Wayward Weekly: 1.8.2 + News

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We are knocking those bugs out faster and faster with Wayward weekly all the while improving the core mechanics and systems. This week is filled more with the latter. Some of my favourites include the new treasure gathering system, the new raft system, and a heavily requested revert: allow crafting with 0 durability items.

Beta 2.0 News

We have also started focusing more and working out what beta 2.0 will look like. The plan currently is to have beta 2.0 available on Steam as this release will feature completely new game systems, new world generation, a new graphical look and more. We are saving these big changes because it’s unlikely that we can convert previous save files over unfortunately. This also means Wayward Weekly will cease to be sometime after a 1.9 release. Our current beta 2.0 plans are available to view on our Trello to do board.


Back-up your game regularly if you care about it, especially with these weekly releases. There’s a Save/Load modification available for this task. Wayward is a still a beta!

Once you go weekly, there’s no going back in your save, it will convert it if you play online.

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Wayward Beta 1.8.2 Changelog


Fixed a bug where:

  • The player would take fire damage if trying to attack an enemy that is over top of a fire source.
  • Tool-tips and item hovers would not change after crafting an item until your mouse moved again.
  • You could gather from resource tiles that were on fire.
  • Tall rocks could randomly change graphics on first gather.


  • Mining and Fishing skill now benefits the radius in which you can dig or fish up treasure up to a maximum of 11 tiles away (1 tile per 10%).
  • Gathering treasure will allow you to gain in Mining/Fishing skills.
  • Gathering treasure will now damage the tool used.
  • Carving will no longer stop after carving blood, it will cycle through the next object on the tile.
  • You can now craft once again with 0 durability items.
  • Inventory containers (bags, backpacks, etc.) will now stay open on movement.
  • All crafted items now get at least 1 durability.
  • Expert level items are a bit harder to craft (versus a skill check).
  • Some miscellaneous spelling fixes.


  • A new “Gather Treasure” action has been added to the item menu for shovels and fishing nets. This is to be used instead of trying to decode the map near the treasure. It will automatically cycle through what ever maps you have in your inventory to find a match.
  • A light radius has been added to cave entrances. The intensity of light is determined by the time of day/night.
  • The rafting (or drift) system has been overhauled. Rafts can now be used in any water and will allow you to move at normal speeds, outside of the water. Raft is damaged based on movement.

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