Wayward Beta 1.4 Released: More Ways to Die

Wayward Square PromoWayward beta 1.4 is out right now! Very appropriately subtitled, “More Ways to Die”; this release features new stuff that will kill you, like poison and thirst! FUN! It’s not all bad though, there’s plenty of improvements and other new content as well.

Looks like we are sticking with the monthly release schedule so far, so as always, stay tuned for beta 1.5 and onward.

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Delete your cache if beta 1.3 is still popping up for you.


Some of the bigger stuff from this release:

  • Monsters now have defense, resistances, and vulnerabilities based on weapon damage types.
  • Trapping skill and items have been implemented.
  • You can now sort and filter crafts. You can filter by name, group and skill currently. You can sort by name and skill.
  • Poisoning has been added (from eating bad stuff/monster attacks).
  • Many new items added, including everything needed to distill water and cure poisoning.
  • Thirst has been added with more ways to create drinkable water.
  • Hunger now increases slower.
  • There is now support for multiple groupings. Coal for example is now considered, “Carbons” and “Fuel-like”.
  • You now learn past crafted items just by having the materials in your inventory. You no longer have to craft them for them to stay. Craft discovery rate has also been increased very slightly.

Read about all the changes via the Changelog:


Beta 1.4 Screenshot

9 thoughts on “Wayward Beta 1.4 Released: More Ways to Die”

    • There’s two new environmental items for water distillation including:

      Stone Water Still
      Large Rock x3
      Sharpened Item

      With this one, you have to pour unpurified water into it (right click), light it on fire, and wait until it burns out to grab the now distilled water.

      Solar Still
      Sheet of Glass (Tongs, Refined Sand x3, Limestone Powder, Furnace)

      With a solar still, you have the pour unpurified water into it, then wait a couple hundred turns. This will only work during the day. After it’s done, you can grab the distilled water.

      You can also use a direct recipe method:

      A Purified Filled Waterskin
      Flask (Clay Blow Pipe, Refined Sand x2, Limestone Powder, Furnace)
      An Unpurified Filled Waterskin

      Using a flask, you can distill water directly using a campfire with an unpurified waterskin.

      There’s some other thirst-reducing foods as well including Snow, Pineapples, Nopal, and Coconuts.

  1. I can’t figure out how to make a bandage to stop poisoning i’ve looked on the Wiki but its not very developed so no help there but if anyone could help that would be great.


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