Beta 2.3.1 Released

Hey all,

We have a small patch for you tonight with a handful of fixes and improvements. We are just getting started on the 2.3.x series of minor patches, but we wanted to get this one quickly as it includes some priority fixes for modders/modifications.

We have also reworked a lot of weight systems in the game – making sure items stick to their normal ranges, especially when we change things in between versions. Things were quickly getting out of hand, especially with all the iron changes recently.

You may also notice some “thanks” at the end of fixes. We have started keeping track and crediting bug reports. It’s no secret we rely heavily on the community for bug discovery. It makes sense to credit you all with finding any bugs. We have some additional ideas for this in the future as well.

Stay tuned for more!


  • You will no longer see unloadable mods in the game save tooltip. It will only show required mods to load the save properly.
  • The changelog menu now will only show changelogs up to the current version you’re using.
  • You can now dig up treasures with your hands (without tool).
  • Starter Quest now shows shows your current progress out of all steps available before completing.
  • Improved some wording/formatting and fixed some typos within the Starter Quest.
  • More particle and sounds effects added to treasure digging.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed iron materials and other items that came from earlier versions weighing too much or too little in the new version. There is a new system that will check for weight inconsistencies on game load. (Thanks wayfarer!)
  • Fixed rare instances where items dropped via loot, or created through mods would result in heavier items than should have been possible.
  • Fixed several instances where dismantled items could produce items that did not conform to normal item weight ranges. (Thanks Grub!)
  • Fixed an issue where containers would not accept their exact maximum weight. (Thanks Morning River!)
  • Fixed a “Failed to load changelog” error when browsing the changelog section.
  • Fixed the crafting tab showing dismantle items at the bottom of the window on rare instances.
  • Fixed an issue that would result in more space being added in between the Starter Quest icon and the rest of the icons at the top the more you created new games.
  • Fixed a message that produced an incorrect variable “0″ output when trying to drop items on creatures.
  • Fixed an issue where some mods would not enable/disable properly.
  • Fixed sleeping or resting not showing the proper “ZZZ” animation.
  • Fixed some animation/audio glitches when going into new game/saving/returning to main menu/sleeping.
  • Fixed the developer logging checkbox getting cut off on hover.
  • Fixed the “Default” button for keybinds overlapping inputs.


  • Chickens will now produce eggs at double the rate when tamed.


  • Fixed an issue where some keybinds were duplicated when loaded and other issues regarding mods overwriting features of other mods.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not reference modded items as recipe components for other modded items.
  • Renamed requiredMods (outdated) to dependencies in the modding guide. (Thanks Amax!)



  • Nimbus is now craftable (and uses the Flying skill).

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