Beta 2.3.2 Released

It’s that time again! Patch night!

We’re coming at you with another minor patch in the 2.3.x series, this time focusing even heavier on bugs with some more improvements to last week’s item weight changes.

Our plan currently is to do these weekly minor updates until our priority list has been exhausted or we think it’s time to move on to working on beta 2.4. It’s looking like we will have a 2.3.3 and possibly a 2.3.4 as well at our current rate.

I’ve also had a few questions about the team and development schedule in general as of late, so I just wanted to clear some of those questions up:

Wayward is a hobby project, and all the development happens in our free time. It’s a big game with an even bigger todo list. We are constantly improving and adding to it and have no plans to stop that. Thanks for all the support ya’ll!


  • Added a confirm screen to see if users want to update their language settings when enabling a language mod. This change only applies to languages provided with the language.json format.


  • When the new weight system detects incorrect item weights, it will no longer re-roll the weight, but rather set it to the minimum/maximum based on what it found. (Thanks Skarn22!)
  • Added clearer separation between craftables and non-craftables in the crafting menu. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Renamed the “Unlocked Time” sort to “Discovered Time”.
  • Chickens now accept insects as offerings. (Thanks GauHelldragon!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where fuel, tinder, and kindling were either being consumed or damaged (on fail), even if they weren’t being used to start a fire. (Thanks Skarn22!)
  • Creatures will now swap positions with the player if they try enter/exit an entrance at the same time as them, instead of going on top of them. (Thanks Adrien S. Enzo!)
  • Fixed an error when trying to dig back up a cave entrance found in water. (Thanks Bot Silver 1!)
  • Fixed not using your selected hand(s) when hitting a locked chest and producing particles on the player instead of on the chest.
  • Fixed the botany skill not providing extra benefits when consuming flower seeds, grass seeds, pineapples, coconuts, flower petals, thistles, poison ivy leaves, tall grass seeds or acorns. (Thanks Grub!)
  • Fixed “Alternate Context Menu” option not working inside containers or quickslots. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed the “using your bare hands to…” death message adding in numbers (message IDs) instead of proper english text at the end.
  • Fixed an issue where some mods would be grayed out improperly in the mods menu. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Fixed container windows being able to be resized to a width that would cut off the bottom buttons/controls.
  • Fixed the quest for getting the Stone Water Still materials requiring more rocks than it should have in the Starter Quest. (Thanks Obbe C!)
  • Fixed a slight pop-up/flash when selecting different hairstyles in the character customization.
  • Fixed the map graphic lagging behind when the map window was resized.
  • Fixed custom hairstyles not loading within the character customization screen if loaded as a local modification.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented filled clay jugs to get the proper maximum and minimum weight for the item weight checks (added in 2.3.1).
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in shallow sea water forming when placing tiles over fresh water. (Thanks Morning River!)
  • Fixed particles showing through the ground (z-axis) when FOV is disabled. (Thanks Bot Silver 1!)
  • Fixed an issue that would lead to a frozen loading screen when uninstalling old/broken/corrupt Workshop mods.
  • Fixed a few missing words in the hints section.
  • The Starter Quest window can no longer be resized to no effect and fixed a small issue that would resize the window with a smaller height than should of been possible on occasion.


  • You no longer start at -64,000 reputation when in daily challenge mode, but rather, a lower randomized amount.
  • Vine weight reduced down from 0.7 to 0.3 (to match palm leaves). This should normalize more item weights that use fabric/cloth/cordage.
  • Skill bonuses on consumables/edibles are now randomized per stat.
  • Skeletal Mages now require line of sight to cast their spells.


  • Added a ‘stylesheet’ property to the mod.json which can be used to append stylesheets automatically.
  • A variety of hooks are no longer missing from references. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Mods can now disable resizing and/or set their width/height to “auto” when using createDialog.


  • Removed the concept of “untoggleable” mods – all mods can now be enabled/disabled, regardless of their content.
  • Moved crafting tab style rules so that any dialog can make use of them. The styles are applied to any element with the “tab” class.
  • Added missing corpse translation strings to english.json. The language serializer has been updated to export this corpse dictionary.


Developer Tools

  • You can no longer attempt to resize the window’s height to no effect.

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