Wayward Beta 1.5 Released: Watergate

Wayward Beta 1.5Wayward Beta 1.5 has been released! Dubbed “Watergate” after the controversy of the inclusion of thirst and water in the last update and a reference to the real-life scandal. Get it? It’s a pun… anyways… water and thirst is a lot easier in 1.5. How easier? Well, if you read the previously posted “On Thirst & Hydration” post, you can get an idea on what changed and why.

Besides the water and thirst changes, there’s lots of other changes, and I mean A LOT! Take a look at the changelog! There’s close to 70 changes there. Some of the best stuff is as follows:

  • You no longer move to fire bows (yes, there’s more than one now!), instead, you can double click to fire them (provided you have the ammunition).
  • Aberrant monsters now spawn (more at night/in caves/on treasure). They are doubly as strong (both defense/attack), always hostile, and can potentially drop rare items.
  • Milestone system has been implemented. Special bonuses are given out on obtaining each one. More milestones will appear each release.
  • Fixed a bug that always focused on the crafting filter when you opened the inventory window.
  • The inventory now also has a filter option for name/group.
  • A handful of new items have been introduced including a focus on Archery/Bowcrafting materials/weapons.
  • You can now control + right click to attempt to drop all of the same type of items on the ground/container. You can also hold control while drag/dropping items for the same effect between containers/inventory.
  • Ore veins now have the potential to be double the size.
  • Items quickslotted will now re-quickslot on use if available from your inventory.


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Do a hard refresh or clear your cache if beta 1.4 is still popping up for you.

Wayward Beta 1.5

13 thoughts on “Wayward Beta 1.5 Released: Watergate”

  1. Should my save from 1.4 load or does this version require a fresh start? It just hangs at loading if I have my 1.4 save folder present…

    (Windows standalone version)

  2. Hello, I’m using the MacOSX standalone version and can’t save. It says it saves but just starts as if it didn’t next time I open it. Any way to troubleshoot?


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