A Fond Farewell to the World Map

Coming up in Alpha 1.3, we will be departing with the much beloved, world map. It’s replacement is procedural generation. Unfortunately procedural generation won’t replace everything – that special designer’s touch will be missing, something that code can only attempt at imitating. Furthermore, in Alpha 1.3, caves and dungeons will be missed the most, as they won’t be here anymore. Although I plan to add them back in, in some form in Alpha 1.4 and beyond.

In memory:

A Fond Farewell to the World Map

No Screenshot Saturday/No Updates?

I know, what’s up with that?

Well, for this release, most of the stuff I am working on is back-end, tweaks and other fixes, so really, there’s not really all that much to show off visually. As for the updates: I have been doing weekly and sometimes daily updates via the changelog. If you want to be notified of anytime it is changed, just subscribe via your email at the bottom of the page.

As for a current update: I am trying to figure out what is causing slowdown on late-game (on some machines, on some browsers). Also known as, the most boring part of making a game.

Wayward Alpha 1.2 Released

Yep, that’s right, it’s finally out! Since you’re already here on the website and everything, you probably know how to play it already, and you may have already done so. But if not, play it HERE. Or not, whatever man.

If you are interested in the changes, read about them here: Changelog. As always, I would love to hear what everybody thinks about it.

Here’s some (not the most exciting) promotional images:

Screenshot Saturday: World Generation Improvements

This week I had some inspiration with a lot of the things that were bugging me about where I last left off with the terrain generation. I had an idea instead of doing a bunch of different passes to add stuff like rivers, mountain passes, biomes, swamps and more, to just instead generate another map on top of it and use differences between the values to create all the new stuff. I’m glad to say this all happens in a 512×512 area under one second, so it’s good enough for speed as well. The end result is a much more seemingly hand-crafted world, that actually isn’t – that’s exactly what I wanted.

Screenshot Saturday: World Generation Improvements