Beta 2.11.5 Released

While we are already working away on the next major release, please enjoy this smaller update to improve the game and fix up some of the remaining bugs on our radar. Stay tuned for more minor/major updates!

Bonus Tip: For merchants to travel to your island, you need to increase your “civilization” score, which can be found while hovering over the reputation icon. Civilization score can be increased by building walls, flooring, and other interactions. They will appear on player-made flooring; so the more you pave over nature (which can have its own drawbacks), the better chance they will travel and trade with you.

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  • Added an option to set the maximum number of advancing turns in world options.


  • Added initial support for Steam Deck.
  • Protected items can now be used for disassembling as long as their durability is over 0.
  • The fire/lava dangerous warning prompt will now only show if it will actually hurt/damage the player.
  • Adjusted the camera position to improve centering on the player’s sprite.
  • Attempting to pick up items/excrement, lockpicking, opening containers, using hitches, opening doors, or digging on tiles that are on fire or in lava will now produce a warning if enabled.
  • “Allow Hardcore Respawn” is no longer toggleable when not running a hardcore game.
  • Merchants will no longer stay in place (while a trading dialog is open) while they are taking fire damage.
  • Cooked fish kebabs can now be disassembled.
  • Scrollbars will now appear wider for accessibility/touch interfaces.
  • Improved readability of magical “Endurance” and “Regeneration” properties tooltip text. (Thanks Nobody Important!)
  • Increased the maximum zoom level.
  • Removed a scrollbar that could appear on stats in certain resolutions/scales.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed character/creature/item graphics not using the correct scale on certain operating systems and hardware. (Thanks ldellapiana!)
  • Fixed issues when quickslotting multiple of the same item. (Thanks SMMFO!)
  • Fixed “Remove from Quickslot” removing all instances of that item in quickslots.
  • Fixed desyncs related to background option updates.
  • Fixed a duping and disassembly issues with fish kebabs. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed switching slots not working properly.
  • Fixed several burning events not specifying the proper location of the burn on the player.
  • Fixed a duplication issue with slither suckers. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)
  • Fixed a freeze/crash related to fires when advancing island time.
  • Fixed an instance where the game is shown in color after the player is a ghost after reloading a previous game.
  • Fixed “phantom” doodads displayed in the fog until revealed not to be there. (Thanks Anketam!)
  • Fixed some items that produced heavier items when burned. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed efficacy not allowing a rating of 0%. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed creatures being able to follow ghosts still.
  • Fixed desyncs related to clients joining the server while they were on other islands.
  • Fixed respawning as a new character not resetting skills or reputation.
  • Fixed issues where the inventory would appear greyed out after crafting (again!). (Thanks animexamera!)
  • Fixed the quality of tiles dug up not matching their original quality after stacking more than a single tile. (Thanks Destro!)
  • Fixed the inventory being able to produce a horizontal scrollbar in some instances. (Thanks DerSimon!)
  • Fixed multiple visual glitches when doing certain actions over top of any doodad while wearing certain equipment. (Thanks Wuffy!) (Thanks Rayb!)
  • Fixed the pacifier and friendly milestones spawning more than one creature. (Thanks Benzi!)
  • Fixed a rare issue that would prevent multiplayer clients from executing actions.
  • Fixed targetting actions (like repairing) allowing the action on itself when placed in the first spot in your inventory. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed weight calculating incorrectly when placing containers in other containers. (Thanks Raxy9975!)
  • Fixed civilization score discrepancies when tiles melted.
  • Fixed item actions not working for items outside of main inventory. (Hotfixed) (Thanks Thadon!)
  • Fixed the bronze shovel having incorrect values for its digging and mining properties. (Thanks Ursa!)
  • Fixed underline/linked text formatting issues.
  • Fixed using hitching posts that were on fire not burning the player properly.
  • Fixed up some incorrect word usage. (Thanks Setimu).
  • Fixed auto item actions not producing warnings when applicable.


  • The tile or doodad quality now affects civilization score.
  • Fertile soil now provides a civilization score.
  • Bronze items (and a few other select items) are now tradable but are not sold on merchants.
  • The dangerous action warning option is now disabled by default.


  • Improved “Default” power mode to automatically run in “low power” mode when the device is on battery power.
  • Improved performance of various UI animations.
  • Running the game in “low power” mode will disable all continuous animations which will stop all rendering when idle.



  • Fixed various warnings/errors while executing stat recovery plans.
  • Fixed issues when crafting a water container while encumbered.
  • Now detects when corpses/items decay while moving to them.
  • Will no longer move to a corpse or item if it will be decayed by the time it gets there.
  • Added additional options for survival mode.
  • Fixed TARS acting weird when dropping items while encumbered.
  • Split up options section into multiple panels to reduce clutter.
  • Added options to control how TARS will use protected items.
  • Added “Treasure Hunter” mode, which will solve maps & find treasure.
  • Improved logic for starting water stills.
  • Speed up base organization.
  • Fixed issues recovering stamina while moving when overburdened
  • Fixed TARS sometimes trying to use the same item for multiple purposes and not being able to craft because of that.
  • Fixed TARS trying to dig while things were blocking the tile.
  • Fixed TARS accidentally wandering into caves and getting stuck.
  • Added option that can instruct TARS to only harvest using hands.
  • Fixed TARS continuously creating anvils until the whole world was covered in them.
  • Fixed bugs in objective planning calculations related to chests.
  • Fixed erratic movement when trying to till tiles.
  • Fixed new games not loading when quitting a game that was not at the starting island.
  • Fixed getting stuck harvesting in harvest mode.
  • Included distance in “moving to” status message.
  • Improved creature hunting logic.
  • Learned that caves exist.

Debug Tools

  • Fixed WebGL context leaks when using the selection panel.

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