Wayward Weekly: 1.7.4

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We got another small-ish patch for you this week, but still full with user-driven feedback and changes abound. We are weeding out a lot of the remaining bugs from beta 1.7 and hopefully much closer to a full beta 1.8 release.


Back-up your game regularly if you care about it, especially with these weekly releases. There’s a Save/Load modification available for this task. Wayward is a still a beta!

Once you go weekly, there’s no going back in your save, it will convert it if you play online.

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Wayward Beta 1.7.4 Changelog


Fixed a bug where:

  • Dropping an inventory container would not close it and cause errors.
  • Pouring water on open fire would not extinguish it.
  • Solar Stills recipes were duplicating on new games still.
  • The new favicon was not showing up on certain browsers/configurations.
  • Filters would not work after the first game of a session.


  • There is now a loading icon to signify loading times. This is only partially implemented right now and will only happen on initial page load and during resting.
  • Resting now uses a loading cycle. This will stop the freezing resting was causing especially during night (or with campfire bonus). This change also allows you to see your stats change over the period of your rest.
  • The Jelly Cube now has significant more resistance from Blunt damage.
  • Chicken feather drop rate has been halved (due to another creature sharing it’s effect).
  • Lots of monster graphic changes to make the difference between aberrant and normals much more apparent.
  • The version warning/error you get on old saves is now more generalized and helpful
  • Sort buttons now titled “Sort” instead of “Sort Inventory” for example. More space!
  • Increased monster de-spawn rate a bit.
  • Increased talent needed to unlock new monster tiers a bit.
  • Default spawn rate decreased a bit.
  • Stone Knives reduced to 20 durability (from 25). They also consume 2 sharpened rocks on use (instead of just 1).
  • A new “Utensils” group has been added. You will now need one of these for any cooking.
  • Removed pole-likes from anything that needed wood in specific (these were changed to Wooden Poles).
  • Branches are no longer pole-likes.
  • Campfire graphic changed slightly to show the non-requirement of fuel/pole-likes.
  • Saplings are no longer pole-likes, but can craft into Branches.


  • A brand new creature has been added.

2 thoughts on “Wayward Weekly: 1.7.4”

  1. Howdy Vaughn & Team,
    Here are some feedback on 1.7.4.
    It is the problem that there was at the time of 1.7.3 in fact…

    – Blindfish is indomitable.
    I threw A Clay Blowpipe which was in Slot 4, but it was not charged automatically.

    – A function of right-click & “Drop” become “Drop All” suddenly.

    Dropping an inventory container closes one by one and is troublesome.
    Will the work to put a thing in be necessary in the future?
    Small Bag and Backpack do not have the function of decay reduction bonus & have many many BUG.
    so I think that I am enough only by maxWeight increases when I have Bags.

    A holding bag was Cursed and it became heavy!
    When I apply a bag, monsters appeared suddenly! *trick*
    I apply grease to a bag before swimming. Otherwise, Medicinal Water in Waterskin in the bag become Unpurified Fresh Water in Waterskin!

    Does such a thing happen in the future? 😎

  2. The equipment box would show up after every move. Each move it would blink as if it were reloading. This would also happen after pushing most buttons too, deaming them useless.


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