Beta 2.11.3 Released

Thanks to all those that participated in the multiplayer meetup last week! It was a smashing success; if success means being overrun by slimes and zombies for two hours. Some of the below changes should help smooth out some of the stuff we all discovered when that many players all join together. Thanks for the stress test!

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Bonus tip: To unlock recipes, you only need to be adjacent to or holding one of each item in a craft to unlock it. One strategy to unlock as many recipes as possible is to have three chests adjacent to you, all with many different items. Fill them up with things you haven’t crafted before or rare things you found. Walking in between them could unlock a few interesting things for you.


  • Added a new screen vignette effect (that can be disabled in options) when your health is low.


  • Replaced “Clear Ghost Data” multiplayer option with “Allow Hardcore Respawns” option which allows hosts to respawn as well and is also exposed via dedicated server arguments.
  • Planting seeds or spores will now increase gardening as well as the skill associated with the item (botany or mycology).
  • Improved reliability of Steam network connections.
  • Reduced multiplayer bandwidth usage by around 400%.
  • Screen DPI (and the “zoomFactor” option) will no longer change the amount you can zoom in or out.
  • Updated the description of magical aspect to be more in line with its use. (Thanks lilzoark!)
  • Added all plantable items to the “seeds” loot group for Dryads.
  • Added dedicated server arguments for setting gameplay modifiers.
  • Improved reliability of automatic WebRTC fallback if the Steam network connection gets stuck.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong items were being named in the disassemble warning. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed the sleeping/resting dialog prematurely hiding itself in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to the “Pacifier” and “Friendly” milestones.
  • Fixed items being able to require themselves to disassemble.
  • Fixed dedicated servers not handling fog of war radius updates correctly. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed some magical properties that can be given to lit torches and candles being removed after being extinguished or vice versa. (Thanks Skarn!)
  • Fixed the durability tooltip for plants not showing the proper message.
  • Fixed not being able to select milestone modifiers when creating a multiplayer game in the dedicated server GUI.
  • Fixed some options tooltips not being displayed in the options menu.
  • Fixed a multiplayer desync related to creature trapping.
  • Fixed the “Player Connecting…” screen still able to be shown after leaving a game.
  • Fixed crafting tooltips toggling on and off in multiplayer games as ticks pass (again).
  • Fixed some previous saves resulting in infinite loading for clients. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs related to refining items that can be disassembled. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed the possibility of “You see…” messages showing up while traveling to other islands
  • Fixed books staying open even after walking away from or destroying them. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed active sorting making sound effects when it sorted items.
  • Fixed overlapping sound effects triggering on travel. (Thanks riftborn!)
  • Fixed the respawn button not working when clicking on the text portion of the button.
  • Fixed rejoining as a new character (now respawning as a new character) not using the same milestone modifiers set. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed +console mode spamming errors. (Thanks Shirow!)
  • Fixed “Unable to verify port” message adding commas to the port number.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with fire. (Hotfixed) (Thanks NightsFire!)


  • The maximum health bonus for repeated taming is now capped based on the creature’s base maximum health. (Thanks alacandor!)
  • Full tiles of items will now act as obstacles when using ranged attacks.
  • Items that are disassembled from crafted items will now have their durability reduction scaled instead of just a single point each time.
  • Random events now happen to a random player each tick instead of all players.
  • Slimes will no longer split when using fire damage.
  • Slime splitting chances will now scale with how much their health is over their normal maximum health.
  • You can no longer fail to plant seeds or spores; however, their durability combined with your skill will transfer to the plant’s health (durability) now.


  • Improved logging of multiplayer desync errors.



  • Fixed getting stuck gathering water when the water was far away from the water still
  • Fixed getting stuck in a loop when around hitched creatures that are too powerful.
  • No longer tries to mine plants. Mining is for fish!
  • Fixed TARS getting confused if it accidentally tames creatures.
  • Fixed issues where TARS would incorrectly move items into chests when near the inventory weight limit.

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