Wayward Alpha 1.5 Released!

Yes, as promised, the new alpha is out for your enjoyment – released as part of the 2012 Annual Roguelike Release Party (ARRP). There was tons of changes in this version – hopefully this is the final stretches before getting a solid “beta” version out. Some things you will love in this version (without spoiling it too much):

  • Treasure hunting
  • Iron-based crafts
  • New soundtrack by Austin Dhillon
  • 40+ new items
  • Monster loot tables

Special shout-outs to Jeff, Silloe, and Jarkko for all the bug testing for this release.

Also, a very huge (and special) shout-out to Austin Dhillon who composed the complete Wayward soundtrack. Four brilliantly moody and atmospheric tracks with the right touches of modern and retro.

Play it now:

Although Chrome and Firefox have both stopped supporting the local sound/music playing (via Flash), you can grab the (silent) downloadable version here: http://www.unlok.ca/wayward_alpha1.5.zip

4 thoughts on “Wayward Alpha 1.5 Released!”

  1. Hello! I just discovered the game today, poking around on Roguebasin trying to find something new to try and run on my kindle. Instead I ran into this, and fell in love with it pretty quickly.

    The only issue I’ve noticed that I couldn’t find any comment on was the saving- if I save a game and then start it again, it’s as if I’ve started over, but kept my inventory and skills. That’s a bit depressing if you’ve just spent ages carving yourself out a little safe spot in the side of a hill, Dwarf-Fortress style.

    Is that intended to happen, or did the game glitch up on me? Or even worse, did I just fail to realize I was in a different spot in the same world?

    • Hello there,

      It’s not a bug, just a limitation of the current version, everything currently saves, except for the world itself – this will be worked on the next version. It’s easily the most requested thing left to do. Thanks for playing.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        Glad to hear it, and sorry if that information was already available elsewhere- I hadn’t been able to find it. I’ve got a few friends playing the game now and I’ll definitely be following it.


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