Wayward Beta 1.8 Released!

Wayward Beta 1.8 - HELP!Woops, totally forgot a witty and clever release title this time. Either way, beta 1.8 is now out!

Beta 1.8 is mostly an amalgamation of 1.7.x changes. This is due to the recently implemented weekly release schedule – which this week just so happens to be a full release. So, if you are updating from 1.7 to 1.8, you can view the changelogs from 1.7.1-1.7.4 and 1.8 itself to see all the changes. Quite a bit there for just a little more than a month! In fact, it’s the biggest amount of updates we’ve ever made in a new version. Progress!

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Some of the best stuff includes:

  • Fixed a bug where Legendaries were not giving skill bonuses.
  • Tiles now also save durability between uses. This will make more sense moving forward when some monsters can perhaps break down walls?
  • Resource tiles are now physically spawned, rather than items simply spawning on top of them. This will give a large performance boost as well as reduce save file space by 40%+ on new saves. Unfortunately most of this will only apply to newer saves.
  • Resource tiles now appear visibly different on the minimap, and are visibly different even outside line of sight.
  • Tons of HUD/GUI design changes and bug fixes.
  • Lots of performance improvements (especially to the offline version).
  • A brand new creature! Along with some graphical improvements to all enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where Solar Stills and Stone Water Stills recipes would duplicate in crafting dialog.
  • english.js (translation file) now reveals when changes are made to the file to keep your translation up to date easier (Removed/Added/Edited with version information).
  • Tons of other fixes and improvements/balance changes. See the changelog for more details.


In other news, we’ve recently moved over to Trello for the Wayward Todo. This allows everybody to view what we are working on. Donators get to become “Members” which allows them to vote and comment on everything. Additionally, there’s also a fully public board, which let’s everybody submit ideas, suggestions and bugs here.

15 thoughts on “Wayward Beta 1.8 Released!”

  1. Been following this for a while (giving the name I posted this under a double meaning), and I mostly just want to say kudos on taking the idea of *a certain hit game* in a more tactical direction. That being said, I’ve got a couple item suggestions for future updates (WARNING: WALL OF TEXT APPROACHING).

    First off, salt crystals. Maybe make them really hurt demons and undead when thrown (folklore-ish Easter Egg… salt harms evil, somehow), but it’s more for a craft chain. Mortar and Pestle turns Salt Crystals into Ground Salt. Next, new grouping of “Edible Meat.” Contains all the “Cooked X” (maybe not Tainted Meat). Finally, Jerky. Consumes 1x ground salt, edible meat, maybe flower seeds or something for spices (or make that a new item too), requires sharpened. Very slow decay (20K base? 50K? lasts forever?), but greatly dehydrating (2:1 ratio of hunger removed to thirst incurred, maybe). Not sure if cooking or alchemy would be the better skill to fall under.

    One other set, inspired by a NetHack joke made an update or two back. Small bag, backpack, quiver can be transmuted with magical essence, but it acts a bit differently. You get “a Magical [container]” with better weight and decay reductions. Maybe a capacity boost too.

    • Thanks for playing! Hilate (or rock salt) in indeed planned with all the implications you have mentioned. Other legendary stats are also on the way, but may take a bit longer to get in.

      • Actually noticed the link to the todo after posting and saw that. Not entirely sure if the “bags of holding” should just be legendary versions of base containers, or completely distinct items. (Actually, if you’re feeling mean, make it a craft recipe that requires MULTIPLE essences. :P)

        And speaking of containers… currently, small bags are much better than the other ones. Sure, the capacity’s a bit low, but they’re both the easiest to make and have the lowest base weight per unit capacity. (Heck, I keep my ammo in a belt pouch and throw quivers in bonfires!) Ripe for a re-balance, methinks.

  2. I had to suicide because…because… i had 1530 rotten meat in my inventory. Each time a turn passed i had 2 more rotten meat in my inv and so on.I do not know where these where coming from. (sorry for my broken english im french)


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