Beta 1.5 Preview

I know I don’t post very much on the blog in between each version. I usually just relegate most communication to Reddit or the Facebook page during this period, but I thought I may as well make a small update just to show you all what we are working on.

There’s some fancy new dropping/dragging features, which allow you to drop or take all of a certain item while holding down control (CTRL). Shown here:

Earlier this week, I also posted a screenshot of some new inventory changes/features:

Wayward Beta 1.5 Preview

I asked people to guess at all the changes they could spot here. But, I’ll just go ahead and tell you:

  • Items with a durability of 1 or less now show up in red in your inventory/equipment/quickslots.
  • The inventory now also has a filter option for name/group.
  • Requirements now are shown in red in the tool-tip if you do not have the item, or enough items for the craft.
  • All items now have durability (no stacking in this build). Don’t worry, I am also working on some form of smart grouping system. But for now, definitely use the filter.
  • There’s a few new items shown.

Some other great changes coming up in 1.5:

  • There is now “fresh” water sources (in caves, ponds, oases) in which you can place into a Waterskin or Glass Bottle to drink directly. You can also boil fresh water to make it cleaner and less potentially hazardous to health. Fresh water does not need to be desalinated unlike sea/ocean water which still needs to be distilled using a still or Flask.
  • Ore veins now have the potential to be double the size.
  • Milestone system has been implemented. Special bonuses are given out on obtaining each one. More milestones will appear each release.
  • Ranged (projectile and bow) items are getting an overhaul with how they work. There’s also a few new items for ranged combat. More information will be added about this in the changelog when ready.

View all the beta 1.5 changes so far on the Changelog:

Beta 1.5 will be coming very soon. I promise!


3 thoughts on “Beta 1.5 Preview”

  1. Good to finally see an update. I hope you have the sufficient amount of coffee 😉 You should write here more often, not only when you have something important to announce 🙂

    What is the purpose of milestones? Are they only for the current run or do they persist across the games giving you some bonuses when starting a new game?

    • They currently are for each game (they don’t transfer over), this is because they provide stat and skill bonuses once you reach or discover them. Although, I’d definitely like to include more things that carry over between games, some form of unlockables. Who knows, maybe I will make the change so that milestones carry over, and when starting, you get the bonuses right away. Might have to balance that a bit though.


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