Wayward Now on Steam Greenlight!

That’s right. I’ve decided to take a plunge. After all the recent controversy on the service, I have no expectations, nor should any other indie developer for that matter.

Luckily, I have no concrete plans for the monetization of Wayward and will happily keep it the same as long as I get the same level of support I need to keep developing Wayward.

Actually, I do have some expectations for Steam Greenlight. A lot of “No” votes. A lot of nonconstructive criticism. Unfortunately that’s just the reality of putting yourself out there to the masses. Thick skin mode activated!


It’s now been up for around 24 hours and I have to say that I’m really surprised at how positive it has been. Sure, there is the people that just vote “No” for lulz, or because it’s retro-looking, or because it’s 2d, or even because it’s turn-based, but I’m glad to report that many took the time to give it a chance. Thanks for the support!

Show some support:

Oh yes, and I also did a new trailer:

6 thoughts on “Wayward Now on Steam Greenlight!”

  1. Awesome! The only thing missing is volleyball Wilson 😉

    I only hope there will be a drm free version alternative if Wayward hits Steam.

  2. I haven’t supported many games outside of Steam or indie bundles (and had a few “UGH” experiences with Greenlight) but Wayward is one that I went OUT OF MY WAY to support.

    A random stumbling on the Indie DB led me to it and I don’t regret it for a second. As I have more money to support, I will continue supporting the game because … it is challenging, always evolving, and one of the best survival rpg sims I’ve ever played.

    “Retro” graphics are fine by me and I think it works well with the game. I’d rather the game develop the mechanics more than the looks. The biggest thing is that it is easily accessible and challenging all at the same time.

    At no point did I ever feel ridiculously overwhelmed and as far as development, I’ve never seen such an open forum for ideas and suggestions (which is WONDERFUL).

    Keep it up and know you’ve got plenty of fans!


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