Greenlight News & Beta 1.6+ Preview

So, yesterday, Steam approved another huge batch of games (100), and in doing so, placed Wayward up to #48 in 1387 games currently on Steam Greenlight. That is really good news for the future development of Wayward as you can imagine. This definitely puts some “fire” under me to work even harder on Wayward (it’s currently still a hobby project) and stay up a bit later each night, hah!

If you haven’t voted yet, please do so! Every vote helps! Already voted? Leave a kind comment, or just say “MINECRAFT CLONE!” like everybody else (just kidding, don’t do that, haha).

It’s also been awhile since I did a full preview post, so here goes:

Earlier in the month, I teased some new status effect graphics:

Status Effects

This will make it easier to see that you are going to need to bandage or cure yourself, quickly! Especially because of this change:

  • Poison, bleeding and burned status effects are now have randomized damage and scale with your strength. Equipment now taken into account for burn damage and can absorb some or all of the damage.

You can also expect some new status effects coming up in 1.7+ as well.

I have also been testing proper tile mapping which will give the game a less amateurish look, and take away from that very rigid “grid” feeling. This isn’t 1.6 stuff, but you can see what I mean in the screenshot below:

Tile Mapping

This example is very basic and doesn’t show the true visuals of a dynamic tile mapping system, but I hope you get the picture.

I also teased some new items (there’s a few more than these too):

Beta 1.6 Item Preview

Reddit user, theChillestThem was surprisingly accurate in guessing what each were.

Lastly, in terms of media, I also showed off some fencing (using some of the tile mapping principles I showed off above):

Beta 1.6 Fence Preview

As always, the changelog chronicles all of the changes, fixes, and additions to beta 1.6 so far, but here’s some of the coolest stuff:

  • You can now fast equip armor, weapons and tools by control + double clicking them. It will automatically swap things out just as per normal drag + drop functionality. For held items, it will target the left hand first, then the right hand (if something is equipped already in the left hand), then continue swapping for just the right hand.
  • Added a series of new milestones to unlock and discover. Which milestones are hidden and invisible are now randomized on game start. There is now “invisible” type milestones that reveal the progress, but not the name (the reverse of hidden milestones). Milestones now save permanently, and each unlocked on start gives +1% to starting skill, and chance for more starting items.
  • Huge performance improvements regarding the rendering of item changes, objects, mini map, tiles, lighting and more. This has decreased CPU usage by around 10%.
  • Smooth movement has been implemented. Still working on this one, but I also want to move the canvases to WebGL to get even better performance. Here’s a video preview of this:

  • Starting items, resource gathering, monster loot, chest loot all now have a chance to be Remarkable (uncommon), Exceptional (rare) or even Legendary (very rare) items. Using Remarkable, Exceptional and Legendary items in a craft now effect the chances of your craft also taking on these qualities.

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  1. This is looking great. I cannot wait for another update!
    I appreciate you putting these builds up for free. It gave me time to
    really get into the game, and i’ll certainly be buying it on steam. 🙂


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