed rare multiplayer desyncs related to magic properties.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs when using the upgrade action. (Thanks Veeyu!)
  • Fixed {1} after crafting efficacy in messages. (Thanks Nameless!)
  • Fixed soem typos.


  • Mod compilation should now be faster due to no longer typechecking the base game definitions when compiling a mod.
  • Fixed "@Register.stat" requiring a tooltip. (Thanks Sensakuma!)



  • Fixed TARS getting stuck when overburdened.
  • Fixed issues regarding picking up dripstones. (Thanks GrayStillPlays!)
  • Fixed TARS killing a creature and then forgetting to carve it.

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