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TranslationsWork has been quite slow on beta 1.7. I totally blame the huge translation portion… also maybe too much Hearthstone. Considering the Wayward player-base consists of mostly non-native English readers, translations have always been a high priority. Well, we finally bite the bullet and got translations working in the upcoming beta 1.7.

Wayward probably won’t actually have “official” translations for quite some time; however, that shouldn’t stop players from making and releasing their own translations and sharing them abroad. I’d love to also feature them on the Modifications page too – just send me an email!

Interested in translating for yourself? Take a peek or download the current beta 1.7 english.js file. It’s very simple to edit and understand, but let me know if you have any issues. Like every portion of Wayward, translations and translation support will continue to improve as we develop.

Also, yes, we are close to releasing beta 1.7.


As of February 2nd, there was a small change made to the english.js file. A new line was added “fireDropAll”. If you have already started, simply just find this new line and add it into your translation file.

As of February 8th, there was some more minor changes/additions. The old “build” and “plant” definitions are now “builtItem” and “plantItem”, and 4 new lines were added at the end of the Messages definition.

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