TheUberHunter on Wayward

TheUberHunter (aka Game Hunter), prolific roguelike reviewer/commentator has released a two-part playthrough of Wayward. His comments and progression through the game open up all sorts of great tools for me to use to improve on the usability and intuitiveness of Wayward. The playthrough was quite idealistic in many cases; he routinely asks “how do I do this?” which he eventually answers himself through experimentation. There was a couple stumbling blocks a long the way, like right-click confusion – something that I will address in the upcoming version.

Making Wayward is fun, especially when personal goals are met. This was one of those goals; to have somebody review my game in the form of video.

3 thoughts on “TheUberHunter on Wayward”

  1. Love the game! Although I think maybe make some basic things part of a tutorial or something? Like a campfire and such, just to get people going.

    • Thanks! I know the tutorial sucks. I know the campfire system sucks. I’m glad to say that in the upcoming Beta, campfires will be less of an issue, and in Beta 1.1+, the tutorial system is being overhauled to help the people that want hints/help.


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