Wayward Blog & Wiki Now Live!

As you can see by this post, the Wayward blog is now live and enabled. As you may also notice, I went through all my old announces, releases, videos and screenshots and did a back catalog for posterity sake. As I realized, I should of had something like this running quite some time ago so people can make sure that I am actually doing “stuff” on Wayward, haha. I don’t expect to do a lot of in-depth technical posting here unless somebody asks – I try to save that effort for when I do my developer log videos.

I have also set up a community-editable wiki. Please help contribute if you can! Especially with the Items and Skills pages. This has been a top request by many testers and players. “How I mine for fish?

Expect a lot of rough edges on these new portions of the site as I continue to develop them.

Screenshot Saturday: Terrain Generation

Nothing too epic today. Just getting getting in over my head with terrain generation algorithms. This new generation system probably won’t be ready for the 1.2 release, but definitely will be going in after. I still have lots of work to do on it including biomes and caves/dungeons.

Screenshot Saturday: Terrain Generation

Wayward Alpha 1.11 (Patch)

With the help of “Hi” (from #rgrd and the Rogue Temple forums) I was able to resolve the color space issue for Macs. Everybody on a Mac should be able to play Wayward just fine and dandy now!

Essentially, because I am loading in my static map through a color-coded .png file, there was some color space issues for various browsers detecting slightly different color codes. I thought I have accounted for them all, but I forgot all about Macs (not owning one and all). If you were having problems before, try it out now: