Wayward Beta 1.1 Released!

Play it online here:

Remember when I said I wanted faster releases? Okay, I mean it this time! It’s just that there was a lot to do in this release, and to most of the users, it should show! Some of the biggest stuff includes:

  • Resource gathering has been overhauled to match this specification (mostly).
  • Preliminary modding support.
  • Caves have been overhauled to stop all those errors, cave-ins, and generally how crappy they were. You can now even dig into caves from above!
  • Non-unique items will now stack in your inventory.
  • New HUD/user interface and hinting/help system. This will be improved over time – it’s still fairly early.
  • Skills now describe their effects via tool-tip.
  • Containers now have a drag/drop interface.
  • Items on the ground now pick-up from reverse (or newest) order.
  • New Anatomy skill and bleeding system.
  • Much more!

See full changelog here:

Special shout-out goes to Richard “Orillian” Hobson for all the help in programming for this release. I’d also like to thank Garret, APXEOLOG, and essial for all their great input on coding stuff as well.

25 thoughts on “Wayward Beta 1.1 Released!”

    • I agree with Hui that the inventory background is too dark now. My old eyes are having a hard time distinguishing between wooden items. The Beta 1.0 grey background was much better for me. Would it be possible to use a mod to revert the background color?

  1. Nice update. I was thinking Wayward was almost dead, good to see i was wrong. Please release Linux (and Mac) version as soon as you can, then go back to improve your game !

    • I’m working on the Linux and Mac versions right now. currently fighting with what amounts to no dedicated system for either. I have a Virtualbox install of Ubuntu 12.10 and I’m trying to get these builds functioning there.

      Regarding this. Does anyone know if you can use a 32bit linux executable in 64bit linux? I thought yes, but I can’t seem to get our 32bit build to run in a 64bit Ubuntu 12.10.

      Mac version is being sent to a friend (with a Mac) tonight for testing. Cross your fingers!


  2. So we’re supposed to just be a-ok with having all our game progress destroyed to update? Spending hours to collect a huge stash of crap, make a bunch of different hideouts and find treasure only to be forced to start all over again from scratch is totally awesome! This is supposed to be an update, not a brand new install, losing progress is ridiculous. (Even though your screenshot shows otherwise, I now can’t get my main play window to resize like it used to, so it’s stuck being small.) This was just for the browser version, if I’m expected to be okay with losing everything in the download version too, I’ll no longer be playing it again until the issue is addressed. I think the game is neat and has lots of potential, I just don’t understand why you would do that to your players. 🙁 If I’ve done something wrong and losing everything is a bug and not intentional, please do let me know!

    • Unfortunately this was a necessary evil due to changing code and back-end stuff. This was an update to a beta, unfinished, unrealized game. It sucks, I get it, I do. I also want to make progress and make the game better. The update does warn that this is taking place so you are able to back-out if you want with a YES/NO. If you play with the downloaded version you are able to play your save game just fine without upgrading. That being said, I hope we don’t have to do this ever again, but I can’t rule it out. Like I said, you are able to play the downloaded version without worry since you get to choose when you upgrade.

      • It doesn’t really matter of it warns you beforehand, since I found out you CAN’T play it at all if you don’t agree to the upgrade. I wonder, is it possible to have two different versions of the downloaded game on the computer at the same time, such as on different drives, or will the one always try to overwrite the other?

        Also, how did you get your play screen to expand in your screenshot when the “game window size” option has been removed? Thanks for your time!

        • Good point. I have uploaded the old version for posterity: http://www.unlok.ca/old/

          It doesn’t appear that you can have two versions running at the same time. This will change once there is save slots and all that fancy stuff. There is a mod for 1.1 that will allow you to save/load from a file though: http://www.unlok.ca/wayward-mods/

          The screen should only shrink down if it can’t fit the big one within view, so either your screen is has less width or less height than 816 pixels. If you let me know what browser you are using, I can give you a small manual fix for it if you want to force the big screen even if it’s cutting some area off.

  3. Thanks, that worked. 🙂
    My question is, since I was already able to get the play screen to that size in the previous version, and it wasn’t a monitor/space issue (as per my screenshot) why was that not possible in this one without that mod? Seems counterproductive that the *only* window I’m no longer able to resize manually is the play one.

  4. Okay, you just successfully made this game boring as *hell*. It’s ridiculous that I need….to…walk…step…by….step…so…slowly…it’s….mind…numbing… seriously? There is no reason I should be as slow as a snail now, for so long! 🙁

    • Okay, my bad, I just realized it’s that “forced large window” mod that is making this game almost unplayably slow. Without it, it runs at normal speed. Oh well. 🙁

  5. Loving the update, the changes make it a lot less awkward to play. Most notably the change to chests is excellent, having to carefully plan the order I put stuff in so I could get it out again was a pain.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  6. Thank you for releasing a downloadable version. Will the downloaded one have an updater built into the system to allow us to stay up to date? or will we have to download other versions as new ones come out? Also really enjoy the combination of the inventory and crafting tabs, flows better and feels less crowded. Will there be future mods that you release? Or will most be user generated?

    • Interesting idea. An auto-updater probably won’t happen for quite awhile due to technology constraints, but considering it’s such a prevalent feature, I assume it’ll go in eventually.

      I probably won’t release too many mods – I think that will be mostly on the user’s end. I will most likely be putting the stuff IN the game, rather than outside it, hah. More mods will come over time when there is actually an official API and support for it.

  7. I am liking the way chests work now! Very handy. I also like the new poor iron items.

    Saplings seem really, really scarce now, though. I’ve only gotten one so far in 1.1… is this a deliberate change, or am I just unlucky? lol

    • Saplings, much like Tree Fungus, Berries, etc. spawn “on” Trees now. So, they are fairly rare now. It is deliberate, but it will make more sense a bit later where the growing/gardening system is fully realized so we won’t need to rely solely on Saplings for tree growing.

    • Noooo! I like being able to deviously trap monsters and run away so I don’t die… not that it matters further in the game, but you get my point. Also wayward team: You guys are doing a magnificent job, don’t let anything stop you! As a side note, I think monsters spawn TOO fast (plus the spawn limit seems to be a bit high as well). I’ve literally had to spend all of daylight just killing off monsters and passive animals. Other than that – looking forward to the next update! 🙂

  8. Congratulations on the update.
    I like the adaptable wielding system, the more common bones, the bleeding, the cotton/faster growing (?).

    The main issue I personally find with it so far is that the backpacks are VERY nerfed. With a weight of 2, max capacity 30 and 20% reduction, that only gives you 4 more weight units – not even enough for another log. Not to mention the extra hassle.

    String is still in short supply for me, and I often have to replace tools (especially spears). The reintroduction of (more common) tree vines would alleviate this (though roots help).


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