Introducing Thursday Night Wayward

Thursday Night Wayward

If you read near the bottom of the last release post, you may have been tantalized with the idea of a weekly Wayward release. Well, Thursday Night Wayward is the realization of that idea. Every week on Thursday night (sometime) we will be pushing a new public build online. This will be separate from the normal URL.

These weekly releases will be different because:

  1. No offline builds will be produced.
  2. Are not extensively bug tested (not like that stops the official builds from being buggy, ala the beta 1.7 release).
  3. No huge promotional push/launch. A simple post and social share only.
  4. Mostly filled with small changes, tweaks, additions.
  5. Will help build more solid non-weekly releases by catching all the bugs faster/sooner.

I can’t guarantee each weekly release will have tons of new stuff and bug fixes like this one does (relatively speaking), but it should help people out that are struggling with bugs or issues and want to see new changes rapidly to their game and world. Why Thursday? Because everybody plays Wayward on Friday during work, duh!


Back-up your game regularly if you care about it, especially with these weekly releases. There’s a Save/Load modification available for this task. Wayward is a still a beta!

Once you go weekly, there’s no going back in your save, it will convert it if you play online.

Play Wayward Weekly

Wayward Beta 1.7.1 Changelog


Fixed a bug where:

  • Legendary equipables were not giving skill bonuses.
  • The spyglass was not working (not updating the mini map).
  • Mod loading messages were always in red, and even resulted in success if there was an error.
  • You could not use previous/next buttons in the Hints (or Help) dialog.
  • Moving into a locked chest would open an empty container dialog.
  • Ponds and houses spawned too close to the shore (again).
  • Crafting with an item that had 0 durability resulted in an error. Items with 0 durability can no longer be used in crafting.
  • Environmental items did not have a minimum durability added.


  • Dialogs now go over HUD elements once again.
  • The load modification input now clears on load/attempted load.
  • Skill gain is now doubled in Daily Challenge Mode.
  • Shale is now usable in everything that needed a “Sharp Rock” specifically before. Shale has also been added to Sandstone drops.
  • “An Arrowhead” is now “A Stone Arrowhead”.
  • Patches of clay can sometimes spawn around shores now.
  • Some spawned houses are now wooden-build. All generates houses can now contain fixtures such as Campfires, Furances, Locked Wooden Chests and more.
  • Exceptional, Remarkable, Legendary crafting chances lowered slightly.
  • Most “Build” items now have much higher durability when set down or affixed to the world. They can also be repaired. For example, Wooden Chests (normal quality) had 3-6 durability, but now have 7-10, and can be repaired.

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