Wayward Weekly: 1.8.1

1.8.1 Screenshot

It’s a little bit late into the night for our weekly Thursday release, but it’s here! This week was a bit slow, but we still managed to get some good bug fixes in. Read below for all the details.


Back-up your game regularly if you care about it, especially with these weekly releases. There’s a Save/Load modification available for this task. Wayward is a still a beta!

Once you go weekly, there’s no going back in your save, it will convert it if you play online.

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Wayward Beta 1.8.1 Changelog


Fixed a bug where:

  • Monsters could spawn on top of fire of other blocking environmental objects.
  • Placing a tile on grass was ignoring the proper stack (and not turning the grass to dirt).
  • Pouring a Pile of Snow was making game and save file completely unplayable.
  • Some containers were causing many errors. Is this the end of container bugs? Thanks Milo Hoffmann!
  • Tool-tips and item menus were showing behind dialogs still (hopefully this is fixed for real now).
  • Digging up cobblestone was not returning the proper item.


  • Made Iron in rocks and sandstone a bit easier to spot visually.


  • A new crafting hint/help dialog has been added that explains all the depth and intricacies of crafting.
  • Coal rocks have been added back in as a resource tile.
  • There is now a drop gathered items on ground option available.


  • Wayward now uses Application Cache technology. This means all the game’s files will now get stored on your computer and load instantly regardless of normal browser caching. New files will get re-downloaded only on updates.

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