Wayward Blog & Wiki Now Live!

As you can see by this post, the Wayward blog is now live and enabled. As you may also notice, I went through all my old announces, releases, videos and screenshots and did a back catalog for posterity sake. As I realized, I should of had something like this running quite some time ago so people can make sure that I am actually doing “stuff” on Wayward, haha. I don’t expect to do a lot of in-depth technical posting here unless somebody asks – I try to save that effort for when I do my developer log videos.

I have also set up a community-editable wiki. Please help contribute if you can! Especially with the Items and Skills pages. This has been a top request by many testers and players. “How I mine for fish?

Expect a lot of rough edges on these new portions of the site as I continue to develop them.

Wayward Alpha 1.11 (Patch)

With the help of “Hi” (from #rgrd and the Rogue Temple forums) I was able to resolve the color space issue for Macs. Everybody on a Mac should be able to play Wayward just fine and dandy now!

Essentially, because I am loading in my static map through a color-coded .png file, there was some color space issues for various browsers detecting slightly different color codes. I thought I have accounted for them all, but I forgot all about Macs (not owning one and all). If you were having problems before, try it out now: