Wayward Beta 1.6 Released: Smooth Operator

Living Mushrooms in DarknessSo let’s get this out of the way at the start:

Wayward has been greenlit on Steam! Thank you to everybody that helped this dream come true for Wayward. That’s good news. Even better news would be, say, the release of a new beta. Well, we have that for you too!

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This has been one of the biggest releases to date in terms of improvements and fixes. Some of the coolest stuff form this beta includes:

  • New context/item menu implemented via single click on to item. The new item menu will feature all interactions that you can use the item for. This opens up lots of future possibilities. There’s only a couple of interactions right now, but expect to see more options soon!
  • Smooth movement has been added. This is disabled by default (for now).
  • Added a series of new milestones to unlock and discover. Milestones now save permanently, and each unlocked on start gives +1% to starting skill, and chance for more starting items. There is now “invisible” type milestones that reveal the progress, but not the name (the reverse of hidden milestones). Which milestones are hidden and invisible are now randomized on game start.
  • Fixed some errors when fighting bare-handed.
  • Containers are now left open when placing something inside/removing something.
  • Sandstone is now a rock-like item. Kilns now require a rock-like (instead of Sandstone, specifically). This is until the world map changes are in.
  • Resource gathering is now twice as fast; however, there is a larger wait between actions when you get item(s).
  • Using Remarkable, Exceptional and Legendary items in a craft now effect the chances of your craft also taking on these qualities. Reduced chance of creating Remarkable items by default. You can now craft Remarkable/Exceptional items across everything (instead of just limited to equippables).
  • Starting items, resource gathering, monster loot, chest loot all now have a chance to be Remarkable (uncommon), Exceptional (rare) or even Legendary (very rare) items.
  • A few new unique creatures and tons of new items/crafts including some rare/special stuff. No spoilers!

Read more as always on the Changelog page:


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Special thanks to arktvrvs and Grom_PE on this release.

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