Wayward Alpha 1.4 Released!

It’s been a long time coming, but after some bug fixing via my team of testers and donators, I think I finally managed to squash them all. Some of the biggest things in this version is the re-introduction of caves, mouse movement, game saving, equipment qualities, past crafting log, and smarter AI. Oh ya, there’s like 40 new items! Those nasty performance issues have also been addressed. There is a huge number of other changes in this version as well, take a look at them in the changelog. I think in the future I will make the releases a bit more compact so I can push new content, much faster. Opinions?

This release also features a brand new track from Will Phillips.

Play it here:

Download the offline version (that may or may not have sound) here:

7 thoughts on “Wayward Alpha 1.4 Released!”

  1. Great job, I love this game. Although I spawned on a world with nothing but desert and some sandstone, sharks and zombies everywhere and a total of 3 trees in the reachable world. Oh, and zero cacti. You should make worlds like this impossible because honestly, it’s so hard that almost impossible.

  2. A few bugs I’ve seen on 1.4 so far:

    1. At the initial start, I often find dead animals, ready to carve. On one map, I found 5 dead snakes in the first few minutes.
    2. When using the raft on a recent game, I ran into a shark and was given no chance to fight it. So hit “travel” and then just died. Looking at the list it seems that the shark attacked me dozens of times before killing me. Perhaps players should be immune to sharks while travelling, or perhaps it should interrupt their trip or something? Or maybe this is intentional. There are a lot of sharks around, but I must have hit one head-on.
    3. I thought caves were supposed to be more lucrative/dangerous. However, the caves I’ve been in are mostly just giant and empty. I expect to be attacked by imps and find gold lying around, but nothing…

    • 1. Dead animals were intentional, but I have since removed them for 1.5 because I have added in more varied environmental items instead.
      2. Definitely not intentional, just an oversight. Thanks for catching this.
      3. Caves are kind of a mixed bag right now. I agree, they can sometimes be very lack-luster. This will also be resolved in 1.5.

      Thanks for spotting these.


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