Beta 2.11.1 Released

Hey all,

Hope you are enjoying (or already enjoyed) your holidays! We have a patch ready to fix up some of the issues everybody has spotted after the major release launch with a few balance changes thrown in for good measure. We still got lots on our to-do list for this release series, so expect more soon! Happy New Year!

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Bonus Tip: Instead of opening the action menus every time you do an action, why not quickslot the action and use a single keypress for it? Right-click an empty quickslot to assign actions to it, or Ctrl + right-click to assign an item action to it. Item actions will automatically pick the best item from your inventory to do the action you set, saving even more time!


  • Added an option to protect required (non-consumed) items from use in crafting.


  • Coordinates are now presented in NESW format.
  • An error prompt will now be displayed when save data fails to load when starting the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed item action quickslots not getting the best tool in some cases. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed crafting tooltips blinking on and off in real-time mode. (Thanks olatuf!)
  • Fixed line of sight passing through blocked terrain. (Thanks Ashery!)
  • Fixed an issue where burning certain containers would result in a new container. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed an issue with magical properties when using the new wisp mechanic. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed liquid containers not being available for the magical “Aptitude” property. (Thanks DerSimmon!)
  • Fixed “Advancing Island Time” not showing a progress bar in multiplayer.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to frequent player connections and disconnections to the server.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to crafting an item and using it within 16 milliseconds of its creation.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to packet data getting corrupted.
  • Fixed occasional errors when closing the game while connected to a multiplayer server.
  • Fixed getting stuck if the server shuts down while a player in on the game over screen.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to players sailing to and from the same island within a single session.
  • Fixed a timed-out interrupt showing up after canceling the “Unable to Join Game” interrupt.
  • Fixed the sleeping/resting/player screens connecting getting “stuck” in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed the game getting stuck at “Finalizing Island” when trying to load a corrupted save.
  • Fixed an inspection error when traveling to another island. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed issues related to ranged attacks in multiplayer dedicated servers.
  • Fixed several items spawning incorrectly on merchants of the wrong island type.
  • Fixed graphical issues when placing tiles underneath doors. (Thanks TheLukeyBoi!)
  • Fixed dryads spawning on water. (Thanks DerSimon!)


  • Increased the chances of getting resources when gathering (at low skill levels) but also increased the skill/tier bonuses required to gather multiple resources in one action.
  • Dismantled item quality will now be impacted greater by the base item’s quality (so exceptional items will now lead to more exceptional items for example).
  • Decreased base merchant spawn rate and limit.
  • Aberrant versions of creatures will now only be able to spawn naturally at double their normal spawning reputation (capped to -64,000).
  • Digging failures will now provide skill gains more commonly.
  • The fishing skill will now provide more effectiveness when attempting to cast in empty water (previously more RNG-based).


  • Fixed the +mod command installing the latest version of the types and messing up the mod.json “waywardVersion” property. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed typing errors when building mods.



  • Fixed “Move to Player” dropdown box not updating when in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed errors after TARS travels to another island when in Survival mode.
  • Fixed TARS getting stuck if it already explored all the surrounding islands when in Survival mode.

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