Wayward Beta 1.7 Released: Refine/Define

Refine/Define is the theme for this release. There’s tons of tweaks in beta 1.7! Hopefully lots of them are meaningful and noticeable. There’s some love in this release for both new players and old players alike. Hopefully we are getting close to a release which could be Early Access quality for a Steam release.

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Beta 1.7 "Daily Challenge"Some highlights in beta 1.7:

  • Fixed a long standing bug that would cause the character to continue moving if focus of the tab/window was left while a key was being pressed (among other causes). This would routinely cause players to die as they would continue walking into monsters or getting hurt from stamina loss.
  • Translation system implemented. Official translations will be coming later.
  • Environmental items are now damaged when dug/carved back up. If they reach 0 durability, you can no longer use them in that context.
  • Daily Challenge Mode added. Extremely difficult mode that is only for fun (or frustration) that changes each day. Does not effect your save.
  • Removed all “Poor” items. They have been all renamed to match material descriptors instead of quality descriptors. Several minor recipe changes because of this.
  • You can throw any item. The distance is dependant on the item’s weight and Throwing skill. The damage is dependant on the attack value of the item thrown, or the weight if the item has no attack value shown in the tool-tip. Some items can only be thrown if the player has the proper strength (based on item’s weight).
  • Crafting order is now based on the order it appears in your inventory, equipment or quickslot (in that order). No longer just limited to just inventory items. The hover effect will now only show which items will be used in the craft.

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Special thanks to vlsd and Orillian on this release.

Release Schedule Plan

Releases seemingly have been taking longer and longer. It’s due to a lot of factors, but I can’t see those factors changing any time soon. I have a plan though, or at least an idea.

We routinely push out pre-release versions to donators as we develop for testing, but there’s periods where everything is fine, and we just wait for more changes to get pushed out. I’m thinking this might be a good opportunity to make these small batch of changes public. For these incremental patches, I would like to skip the normal “release” process. Releasing new versions of Wayward takes a lot of time, testing, uploading, writing, copying, building, etc. If I can just simply push some new changes to JUST the online version, we could get new stuff out of the majority of players without having to worry about the rest of the normal release work and also test as we go.

I would still like to full releases, and do the offline builds, but I would also like to get changes out there faster to the public. So maybe instead of the 1-2 month 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 scenario, we have more of a, 1-2 week 1.7.1, 1.7.2, 1.7.3, 1.8 (full release).

This will also lead to less buggy full releases, but unfortunately may mean more buggy intermediate versions. Although, maybe we could leave the bigger changes till the very end to counter-act this. Just an idea!

3 thoughts on “Wayward Beta 1.7 Released: Refine/Define”

  1. Played the last version, and got some questions:
    1. You can craft a _WOODEN_ spear using bone pole. What a kind of magic is this?
    2. Music sometimes disappears in the middle of the track (Firefox 23)
    3. Why cannot I use smooth stone for crafting stone wall?

    • 1. Will fix in this week’s version.
      2. This must have something to due with it trying to keep playing but not quite loaded yet. I believe Firefox buffers it as it plays, but if it reaches the end, it just stops it. Will look into.
      3. Due to a recipe change. Will look into.

  2. great game, just got into it and started to introduce some friends to it. 1.8 my water-skins disappear randomly


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